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It was two weeks after the 'Mike incident" as Rachel referred to it. TWO WEEKS. And Brittany still hadn't mentioned anything about getting Mike to like her. I guess she forgotten Rachel thought sadly. She had really hoped that Brittany would help Mike like her because it hurt to see Mike surrounded by cherioes every day; however the pain was nothing compared to how much it hurt when Tina and Mike started hanging out a lot. Every time she walked into glee, the duos were cuddled in the corner whispering and laughing about something. Of course being the star she was, Rachel put on her show face and focused on the song that Mr Shue had picked out for regionals. This was going to be long rehearsal.

Mike was starting to get freaked out. No it wasn't the fact that he forgot his mum's birthday, it was much worse. The list that he wrote the reasons why he hated Finn (and professed his love for Rachel) was gone. It just disappeared. POOF. Mike clearly remembered shoving it in his binder when he saw Finn coming towards him. He defiantly wasn't about to tell the freakishly tall footballer that he hated him (Finn).After hiding the list, he continued to live his normal life of being the quiet, shy other Asian. It was only three days after writing the whole 'I hate Finn list' when Mike realized that he couldn't find it. (What? He wasn't going to frame it up in his room because that was one of his awesomest pieces of literature if that's what you're suggesting).

Anyway, when he found out that it was missing, he frantically searched around the school praying that a janitor found it and threw it away and not that some perverted kid (Jacob) who also loved Rachel (Jacob) and found it and who would also spread the 'list around the school via the internet (Jacob).

After 2 hours of searching throughout the school except the library (does the school even have a library?) Mike gave up and went to football practise with his best friend Matt (who was aware of Mike's fondness towards the petite brunette), Noah 'Puck' Puckerman and Finn.

Following an intense football practise filled with abusive comments on how much the team sucked, by Coach Tenaka, Mike went back to his locker to get his history text book (yes Mike did his history work) only to find Tina leaning against the row of lockers next to his, with a smug smile on her face. "Watsup?" Mike asked trying to keep his cool around the gothic girl who was kinda creeping him out with that smile. "What's up indeed," she said still smiling. To say Mike was scared was an underestimate. He was shitting himself as the quiet but equally creepy, fellow asian glee clubber smirked in his direction. "So yesterday I returned to the choir room to look for my notebook which I accidently left behind, but guess what I found?" she asked. By now Mike was considering running for his life (because quite frankly Tina scared the hell out of him) but he wanted to know what she had found that made her mile like a cherisher cat. "Wwhat did you find?" Mike managed to squeak out (what? The altitude of the hallway made his voice higher).

Tina answered his question by showing him a piece of paper. It was the same piece of paper that he had spent ages looking for. The same paper which read:

10 Things I, Mike Chang, HATE About Finn Hudson.

HOLY NUTCRACKERS. I'm in trouble now...

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