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I smashed my foot through the door of the Random's dressing room and rushed in.

'What? What's wrong? I heard screaming!' I looked around the room and saw clothing all over the floor and two irritated-looking girls staring at me. I smirked at the brunette.

'Hey, Sonny. What's up?' She frowned at me and the blonde one was the one who answered me.

'For Your Information, We weren't 'screaming', we were simply happy dancing. It's a girl thing. The people from 'so random' get to go on a special trip to Australia. So have fun staying back here at the studio.' I threw my head back and laughed at them. Did they seriously think that Mackenzie falls-the best show in the ENTIRE world- would stay here while SO RANDOM went to Australia? I don't think so. Sonny, who's face had held a look of confusion while I was laughing, now had a look of disbelief on her face.

'Oh no. Please no! I really wanted to enjoy this holiday!' I smirked and saluted in Sonny's direction.

'See you on the plane.' And with that I winked at the two girls, spun on my heel and walked out.

Marshal and Ms. Bitterman stood in front of a small van, Ms. Bitterman holding her clipboard. Marshal couldn't get everyone to be quiet, even though how hard he tried. Ms. Bitterman just watched in amusement.

Portlyn tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear.

'They're making us use the buddy system. Don't worry. I talked to that Marshal dude and he agreed to put you and Sonny together. You're welcome.' I frowned at her.

'Why would you do that?'

'Oh, please, Chad! Everyone knows you like her. Get over yourself.' She huffed and sashayed over to talk to Devon (A.N: is that one of their names?) The people behind me snickered. I whipped around to face the male-Randoms.

'S'ok, Chip, we won't tell Sonny. It's your secret. We don't wanna embarrass you around her.' The Skinny one that always wears those hats told me.

'NOT!' screamed the blonde one. They ran to the other side of the group where Sonny, that creepy kid and that girl who uses way too much make-up waited. This wasn't good. I sneaked a peak at the group. They were giggling and whispering. Sonny just looked plain cranky. Oh, God. She was walking this way. I smashed my hands into my pockets and tried to ignore the fact Sonny was walking straight towards me.

'Hey Chad. I heard that you liked me.'

'Of course I like you. You're my friend, aren't you?' I tried to say nonchalantly. Sonny frowned in frustration.

'No, I mean like-like me! That's what Nico and Grady said! They heard Portlyn and you talking!' I laughed nervously; gratefully she didn't notice the nervous part.

'Oh, no, of course not. You're a random. Portlyn and I were just talking about how much I like the Sun. Rain's just over-rated.' I pretended to shudder and smirked at her. She just glared at me and used her high-in denial voice.

'Well...whatever!' I sighed after she stormed away.

'SHUT IT, OR WE WON'T GO AT ALL!' Ms. Bitterman finally spoke up. Her glare scared everyone into silence.

'Partners: Zora and Tawni, Nico and Grady, Portlyn and Chloe, Devan and Geoff (A.N: made that dude up :D) And Sonny and Chad. You must stay with your partner or 'buddy' for the entire trip. No trading!' Everyone just stared at her blankly. She glared back, and that set them off. Each person found their partner and filed neatly on the bus. I smirked at Sonny as she sat down next to me, her arms crossed.

'Hey, partner! You ready for a fun vacation?' I chuckled as she ignored me and glared at the driver's mirror. I grabbed my camera from out of my bag, and took a picture of the scowling girl. The flash made sonny turn around.

'Why did you just take a picture of me?'

'Memories, of course!' I examined the photo, focusing on how cute Sonny was. How her hair rested, how her lips looked when she pouted. I smiled slightly to myself, but internally shook myself. I looked at Sonny and grinned.

'Aaaw, Miss. Munroe doesn't like her new buddy!' I pouted fakely at her. She broke a smile and slapped me on the shoulder. I'm going to like this vacation.

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