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Harry groaned when someone lightly shook his shoulder. The weariness was still there and the last thing he wanted to do was to wake up. Unfortunately for him, the hand that was shaking him seemed to be quite persistent, so finally he couldn't do anything but open his eyes and glare at the dark figure of his godfather hovering over him. The older man chuckled slightly at his scowl.

The older man chuckled slightly at his scowl. "Wake up for just a minute, Harry. You need to drink this and then you can go back to sleep."

In the last few weeks, having grown used to obeying that tone of voice without questioning, Harry opened his mouth and allowed Sirius to feed him the potion before falling asleep once more.

Once he had given Harry the potion Madam Pomfrey had sent, Sirius settled down next to his godson's bed, waiting for the potion to kick in. He knew they needed to talk. He had seen it in the confused eyes of the child the day before and in how Harry had hesitated in calling him "Dad", something that had become natural in the few last weeks. Deep inside, Sirius knew that things couldn't stay the same now that Harry was older, yet he refused to let go of the closeness they had reached. He could not be the father of a five year old now, but he could make sure to be the father figure of the now fifteen year old, with all the changes that it implied. And above all, he had to make sure Harry knew this, because in the past, the few weeks he had spent with the teen, he had learned that he had to tell the young teen things and not assume that because it was obvious, Harry knew about them.

Sirius was so deep in thought that he missed the green, bright eyes looking up at him from the bed. Harry had awakened again a few minutes ago, only to find Sirius silently staring at the bed he was lying in, deep in thought.

After careful consideration, Harry decided that Sirius probably wouldn't mind to be interrupted and slowly sat up. "Dad?"

The man's head jerked up, and Harry froze for a moment. Maybe Sirius wouldn't want him to call him "Dad" now; Harry knew that the man had told him he would prefer it, but that was yesterday and his godfather had probably been in shock. What if he was angry now? What if he.

"Good evening, Harry."

Harry shook his head and looked up at the man who had moved to sit next to him on the bed. "Evening? Is it already that late?"

Sirius nodded slightly, keeping his eyes fixed on the teen's face, trying to make out what Harry was feeling. "Yes, you missed breakfast and lunch. If you can stay awake long enough, I'll fix you something to eat."

Harry shrugged. "I don't feel tired and I would like to take a shower. But don't bother about dinner; I'll make myself something to eat, I can easily do it now that I'm not five anymore."

Sirius forcibly shook his head. "Oh no you don't. You go take a shower and then it's back in bed for you. I'll take care of food, and then we'll talk."

Hearing that his godfather's tone of voice didn't allow an argument, Harry nodded and stood up to go take a shower.


An hour later, Harry was lying in bed again with an empty tray resting on his knees. Sirius had been sitting with him the entire time, making sure he wouldn't fall asleep on his food. Harry found that rather amusing since he didn't feel tired, but no matter what he tried to tell his godfather, the man refused to leave. Once he was finished, Sirius put the tray away and sat back on the bed, next to Harry. They stayed silent for a while, both knowing they needed to talk but neither was willing to say the first words.

Finally it was Sirius who broke the silence. "What's wrong, Harry? Why are you suddenly behaving so strange, so unsure of yourself?"

Sirius could easily guess what was wrong with the boy, he knew him well enough to do it, but he wanted Harry to tell him since it would help him focus on what was bothering him the most. Harry stayed silent, unsure how to react to such direct question. He hadn't expected his godfather to be so blunt about it.

Suddenly a firm hand gripped his chin and gently turned his head towards Sirius', so his bright green eyes were on level with the man's chocolate coloured ones. "Harry, please, I want an honest answer. I can see this is bothering you a lot and I have a fairly good idea on what is wrong, but I want. need you to till me."

The boy still looked unsure but even so, he tried to answer the question as good as possible. "I. I don't know what I should do. I mean, I'm not five anymore, so I can't act like a child anymore. On the other hand, I'm not the same as I was before, so I can't act like that either. I don't even know if I want to. So, what should I do? Which one of my instincts should I follow? What do I do when my heart tells me to do something but my brain comes up with a lot of reasons why I shouldn't do that? And how am I supposed to act around you so you don't get angry, or embarrassed, or."

Sirius put a calming hand on the boy's shoulder to stop the storm of words that had started to come out. Looking into his godson's distressed eyes, he pulled him close to his chest, hugging him like he did when he was a child.

"I can't help you much on that one, child, you will have to figure it out on your own. What I can tell you is that I don't mind how you act around us; there's not much you can do that could embarrass Remus and me, and I think you know well enough the things that will make us angry. That list doesn't include you calling me Dad, hugging me, or behaving childish, I don't mind that. What I told you, as a five year old, is still valid now; I love you for who you are, no matter what. You can still call me "Dad", even "Daddy" if you feel like it. I still will come into your room if you are having a nightmare or if you aren't feeling well. I'll still comfort you if you're hurt, or if you're afraid, or sad." Sirius stayed silent for a moment and then, in a low voice, he continued. "I am your father, Harry, in everything except blood, and the only way I'll ever stop being a father to you is if you directly tell me you no longer wish to be my son."

By then, Harry had completely relaxed against his godfather's chest; no, his father's chest. The words Sirius had said had left him with a warm feeling spreading throughout him. With those simple words, his godfather had managed to make most of his worries disappear, at least for now. Snuggling closer, Harry closed his eyes and sighed. "I would never be able to tell you that, Daddy."

As he drifted back to sleep, Harry smiled slightly. He knew things would still be messed up for a while, but for now, he took comfort from the fact that no matter what happened, Sirius would be there; his father would be there, to help him and support him along the way. And maybe, just maybe, one day he would be able to stay with Sirius and Remus and truly enjoy every single moment of it.

The End.

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