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Here's a short & sweet EPOV for Chapter 26.

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I raced home on Monday after hanging out with Bella all afternoon. I knew I needed to do something. I was already tired of Mother's constant whining about how I was letting my schoolwork slide just for a girl. I didn't want to explain to her that Bella was far from being "just a girl" and I was way ahead with my schoolwork, but somehow I started to have the suspicion that she wouldn't stop there. The whining and constant questioning were only the tip of the iceberg.

When we first moved into this big, ugly monster of a house that looked like it didn't belong here, Mother had argued with the phone company for hours about how she wanted to have phone jacks installed so that she'd be able to have multiple phones within this behemoth. And she did get her wish after numerous phone calls and extra payments. There were three phones in the house: one next to the kitchen, one in library, and one in their bedroom. Since Carlisle hadn't slept in that room for over two years, we might as well have started calling it her bedroom.

I stopped at the phone next to the kitchen. When I looked underneath the small table the phone was standing on, I noticed that the cable had been unplugged, as I had suspected. I ran to the library and noticed that that phone was also not connected. I was pretty certain the only functioning phone at this point was in her bedroom. I didn't bother to confirm it. Instead I walked over to the living room where Mother was sitting, pretending to read a magazine.

"Good evening, Edward. Do you mind me asking where you've been all day?"

"I spent the afternoon with Bella doing homework. Why did you unplug the phones down here?" I seethed with anger.

"Well, I had a migraine and wanted to have a quiet Sunday. Is that so hard to understand?" she answered nonchalantly, flipping the magazine on her lap shut. "And just for the record, young man, I don't remember giving you permission to spent the afternoon at that girl's house. God forbid unsupervised. Who knows what that little slut will tempt you to do?" She got up and stalked toward me.

"Don't you have a pill for that? The migraines I mean; isn't that what you usually do, pop a pill? Does Carlisle know? I bet he doesn't," I challenged. "And that girl has a name. Her name is Isabella. She's my girlfriend and I'm in love with her."

"Pull yourself together. Love? That's nonsense, Edward. And that little girl . . . that little slut." Her voice was loud and screeching as the words left her mouth.

"That's enough, Mother!" I yelled. I had never done that before. Usually I listened to her tirades and kept quite. But she'd gone too far tonight and she knew it too. I could tell by the way she recomposed her face and was suddenly wearing this sad, pitiful expression on her face. She wasn't fooling me though.

"Edward, don't you understand that I only want what's best for you? I just don't want that girl to trap you. There are bigger and better things ahead for you. Once you leave this town you'll meet so many other nice girls," she said, getting up, walking over to me, and reaching with her hand for my face. "You'll see that this was just a phase."

I stopped her hand before it reached me.

"Don't. And don't you ever dare talk about her in that way. Not in front of me."

I turned around and ran up the stairs. The next morning I got up before she did and called Carlisle.

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