AN: This fic is animeverse AU, deviating from the main arc around episode 37; however, the manga element of Roy killing Lust is present. Based off an RP with HayakuGaki's original concept inspiration of Lust!Roy, used with permission. Rizacentric.

Disclaimer: If I owned FMA, RoyAi would be a lot more obvious. At least at the end.


Hawkeye's eyes narrowed, resembling even more her raptor namesake. "If you're not going to pretend then nor am I." As she had silently promised the fallen men, her gun did not waver, nor did her resolve. Taking a deep breath, she exhaled slowly, the sights trained on the Fuhrer's forehead. "I'm not going to let you take him from me. Especially not twice." The shot exploded from the weapon, the sound shattering the quiet of the room.

The Sins were fast, but a bullet was one of the few things that was faster. The bullet struck his forehead, Bradley not even attempting to dodge. His head snapped back with the force, bending back at a sharp angle. An odd and disturbing sight that caused a slight twist in her stomach while his body remained standing for a few moments, but he finally looked up again, his flesh squirming around the wound as it pushed the metal from the hole in the process of instant healing. "So you finally learned the truth."

Dammit, he recovered so much faster than Lust had. Hawkeye kept her composure, not giving him the satisfaction of seeing fear. "Disappointed, after all your efforts to keep me off the trail?" She stole a glance to the still form of Lust on the bed beside her for only for a second before snapping back to her superior. "Did you kill Maes Hughes as well?"

Pride smirked as he reached and brushed the bit of blood from his forehead. "I didn't have that pleasure. That was someone else, though I do know who." He stepped forward, closing the distance between himself and the blonde. "Now, enough of this." Drawing his sword from its sheath, he took a step forward into the room and let the tip drag along the floor, the cheap carpeting slitting open smoothly before he aimed the weapon at her. "I tried to keep it from you as long as I could, but," he sighed regretfully. "I knew you'd learn eventually."

Reaching around back to withdraw her other weapon, Hawkeye looked to the still form of a black-haired man on the bed. "Nice knowing you, Lust," she murmured. It surprised her how peaceful she felt about her own impending death. She looked away to face his murderer stoically. Though she now had the truth, justice would not be possible any longer. This wasn't a matter for human courts anyhow. Both barrels pointed at the homunculus, she took a step forward and pulled the triggers in rapid succession, one after the other.

Pride's single visible eye narrowed as he shifted fast to avoid a few bullets but taking a good number of them to both shoulders and arms. "Trying to go out just like Mustang did?" he scoffed. "I'll be glad to send you to him."

With a sudden lunge he swung forward, the blade only narrowly dodged by simultaneously ducking low and weaving toward the wall at her left, feeling a rough tug on her arm but nothing more. The rain of bullets didn't stop, but instead of hitting his head and arms which seemed to have little effect of slowing him down, she shot his blade arm and kneecaps like she had done with Lust in the very beginning. Ducking a another slice aimed for her throat, she darted under his arm and rolled to Pride's back. Her inhuman opponent spun in place, the various bullet holes blossoming a deep red color in his flesh but promptly healing closed after ejecting the bullets.

The Lieutenant slowly rose to her feet, the guns silent in her hands. Each round had been counted; all fourteen had been emptied into Pride. He smirked confidently and drew his blade sideways, his expression now deadly serious. There would be no time given to reload.

Reluctant but without options, Hawkeye lowered the weapons and glared boldly into the man's single eye. "Fine. See you in hell, bastard."

"Send my regards to Mustang." The blade flashed in the light from the bedside lamp and seemed to disappear as it sliced through the air to her exposed neck.