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Dawn of a New Age

ACT I – High Noon


Rain pattered from the skies over the city of Chicago as a cold wind blew through the dark and deserted streets. A cloaked figure in a fedora strutted confidently down the street, seeming to show little care for the bad weather. Occasionally he glanced at the sky, seeing the dark clouds lit eerily by the light pollution of the Windy City.

He glanced at his watch, wiping it to clear the wet surface. It was ten in the evening on a Sunday night – no-one in their right mind would be at work now.


The cloaked figure arrived at a small, dilapidated office building. Looking up, he saw a light shining from the third floor. Giving a quick glance up and down the street, the man gave a wry smile.

He propelled himself up three stories, before phasing himself through the window of the third floor.

"Plasmius. So glad you could make it."

Vlad Plasmius gave a snort as he pulled off his overcoat, revealing a clean two-piece suit and bowtie underneath. He threw the coat on the sole desk in the room and put down his fedora.

"I had no idea you were into private meetings, Mister Grim," he noted.

The other man in the room crossed his arms. He was wearing a one piece navy suit with a lime green tie. His brown hair was cut in a Boy Scout manner and his eyes were a light blue.

"Never hurts to go behind the curtain once and a while, Masters," Grim replied, his received pronunciation showing heavily as he spoke, "Has DALV assembled the pieces?"

"As requested," nodded Vlad, "Axion didn't ask any question, we didn't need to tell any lies."

His expression darkened.

"You realise I had to take some of those parts from secure locations," he growled, "Area 51, the Far Frozen, Tunguska, Atlantis – we're making some powerful enemies, Ovard."

"Hardly disconcerting," shrugged Grim, "Tunguska's in scenic nowhere. The Far Frozen is more to observing then acting. Atlantis wouldn't leave their city to get that back…and let's be frank, since when have the Americans noticed our dealings, hmm?"

"I hope you're right, Grim," snarled Vlad, "If anyone finds out about this, I do not intend to be dragged down with you."

"Oh, please," chuckled Grim, "When we're finished, they won't matter anymore."

Vlad gave a troubled glance.

"I'm getting the feeling that we're messing with powers we don't understand," he hissed.

Grim gave a loud guffaw.

"You worry too much, Plasmius!" he laughed, "This will work, and once it does, nothing will stop us! Atlantis will burn, the Far Frozen will cease to exist, Tunguska will be flattened again and the military…"

Grim gave a snort.

"When we are finished, we shall have an empire to our own…and every emperor needs an empress and an heir…"

Vlad gave a small grin, before noticing two glasses of wine on the desk. He picked it up, and raised a toast.

"To victory, Ovard Grim," he grinned.

"To conquest, Vlad Masters," toasted Grim, clinking his own glass.

A loud crackle of thunder echoed over Chicago. Grim looked outside at the lightning, and gave a small grin.

"To the end of time itself," he whispered to himself.

Anyone who can guess where the last line came from will, to quote the drill sergeant from Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, gain my never ending in-cred-u-lous sur-prise!