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Chapter 12:

Following my Dream

"Lay her down right there on the cot" Nurse Chiyo instructed Ino and Shikamaru.

The two softly laid Hinata down slowly on one of the cots so they wouldn't harm her or the baby. Hinata had an expression of pain on her face every few minutes, it felt like her time of the month but the pain multiplied by like 1,000. Nurse Chiyo slowly took off Hinata's pants so she could see Hinata's progress. Nurse Chiyo made a face of surprise then it turned to concern. Ino and Shikamaru noticed her expression wondering what was going through Nurse Chiyo's head.

Ino spoke up, "Nurse Chiyo what's going on what's wrong with her."

Nurse Chiyo was quiet for a moment before she spoke up, "I can see the head this baby is ready to come out."

Ino eyes went wide, "What there is no way her doctor said she had a few more weeks before she was having her baby."

Nurse Chiyo shook her head, "Well from this little tussle she just endured has induced early labor so this baby looks like it's ready to come out."

Nurse Chiyo turned towards the Shikamaru, "Go into the closet and get a few towels and the get some hot water and put it into that big bowl sitting in the sink."

Shikamaru nodded his head swiftly and went to follow through with the orders. Ino went through Hinata's purse till her eyes met with Hinata's phone. Ino looked through Hinata's contacts before finally meeting eyes with the name she was looking for. Ino quickly pushed the send button. Shikamaru raised an eyebrow at his girlfriend wondering who in the world she could be calling at this time.

"Ino what the hell are you doing?"

"I'm calling people what does it look like I'm doing" Ino replied.

"Who are you calling exactly?"

"The only people who would want to be here at a time like this" Ino said as put the phone to ear.


"Come on Itachi and Sasuke we don't want to be late getting to the airport" Fugaku yelled out to his sons.

Itachi walked out of the big Uchiha mansion with a couple of bags whereas Sasuke walked out the house with his suitcases and a bored expression written on his face, 'why the hell am I going to this place anyways.' Itachi turned back and looked at his younger brother in amusement. It was funny how Sasuke acted when their father wanted them to go with him on business trips and such. Itachi never really minded much when it came to the many trips, but Sasuke on the other hand looked like he wanted someone to shoot him to save him from the boredom and torture.

Itachi smirked, "Come on at least this time pretend that you actually are excited about this trip."

Sasuke glared at his brother, "Easier said than done…I don't even know how you can even deal with this."

Itachi just shrugged then began walking towards the black service waiting for the two Uchiha brothers. Before Sasuke could even take another step his cellphone rang. Sasuke growled in anger, he dropped his suitcases on the ground and grabbed his phone. He looked at caller Id and was surprised to see Hinata's name and picture id lighting up the screen.

Sasuke raised his eyebrow in curiosity, "Odd what is she doing calling at this time school isn't out yet."

He touched the talk button on his cellphone and brought the phone to his ear.

"Hinata?" Sasuke asked.

"No guess again."


"Yea it's me."

"Why do you have Hinata's phone?"

"That's not important right now, but listen ya need to drop everything and come to da school now."

"What do you mean I can't do that."

"Huh what do ya mean why not?"

"Because if you haven't already known I'm going to New York for the weekend."

Ino huffed in irritation, "Sasuke listen to me…Hinata is in labor."

Sasuke's eyes widened at the last phrase Ino just said. "WHAT…I thought she had a few more weeks till her baby came along."

"That was the case until bitch ass Sakura and her sidekick blondie boy Naruto decided to induce her labor early."

"What do you mean…what do they have to in this."

Ino was silent for a while which drew concern for Sasuke. "Ino…what did they do to my girlfriend."

"It was bad are you sure ya wanna know?"

"Sasuke what the hell we don't got all day" Fugaku yelled out from the car.

"Hold on for just a few seconds dad" Sasuke yelled back before getting back to the phone conversation he was having with Ino.

"Tell me" Sasuke in a low voice.

Ino sighed deeply before speaking, "They ganged up on Hinata, Naruto held her down while Sakura stabbed her…they didn't stab her in the stomach just the arm…if Sakura's ex henchmen Temari and Kin hadn't stopped them her and the baby woulda been killed."

Sasuke was speechless his face turned to sadness then to anger. "Hello...Sasuke" Ino said softly.

Sasuke simply stated "I'll be there" before pressing the end button on his phone.

"Sasuke C'mon let's go" Sasuke's father yelled this time with irritation and impatience in his voice.

Sasuke looked at the service car then looked at his own car that was sitting in the driveway. He had two choices, it was to go with his father and brother to the airport and catch the flight en route to New York and possibly lose the love his life forever or do what he was always afraid to do his whole life and walk away from his dad and his planned out future waiting for him in New York. Hinata was the best thing that happened to him and he thought he'd be damned if he left Hinata in her time of need. Sasuke sighed, took one look at his, and mumbled "sorry dad" before turning his back to the service car and running towards his car sitting in the driveway. "Wait! Hey! Sasuke what the hell where do you think you're going" Fugaku yelled out.

