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Cherrish The Cherry Moments - Chapter 2


'Ok Mike act cool'

"Pshhh, I didn't write that," I said leaning against the row of lockers. 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING? HOW IS THAT ACTING COOL?'

"Mike it has your name on it," Tina replied in a nonchalant tone whilst pointing to the title of the list. Her grin was getting bigger every second as if someone had told her she had just won the lottery. Somewhere in that short period of time Mike could have sworn he passed out. An actual living person (besides Matt) had found out about his crush (or love) on Rachel Berry.

"Look Mike," Tina said cautiously upon seeing Mike's pale face, "I'm not going to tell anyone, IF you help me with something." When Tina didn't hear any response from Mike she continued "I want you to help me to get Brittany's attention."

This snapped Mike out of his 'Oh-shit-I'm-in-trouble trance. "Wait what? I um, didn't realise you were gay," he said uncomfortably. It wasn't that he was homophobic. (He was quite good friends with Kurt) "I thought you were totally in love with Artie" An awkward silence filled the hallway.

"Have you realized how soft her lips are?" Tina whispered softly. Ok now Mike was confused. "You kissed Brit?" He asked. "Actually she kissed me, something about wanting to kiss everybody in the school."

"Oh that makes sense, sure I'll help you but I'm not 100% sure your seduction plan will work, now onto the Rachel matter." He rushed out, trying to make the conversation less awkward.

All of a sudden Tina's smile returned. "I have a plan"

Rachel ran her hand through her hair. 'Why does this have to be so hard' she thought. Getting Mike to like her was harder than explaining to Finn what an epiphany was.

After 10 minutes of contemplating on what to do, she decided to talk to Brittany about it. Typing in her [Brittany] number, Rachel felt like a child attending their first year of school. 'What happens if he doesn't like me?' What if he-

"Hello?" A sweet, innocent voice answered the phone.

"Hi Brittany, its Rachel Berry speaking,"

"Oh hi Rachel, you'll never guess what happened. I just had a weird dream that you liked Mike and-"

"Um Brit, that did happen and I understand if you hate me because you used to date him but a while ago you offered to help me get Mike's attention" Rachel rambled on.

"Whoa wait, so it's true?"

"Um yeah, look Brit I'm so sorry-"

"Rachel it's ok, and yes I'll help you. But first you need to come to my house. Mission-Prettify-Rachel-Berry-to-get-Mike-to-like-her is on. I'll see you in 10. Bye"


'Ok, that wasn't that hard' Rachel thought.

All you have to do is follow Brittany's plan and everything will go right. Right?

A Rachel drove to the blonde cherioes house, she mentally prepared herself for anything that Brittany would throw at her. (firgue of speech) :)

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