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ACT IV – Midnight

Chapter Fourteen: A Race Against Time

There was a crash, and six marines slammed through the door into the armoury.

Gavin picked himself up off the floor and looked around, whistling. The small room was lined with rifles, light machine guns and other such weapons. They were all of Russian manufacture, and they ranged from modern weapons to First World War antiques.

"Nice collection he's got going here," mused Rourke.

"Alright, pass 'em out," ordered Bishop, handing a weapon to both of the Guys in White, "We're playing jailbreak."

"Interrogative," snapped Operative O, "What if we find any ghosts in the cells?"

"…we won't," deadpanned Bishop, "Gavin, you take Morrissey, O and O'Reilly and cover the left half of the dungeon; I'll take Rourke, Baker and K and do the right half."

"Oo-rah," nodded Gavin, "Link up back here?"

"Good luck," wished Bishop, as Gavin led his team out, "Alright, gentlemen…lock and load."

Timmy and company were running up the spiral stairwell of a tower. It was now ten-thirty – they were running out of time to deal with Grim.

It did not help that Bloo was lagging behind, panting heavily.

"Can't we…stop for…a moment?" he gasped, leaning against the wall.

"Nope," replied Danny, "Come on."

They ran into a corridor – and froze.

The long, narrow hallway was covered in vines, moss and leaves. Flowers of various kinds hung from the ceiling. A figure in a green dress glared them down from the end of the corridor, arms crossed, green eyes staring menacingly at them.

"…Sam," breathed Danny.

Sam gave no response.

"…guys," hissed Danny, "Keep going. I'll catch up."

"Danny?" quizzed Tino.

"Go," ordered Danny.

The group nodded, and continued to run up the staircase.

Danny clenched his fists.

"So, Grim's got Undergrowth on his side, has he?" he demanded, "Or is this just something he did by himself?"

Sam began to stride towards him, still silent.

"Alright, you're not gonna say," sighed Danny, "Okay then – let's snap you out of that."

He charged at Sam, his eyes glowing a brilliant green.

Vlad, Merc, Veronica and their group approached a cell, away from all the others. In the distant passageways, they could hear gunfire – Gavin's team had engaged Grim's men.

"Well, here we are," noted Vlad, removing a key from his jacket, "Here's hoping Ovard hasn't done anything he'll regret…"

He opened the door.

Veronica stifled a gasp.

Tootie was sitting in her cell, looking extremely forlorn. Her glasses were cracked, she had cuts in several places – but thankfully, she looked okay.

"No…no more," she wheezed, looking Vlad in the eyes. The billionaire winced.

"Mr. Chang, Mr. Crocker, get her out of here," he ordered.

"N-no," breathed Tootie, "Where…Timmy?"

"He's fine," replied Merc, "He's looking for Mr. Grim, he's going to…"

"No," warned Tootie, climbing to her feet, "I have to tell him…Grim's got his parents…"

"That's why we're here, child!" announced Mark, "To free all of the hideous earthlings!"

"But…Grim's got them up there."

Tootie pointed weakly at the roof, and Vlad's face fell.

"That complicates things," he lamented.

Timmy, Spongebob, Tino and Bloo were now running down another corridor (there were too many, if you asked Timmy) inside the walls of the fortress. The remnants of its days as a Tsarist fortress were visible in several places – rusting cannons pointed out of slits in the walls.

"Hey, is it just me, or is it getting cold in here?" quizzed Tino.

"We're in Russia," reminded Bloo, "It's always cold. You're just…"

Bloo tripped on a patch of ice and went hurtling into a cannon.

"…paranoid," he groaned.

The hallway ahead was frozen, the frost turning the old cannons a whitish-blue. There were a few lumps of snow at the edges of the room, and the temperature was very low.

"Wait," mused Bloo, "So, last time it was all grassy and then we got attacked by Danny's friend…so logically, that means…"

They rounded a corner.

Standing next to a staircase was Sandy. Her fur had turned white, and her eyes were ice-blue, without irises. She was wearing a blue version of her airsuit, without a helmet.

"Sandy?" gasped Spongebob.

"Called it," stated Bloo.

Sandy advanced towards the group. Nervously, Spongebob made a defensive karate stance.

"Guys…I-I'll meet you later, I…"

"Yep, got it," nodded Tino.

The group charged upstairs, leaving the sponge and squirrel alone.

"Well, uh…this isn't going to be fun," groaned Spongebob.

Timmy, Tino and Bloo climbed onto the walls. Timmy glanced over the battlements. His jaw dropped.

A combination of vines and ice spread all around, blanketing the general vicinity in a green-blue mess. In the distance, muzzle flashes could be sighted, and commands and screams in Russian were carried in the wind.

There was an almighty boom, and a fighter jet thundered over the disorder, dropping missiles onto the enemy organisms. The ice and vines hit simply regrew, and continued to advance through Moscow.

Downstairs, Danny fired an ectoblast at his friend, but the possessed Sam simply caught it on a large leaf. She extended spiked vines towards her opponent, binding him tightly.

Danny was flung across the corridor, smashing into the walls at an alarming velocity. He was at last tossed to the floor, cracking it as his back slammed into it.

Danny lay on the ground, breathing heavily, as Sam advanced towards him.

Gavin opened fire on a group of approaching guards from the cover of a wrecked pillar. Several were brought down by concentrated fire from the team, but more came.

There was a yell down from the other end of the corridor, and Bishop's team made a run for Gavin's position. The sergeant ordered the team to keep firing, and reached out a hand to pull Bishop in.

He had just reached out to take Rourke's hand when there was a crack. O'Reilly lay back, clutching his stomach.

Yelling an order for Morrissey to tend to the wound, Gavin and Bishop continued to fire.

Veronica and Merc heaved open a cell. Tucker, Chester and Squidward tumbled out, the former sporting a nasty black eye.

Peeking inside, Merc saw a very worn looking Carver, laying on the single bench and staring intently at the roof. His leg was in a hastily made cast.

Veronica and Merc picked him up and carried him from the cell.

Spongebob's back was against the wall as his friend stood before him, her hands encased in icy gloves.

Spongebob let out a plea for mercy. Not even seeming to consider it, Sandy chopped him in the side of the head. As Spongebob fell to the floor, he felt the pain of several kicks to the stomach.

He curled up into a ball as he received the abuse, whimpering.

On the streets of Moscow, a company of Russian soldiers were fleeing desperately from a cluster of spiked vines. Just down the road, their comrades covered them with machinegun fire, urging them to make it to the checkpoint.

The vines overtook the soldiers and swiftly pulled back towards them. In seconds, the entire unit was pulled into the growth and ice, screaming in fear as they vanished from sight.

Timmy shook his head as he watched over the scene.

"You okay?" asked Tino, putting his hand on Timmy's shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," sighed Timmy, "Let's just get this done with."

The group continued on.

Above them, the sky was lit up by the glowing fires.

Ah, this feels like writing End Times. Only with less massacres of the main cast.