Sasuke turned back towards his father who was out the car and standing on the sidewalk with a confused look on his face. "I'm sorry dad, but…I can't do this anymore."

Fugaku was more confused than ever now, "What are you talking about?"

"This act, this pretending, all this preparing to be something I don't wanna be or wanna do so…I've decided that I'm gonna follow my dream."

Itachi now out the car now was shocked at the scene that was unfolding on the lawn; he was witnessing his little brother finally standing up to their father. "What are you talking about the restaurant chain is your dream, your future it's always been."

Saskue smirked and shook his head, "No dad me taking over the family business hasn't always been my dream….it's always been your dream that I no longer wanna be apart of anymore…I have a different future that doesn't involve me with this business."

Sasuke turned his gaze to Itachi who was smiling proudly at him. Itachi gave Sasuke a thumbs up, "Hurry up and go get her she's waiting for you." Sasuke returned the thumbs up then ran to his car, quickly hopped in, and drove off towards the school.


"Hinata it's gonna be ok just keep breathing" Ino said softly.

Hinata did as she was told but it was hard to breathe a little considering she was feeling pain on her arm wound and the pain of her contractions at the same time. The door opened and Hinata heard a familiar voice, "Dr Yuuhi you're here."

The red eyed woman smiled at Hinata and patted a rag on Hinata's head to wipe some of the sweat of her forehead. "Yes it's me Hinata Ino called me and told me everything, I came as fast as I could…how are you doing?"

"Just in….a lot of pain…right now" Hinata replied in between breaths.

Dr Yuuhi looked under the towel that was resting on her knees then spoke, "Ok Hinata this is it….when I count to three I want you to push.

Hinata nodded.

"Ok 1…2…3" Hinata groaned loudly then exhaled the breath she had been holding.

"Good job Hinata you're doing good again 1…2…3."

Hinata grunted a little louder trying her hardest to push. "Ok Hinata…this is the last one just one more push" Dr Yuuhi explained to Hinata.

Hinata's forehead was sweating and she looked all out of breath, "I….I…I can't do it..I can't."

Ino held Hinata's hand, "Yes, yes you can just one more and you're done c'mon."

Dr Yuuhi counted again, "Ready 1…2…3."

Hinata screamed loudly before she exhaled sharply. Finally a babies crying could be heard and had a baby in her hands, "It's a girl."

Ino had tears in her eyes, "Hinata it's a girl can you believe it."

Hinata had her eyes closed and looked like she was asleep. Ino kept screaming Hinata's name, but she was getting no answer.


Hinata's vision was full of darkness till eventually it was replaced by blurry vision then finally her vision was clear enough to see. She could see she was in a hospital room and an IV in her arm and the wound on her arm bandaged. Hinata looked around again realized someone had a grip on her hand. She looked at the sleeping figure and had a look of surprise. It was none other than Sasuke holding on to her hand. She smiled at his face he looked peaceful sleeping and a smile grace his lips that Hinata found cute. The Uchiha stirred a little finally opening his eyes to see Hinata up and awake. "H-Hinata" he whispered softly.

"S-Sasuke your up…how long have I been out?"

"Since about this afternoon…it's nighttime now" Sasuke stated pointing outside to the dark starlit sky.

Hinata soon realized something was different about her now….her bulge that carried her baby was no longer there. "Sasuke where is my baby…where is it?"

"Hinata you're awake oh finally" a voice called out.

Hinata looked towards the door and saw Dr Yuuhi holding a bundle in her arms and then realized the bundle was moving around. Hinata's eyes widened and tears started to pour on her cheeks, "Is that my…"

Dr Yuuhi smiled, "It's a girl…do you wanna hold her."

Hinata eagerly nodded yes. Dr yuuhi walked over to the side of bed and gave Hinata directions on how to hold the baby before handing Hinata her bundle of joy. Hinata looked at the baby and took in all its' features. The baby had brunette hair and lavender blue eyes. Hinata smiled, "She's beautiful…she's like an angel…my angel."

Dr Yuuhi smiled at the new mother and her little bundle of joy then quietly stepped out the room to give Hinata and Sasuke alone time. "She's beautiful like her mother" Sasuke said wrapping his arms around Hinata's shoulders.

"Why?"Hinata asked softly.

Sasuke was confused by Hinata' question, "What do you mean?"

"I heard that you came rushing over to the school to come see me…you stood up to your father and decided not to go to New York, and came to see me…why?"

Sasuke was surprised at her question, a smile soon graced his lips and held Hinata's hand in his, "Back when we went on our first date on the beach I meant what I said Hinata…I do love you, you're the first girl I've truly loved and I would love to be in your life…not only is being a music artist my dream, but your also my dream too."

Hinata was speechless at Sasuke's words, but her face held a smile which Sasuke returned. He kissed Hinata on the forehead and held her close as the two looked over the little miracle Hinata was holding in her arms.

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