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Chapter 1:

Aw Man!

Hinata woke up from her canopy bed feeling nauseous and lightheaded. She rushed to her bathroom, locked the door tight behind her, placed her head over the toilet and vomited. This lasted for two minutes, and when she finished her face was red, she was hot, and sweaty.

"Aw man this can't be happenin'….I don't believe it" she whispered harshly to herself.

A few weeks ago about 4 or 5 weeks ago to be exact this was Hinata's normal routine almost every day. Hinata was a typical teenage girl with straight A's and looks. Plus she had a cute boyfriend of 6 months named Naruto Uzamaki, also he was the reason for her vomiting for the past couple of weeks. "I can't believe we did this…this is all my fault for letting this happen" Hinata huffed out as she thought about what happened the past few weeks ago.


"Man what is my prob…I just let myself get beat in Guitar Hero by my girlfriend" Naruto yelled out. "Yes I win, I win I'm a beast…I'm a master the champion" Hinata cheered. Naruto smiled, "I guess so would you like a reward hmmmm" Hinata giggled and pressed her lips to him. Soon it started to get more serious and Naruto pinned Hinata to her couch. "Um Naruto …I don't know what to do besides I'm a virgin" Hinata silently to Naruto. Naruto grinned, "Its ok I'll do all the work…plus I'll be your first too."

(End Flashback)

"Oh No…I'm gonna be so busted when my dad finds out bout this" Hinata quietly sobbed.

"Hey sis betta hurry up or we gonna be late school...school starts in like an hour" her sister, Hanabi yelled out.

Hinata was so busy crying and complaining about….her problem that she forgot all about school today.

"Ok sis I'll be there in a sec" Hinata yelled back.

She had no time to dawdle she had to be at school…and she would go to the Fuji Clinic in downtown LA about this but for now she was in need of a shower. So she turned on the shower, discarded her clothes and stepped in the shower stall.


(20 minutes later)

"Well you sure clean up good in such little time" Hanabi teased.

Hinata came down the stairs wearing black skinny jeans, a red and black Roca wear shirt, and red and white Nikes.

Hinata rolled her eyes and smirked, "Whateva…hey where's dad."

"Restaurant grand opening in San Diego….left this morning won't be back till tonight" Hanabi explained.

Also a little thing forgotten is that she also rich and an heiress to her father's chain of fancy restaurants called "Heaven." Her mother who was a famous model died when she was eight years old in a plane crash. Hinata sighed of relief almost every day an hour or two before she woke up her dad left to his precious company letting Hinata be able to not get in trouble each time.

"Well, let's go or we are really going to be late" Hinata told Hanabi.

"Alright, alright don't rush me sis" Hanabi ran out of the door to the limo with her new droid in her hands, new iPod nano in her ears, and a custom made backpack for her.

"Yet you rush me like all the time" Hinata remarked.

"...Yeah you right...cuz i can do that " Hanabi pointed out.


The limo pulled in front of the lawn of Konoha High School that was bustling with students. They were in the second month of school, and everyone looked as though they were ready for school. The students were all energetic and happy to see their friends after a long summer. When Hinata and Hanabi walked on campus almost everybody greeted them as though they were celebrities, as they were the most popular students in school.

Oh there go my friends see ya sis" Hanabi replied and went to a group of girls trying to get her attention.

Soon another girl started yelling out Hinata's name; Hinata sighed and turned around to see her crazy, cool, hip, Brooklyn best friend, Ino Yamanaka.

"Hey yo what's up Hinata"Ino told Hinata .

Hinata smiled softly but had a sickly expression on her face, "Yeah what up."

Ino's happy expression turned concerned when she saw something was wrong with her bestie. Hinata started to feel nauseous while she was in the limo and felt terrible, she felt as though any second she was going to explode.

"Um girl you ok…ya seem kinda sickly" Ino asked Hinata.

Hinata put a smile on her face, "Yeah I'm fine gurl don't worry."

She was wrong she wasn't ok; Hinata bolted quickly inside school into the girls bathroom and did her normal routine she did at home. After about a minute and a half of vomiting Hinata felt hot and began huffing really hard.

"So I guess it's true" Hinata coughed out.

"What's true" a snobby voice from behind said.

Hinata growled at the voice, she wiped her mouth before she turned around, and she saw her enemy since like elementary school…the only girl who really didn't give a shit if Hinata was rich and had rich parents plus she hated Hinata's popularity status, Sakura Haruno and her two friends Kin and Temari.

Hinata looked up at the scantily clad girls, "Bitch and bitchettes what you want."

"HEY!" Temari and Kin replied offended.

"Awww I just thought I check up on you…after all you look kinda sick" Sakura sarcastically said.

Hinata rolled her eyes, "I ain't buyin that shit especially if it's comin from a lyin whore like you…like you really give a damn bet you wouldn't care if I dropped dead."

Sakura's cell phone beeped a few times before she answered it.

After she answered her text message she faced Hinata again, "You're right I wouldn't care at all, in fact I would have a party…now if you'll excuse me my sexy boyfriend is waiting for me",Sakura explained and left the bathroom with Kin and Temari behind her.

Sakura went out with the most popular guy in school…his name….Sasuke Uchiha. Not only popular and smart but also rich…his father was the famous restaurant owner, Fugaku Uchiha and famous hit singer Mikoto Uchiha. His father owned a lot whole chain of restaurants called 'Phoenix' and him and his older brother, Itachi Uchiha were to take over when his father retired. Sometimes Hinata wondered how in the world he could deal with that annoying bitch he called a girlfriend.


Ino was reaching for the girls' bathroom when she saw what she thought was an evil witch and her henchmen.

"Out my way ugly and uglettes" Ino retorted towards the three.

"HEY!" Temari and Kin replied totally offended by the insult thrown at them.

"Aww did I hurt ya feelins….well guess who doesn't care?" Ino replied back to them laughing at the two.

"Better hurry up in there looks as though your bestie got swine flu….or worse" Sakura and her two friends laughed.

"Or worse" Ino mimicked, "Shut the hell up wicked witch of the west…god I swear how the hell does ya boyfriend deal wit you."

"Maybe because I'm the best thing that has happened to him… also why am I wasting my time with you, you aren't important when I have to meet my hot boyfriend?" Sakura boasted.

"Well, why are ya talkin…ta me in da first place I mean, I must be pretty important if ya still talkin' to me and wastin ya own time" Ino laughed.

Sakura grew angry, "Ugh whatever let's go girls."

"Stupis ass bitch," Ino quietly replied, she rolled her eyes and went inside the girls' bathroom, "Hinata where are ya."

"In here" She answered softly.

Ino ran to the stall Hinata was in, and saw her bestie laying down on the floor with her head resting against the toilet. Ino started to talk, "Hey you completely bolted out on me outside what happened…you ok you been lookin kinda sick since a few weeks ago."

Hinata shook her head, "No Ino I'm not ok….there's something I gotta tell ya…."

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