On the other side of the city, Felicia Hardy, a mother of two sick children was talking to her butler.

"I must leave for business," she told him, "so I want you to take care of the kids and make sure they are safe and sound.

"Certainly, Mrs. Hardy," he replied as she went upstairs to the children's room."

Felicia said goodbye to both her children: Felicity and Gene.

"I promise to find your father and reunite this family," she said and kissed them goodbye.

As they fell asleep, Felicia transformed into her ego as The Vulturess and took off into the city. She knew that her husband: Adrian Hardy was The Vulture and been known as Toomes and that he was forming another robbery and that the police would try to catch as soon as possible.

Spiderman swung in through the bank's glass windows to catch The Vulture running by with the cash.

"Jig's up, pal," he claimed.

"Back off, web slinger," Toomes replied.

"I don't think you understand," chuckled Spiderman, "I'm the sheriff around these parts."

"Okay," Toomes replied before transforming into The Vulture and taking Spiderman one-on-one.

Spiderman slung the cash out of Toomes' hands but Toomes fought back by tossing over at him and knocking him against the wall.

Before Spiderman could stop him, Toomes escaped with the stolen cash. Spiderman swung right in and was just about to attack Toomes when The Vulturess swooped down and attacked him.

Spiderman and The Vulturess fought one-on-one until The Vulturess tossed over knocked Spiderman against the wall.

Provoked, Spiderman chased The Vulturess all the way up to the rooftops where he caught her and shouted: "who are you?"

"Let go of me and I'll tell you," she replied angrily.

Spiderman released to the ground and she transformed back to her normal self.

"My name is Felicia Hardy. But you can call me The Vulturess. And you are?"

Spiderman took off his mask.

"Peter Parker but you can call me-"

"Spiderman. Yes, my kids are a huge fan of you. You're like a role model to them."

"So I see you've got the same ability as the other guy. Are you related or something?"

"That other guy was my husband and he was doing just fine until you came along."

"Define just fine. Escaping the city bank with a stolen load of cash?"

"He had a good reason for doing so and that's a fact."

"Toomes is a dangerous criminal and you still love him for that?"


Peter was startled.

"His name is Adrian Brody and he framed himself a criminal as Adrian Toomes just so he could steal money to help our kids.

"I can't believe what I'm hearing," Peter gasped.

"It's true," replied Felicia, "every single word and next time you see him, tell him his wife said hello." And she took off in the distance.