Here's another chapter.

'Wanna tell me where my camera is yet?' I asked. Secretly loving how close I was standing to this girl. Sonny looked at me with those large brown eyes and I almost just jumped up, and told her to keep the camera. I could always buy another one. She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck. Dream number #1 is now coming true.

'You're not going to get it back.' She said. We'll see about that. I leaned closer to her, still looking in her eyes. I kissed just beneath her ear.

'What about now?'

'Nope.' I placed little kisses down her jaw line.

'Now?' I looked at her face, her eye twitched, and she shook her head. Damn.

'Well then…I guess I'll have to try harder.' This was it, I was gonna kiss her. "MOOO! MOOO!"

She jumped and our foreheads slammed into each other. I moaned in pain. Man that hurt!

'Omigod, I'm so sorry Chad! Hello?' She said into her phone. I rolled my eyes and walked into the tiny kitchen, hoping they at least had an icepack in the mini fridge. They didn't.

'Ugh!' Sonny walked out as I slammed the fridge door as hard as I could while still holding my head.

'What's your problem, Mr. Cranky Pants?' she said with a giggle. I glared at her and she was quiet instantly.

'You're my problem. You never leave me alone, do you? You're always in my dreams, standing there, smiling at me in all your stupid cute-ness. You're always invading my thoughts, always. Then facebook, with your stupid little cute, happy updates, and your photos with your friends. You are always there! And then the one time I try to act upon it, your stupid phone rings with your stupid cute ringtone!' Sonny just stood there while I yelled at her, a blank look on her face. After I was done, she shook her head.

'Whatever. I'm going to bed. It's almost midnight. Tawni wants me to go with her to the beach tomorrow. I was going to ask you if you wanted to come, but since you hate me that much….' My eyes followed her as she walked back to her room. The door slammed shut and I sighed. Why do I suck at this?

Sonny woke up at 5 this morning. I could hear her moving things around in her room. Damn her for being such an early bird. About an hour later, Sonny opened my door.

'Chad? You coming to the beach or not?' I pretended to be asleep. I heard her sigh and close our hotel room door. I literally jumped out of bed and sprinted into Sonny's room.

'Time to get my Camera.' I said and smirked. Wait….I might need back up. I sprinted out to Devan's Room. And knocked on his door. Devan answered groggily.

'Chad, you know you're my best bud, but seriously, it's 6 in the morning!'

'Yeah yeah yeah, I know. I'm sorry. I need your help. Sonny stole my camera and hid it in her room. You gotta help me find it. 'I said anxiously, not knowing if Sonny and Her friends had left yet. Devan's face lit up at the 'sound of a challenge'.

'Ooh…Sounds like a challenge!' I rolled my eyes.

'Whatever. Just hurry up!' We both sprinted back to my room.

'Okay…You do that corner…And I'll do this one.' We split up and started working. I went through her bags…Trying extremely hard to ignore what I was touching looking at. Sonny would kill me if she found out.

'Oi Chad! Look what I found.' I laughed at the tin box in his hand. Twilight? Seriously Sonny? 'It has a lock on it.' I glanced at him, and snatched it from his hands.

'Okay, Thank you Devan. I'll take it from here.' He just shrugged and walked out. Well…If Sonny won't give me my prized possession, I'll take what looks like hers.

'I need a knife…' I mumbled to myself, inspecting the lock.

Five minutes later I was sitting on my bed, going through the tins contents. There was a small notepad, locked with a padlock and covered with doodles. A diary, perhaps? I smirked and pocketed it, and continued looking. There were photos of her family, a half-empty bottle of pills…And my camera.

'Yes!' I pumped my fist in the air. Success! I pilled everything back in the box, sprinted into Sonny's room, and shoved the box under her bed…But not before I snapped a picture of the evidence.

'Chad Dylan Cooper, you look good!' I told my reflection. It turned out that everyone else had left for the beach as well, which meant I was left alone to click through channels again, when a thought popped into my head: What would I look like if I was part of Black Veil Brides?

So now I was standing in my room, winking at my face in the mirror, which was covered with Sonny's eyeliner and make-up. In my opinion, I looked better than Andy Beirsack himself. That was when my phone rang. It was Sonny.

'Yo, Sunshine. Talk to me.'

'Hey Chad, I forgot my keys, can you open the door for me.' I smiled, grabbed my camera, and swung open the door.

'Say Cheese!' I exclaimed, put the camera out in front of both of us and pressed down the button.

'CHAD! How did you get that? AND IS THAT MY MAKE-UP!' I ignored her and looked at the picture. I don't think I've laughed that hard in ages. There was me, looking good as always, with thumbs up and a great smile…And then there was Sonny, with strands of wet hair plastered to the side of her face and all over the place, red bikini, and a look of pure shock on her face. New profile picture? I think so. I looked up at her through my eyelashes.

'Hey Sonny, love the hair. Love it when it's out of control.' I leaned slowly towards her, watching her reaction. She leaned in as well and reached for my hand. I smiled slightly and stared into her eyes. We were so close our noses were almost touching, when Sonny laughed and pushed me away.
'Gosh, Chad as if I would kiss you now, with all that make-up on your face!'

'So are you saying you would willingly kiss me any other time?'

'I never said that!'

'But you implied it!' With that I winked at her and raced back into my room to wash the make-up off.