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Memoirs of a Forgotten Family

Prologue: Abandoned

Autumn winds blew through the forest, leaves of gold and red scattering about in it's wake. Sunlight poured through the canopy of tree leaves, making a pattern of light on the ground. The time of fall was truly a beautiful one. The colors of the harvest; the season of rebirth. And for one hedgehog, it was a time of mourning.

It was one year ago today... Shadow remembered as he strolled through the forest. Since most of the townspeople considered the forest a dangerous place, it was the perfect place to go to be alone. For as long as he could remember, Shadow and Maria would walk through here, simply because others didn't.


Shadow shut his eyes tightly, to prevent the building tears from escaping. One year ago today, Maria, his best friend, passed on. Life hadn't been the same since. The woman he'd known his entire life was gone, and for the first time in his life, he was all alone. The first thing he did was change his position in G.U.N. Instead of a full-time agent, he was now a reserve, and would only be called upon in times of emergency. It's for the best, really. Even he doesn't know the true extent of the power bestowed upon him by his creator, Professor Gerald Robotnik.

When the professor died, Maria and Shadow moved to Green Hill, where they had spent their lives. Maria became a school teacher; Shadow had joined G.U.N. They were accepted by their neighbors, despite Shadow's secrecy, and lived wonderful lives. The one thing that kept him going was the fact that Maria died happy.

And that's all he had wanted for her. Happiness.

Walking down the familiar pathway, Shadow remembered the good times with Maria. As long as he had her memories, a part of her still lived on. Though one thing still puzzled him.


Without Maria, Shadow found himself all alone. It was an unfamiliar feeling, since he'd had Maria all his life. The other creatures... they never seemed to inspire the same loyalty Maria did. The aching feeling that you're without companionship struck him, and it wasn't a pleasant one. Shadow paused, looking to the sky as he always did. For some reason, it made him feel better.

Maria... please, what do I do now? Shadow asked his deceased friend. Show me a sign...

A cry echoed through the forest.

Shadow jumped; He hadn't expected it, coming out of nowhere. But he recognized it; a baby's cry. When he and Maria went to the village, sometimes they'd see or hear babies. While Maria found them adorable, Shadow found he didn't like them. Too loud, and they didn't do anything. Just eat, cry, and sleep. But they were also helpless. Curiosity overcame Shadow's dislike of children, and he found himself heading towards the source of the cries.

Shadow jumped over a root, ducted under a branch, and walked across the leaves littering the forest floor. With a little shock, Shadow realized that he had begun running at some point, clearing the forest faster than he originally intended. As he traveled, the cries got louder. Then, he came to a clearing.

On the ground, besides the usual dirt, rocks, and leaves, was a child, wrapped in a single blue blanket. The cries originated from this young child, left on the ground. Shadow frowned, picking the bundle up. Weren't parents supposed to care for their children? And he was pretty sure leaving a child on the floor of a forest where dangerous feral animals were supposed to live wasn't caring. In fact... it was downright terrible. Shadow moved back the section of the blanket covering the child's face.

Two beautiful blue irises stared back. A fox kit was swaddled by the blanket, it's little white muzzle poking out from underneath the edge of the blanket. Golden was the only color that could be used to describe it's fur. Little ears poked out from underneath the blanket. Shadow stared in awe at the child. It was... beautiful. Why would someone just throw a child out like garbage? He wondered while subconsciously stroking the cheek of the babe. The kit smiled, pulling one of it's paws out from underneath the blanket and lying it on Shadow's cheek.

He smiled. Maria... is this your sign?

"So... you just found this baby?" A green hedgefox asked Shadow, who nodded. After picking it up, he brought the kit to a local hospital, to check it over for possible illness or injury. The hedgefox, named Cornelius, was checking it over.

"Well, err, congratulations, it's a girl!" Cornelius announced. Shadow looked at her, frowning in thought. A girl...

"Why would someone abandon such a beautiful child like that?" He asked the doctor. Cornelius responded:

"A lot of reasons: money issues, not wanting a child, phobia..." Shadow proceeded to look from the child held in his arms to the doctor.


Cornelius sighed, took the girl from Shadow's arms and proceeded to unwrapped the kit from her blanket. Shadow's eyes widened at the sight before him. Two tails. The fox child was a kitsune.

"Some people... don't want to say their child is a freak. And unless something's changed in the past twenty minutes, having two tails isn't exactly normal."

Shadow scowled at him, then, with a gentler gaze, looked back at the child. Despite- no, because of her two tails, she was even more beautiful than when he first held her. He took her back into his arms, cooing her, much to the kit's amusement. She smiled, laughed, and grabbed at his nose. She was, in many ways, just like every other baby he'd met, but at the same time... she was different. Cornelius smiled at the way he played with the kit.

"Looks like you're a natural at this parent thing. Gonna adopt her?"

The baby cooed, as if liking that idea. To be truthful, it didn't sound so bad to Shadow either. Or at least, the thought of a baby in his home was better than the thought of this little girl in an orphanage somewhere. And he did ask for a sign...

"So, what's her name?"

Shadow looked up, "Excuse me?"

"Ya know, the name. Like mine's Cornelius and yours is Shadow. What's. Her. Name?"

Shadow looked at the girl, scarlet pupils met blue ones. She giggled, and Shadow smiled. For a moment, everything felt alright again. Loneliness had fled his heart. The gap left by Maria's death was full, even for a moment. Thank you...

"Maria... her name is Maria."

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