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"W-were you actually happy... when... y-you smiled after you killed... back then...?"

At Hinata's question, Sasuke slowly widened his eyes, Sharingan long deactivated. His black hole of eyes met the lavender gray ones from beneath him. Without the veins that surrounded her eyes when she had Byakugan activated earlier, Sasuke saw clearly how alive her eyes could be. Totally opposite to his.

Why? A different question that started with the word 'why' started to invade Sasuke's mind.

Why wouldn't he let his hands put an end to the girl's life just like how he did with the others before?

Chapter 6:


It wasn't that... she really believed that the man was happy when he smiled after he killed that night. She just wanted to ask him. Hinata wanted to hear it directly from the man how he actually felt and why he was smiling when his eyes weren't seeing anything. Though she knew that it was near impossible that he'd give her an answer.

Who was in the right mind to actually feel happiness when murdering someone? If there was, then that person would be no doubt out of his mind. So if this man would be like that then he was an insane man.

But Hinata didn't miss the changes on his expression. From the solemn one where he had his eyes looking into nothing, now he had it staring at her like she was some ghost. His lips opened slightly letting his breathe come out like a repeated sigh. He was clearly surprised by what she asked. Why? Why was he having that kind of expression now if he did enjoy killing all those victims before?


He didn't move away from her but he didn't take the sword off from her neck either. Hinata waited for anything that could happen as her rapid heartbeats continued to speed up every second. Though the man above her wasn't attacking anymore, he was still a murderer who had killed innocent people and she couldn't be any different from those victims at all...

Silence was eating up on her. At that hour, there were rarely anyone out, let alone someone who'd pass by where Hinata and the man were at. She didn't know if she should be thankful by that or not... Somehow, she felt that if someone passed by there, he would let go of her and disappear like how he did days ago. But then she knew that there was a possibility that he could kill her right there and then, together with the passer by who was completely just a passer by... which she didn't want to happen.



"What will you do if I say I do enjoy it?"

Hinata flinched. He suddenly talked. And the tone of his voice was cold and irritated. She could tell how bothered he was with her prying into his life business. But she wanted answers. She wanted to know.

"...w-why are you lying... I saw you... I saw how your eyes looked empty d-despite you s-smiling..."

The hand that grabbed her head tightened its grip a little bit and her hand gripped his wrist tighter as well. She gulped once again. How could she ask something like that? Where was she getting all the courage now? Normally, she wouldn't even be able to utter a single word but now she felt as though she would talk non-stop as long as the man was there with her.

But then what else should she do...?

Hinata couldn't take her eyes off of his. As she thought... There ought to be something more to this man than his killings and that smile. His difficult look earlier turned into a frustrated one and she was sure that he was being swayed by her. Should that be a good thing? Maybe yes, maybe not. Wait... That could be a dangerous thing.

"You... Are you crazy? What good will it do to you asking a criminal like me?"

"I... I want to know! I don't believe... I don't think you enjoy doing this at all... S-so why―"

Hinata widened her eyes when she felt an extreme pain on her neck. The tip of his blade got its way to create a small cut across her throat. It was surely bleeding. Painful... But she wouldn't lose. It wasn't a deep cut, so even if it was on her throat, she wouldn't die with that. Hinata clutched her left fist as her right hand gripped the man's wrist even tighter. A few seconds later, the force she felt on her head disappeared. In return, her collar was grabbed by the same hand and he lifted her up a bit from the ground. Their faces inches close.

"I don't know what you want human girl... but I'm warning you, the next time you pass by here, I won't hesitate to cut you."


In a blink of an eye, the man who was hovering above her vanished and she was left there all alone completely shocked to have him let her go not just once but twice.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~

It had taken quite some time for her research to be completed. Yet, Shizune could only do a small report to Tsunade. It was the best she could gather as there was not much written information about the technique Chakra Hypnotism...

Shizune sighed to herself. To think that after all those hours of her collecting and reading so many books she took from the Ninja deadly techniques' section located at the secret basement of the building... this was all what she got. Shizune firmly held the brown folder containing the said info, and went on her way to her master's office room.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~

Yesterday night was almost like a dream how she managed to still live after facing the murderer that close. Hinata looked at her schedule that day. Currently, she was at the hospital where she worked.

As she stared at the letters and numbers written on the white paper, she traced the small wound on her neck with her fingers. Well... Not actually the wound directly, but the skin-colored bandage that she used to cover the wound. She was doing her best to avoid Neji yesterday night when she got home and the morning that day... She didn't want him to see the wound for he'd surely ask about the things she didn't want to talk to. Also because she didn't want him to worry and she wanted to do something on the matter all by herself. As arrogant as it may sounded, she felt as if only she could look into that man's deepest depth of the heart. She could feel a strong emotion from him, but hard to explain what it was.

Hinata heaved a small sigh. She didn't know if it was out of relief or because she was somehow disappointed that the schedule she had that day wasn't a full-time one. She would have to go home at around six o'clock in the evening. There was no way that it was in purpose, right after she faced the man yesterday and today she could go work only half of the full-time she usually did. It definitely wasn't in purpose, which made her shiver in opposite.

"Hinata? Are you alright?"

The voice that came from behind her was Sakura's. Hinata smiled and nodded, Sakura smiled at her too before taking few folders from the desk on the room.

"Oh yes, Hinata... Did you notice? Tsunade-sama seems restless today. I went to her office earlier to give her the reports she asked me to gather. And she was really quiet... It kinda felt off."

Sakura looked worried as she told Hinata about Tsunade's behavior, her words came out as whispers. But Hinata didn't notice that... When she went to Tsunade's office right after she arrived at the Hospital, indeed she was quiet and had a hard look on her face but she didn't give it more thought...

"I didn't think that t-there was something wrong with Tsunade-sama... I wonder what it could be?" About the orange-haired criminal that had connection with her previous patient who went mad?

Or she found out about him and her interactions? But then if it was that, Tsunade would surely have already said something to her.

"I don't know too. I'm kind of worried, but then Tsunade-sama is strong. I think she can handle whatever the problem is. Though if she happens to need our cooperation, let's do our best Hinata. Ah, I have to go to the counter now. See you later." Sakura waved her free hand as she stepped out of the room leaving Hinata to herself again.

Right now, she had to work. Hinata shook her head as she focused on what she had to do.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~

"Out of all the dangerous existences, we just had to be involved with this man..."

Tsunade sighed as she looked at the only page of the report that her assistant, Shizune gave to her yesterday. She felt like having a headache just by reading it once again.


Chakra Hypnotism is a technique that can be traumatic and deadly when fused with the Chakra Disruption Blades technique.

Definition: The Chakra Disruption Blades technique allows the user to have control over the victims, by stabbing the blades and disrupting their chakra, having the Rinnegan appears in their mind. And with the technique; Chakra Hypnotism fused with it, the victims not only loses their abilities to control their own bodies but also loses their mind, convincing themselves that they were different person and eventually, because of the strong chakra that was transferred to their body, even the blade was formed from the limbs where the chakra mostly gathered.

The Chakra Disruption Blades has red reflection of chakra and the Chakra Hypnotism creates green flame that circulates with it.

The only ninja to seem haved used it so far is the Akatsuki Leader; Pain, whose original body is called Nagato.

"Shizune, you can't find any other information? Anyway... We seem to have crossed path with the man I didn't really want to be involved with..."

"Tsunade-sama... My apologies. I did all I could to find more details but there weren't any much records of the technique aside from the ones written in there."

Tsunade didn't answer Shizune, instead she only turned her chair around to face the glass window wall that was originally behind her. She looked at the cloudy sky on the other side of the window wall, the scattered feathery gray clouds perfectly described what she felt right now.

Nagato... Jiraiya's former apprentice... Why do you have to be our enemy?

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