A Night in the Stars

Once there lived a girl named Gabriella. She wanted to go to the beach. So she asked her mom if they can go. Her mom said "SURE". They started to pack the things they'll be needing such as a towel to lay down on and a hat for a shade and also sun block just in case Gabriella wants to swim. Gabriella started to change her clothes. She put on her baiting suit and her sun dress. She was ready to go. Her mom started to get the keys to their car and started to drive. They had to drive for a while but Gabriella said it was worth it. They settled down near a coconut tree. She got ready to swim but her mom said they need to eat first so she did. Then it started to get dark so instead of swimming she just laid down with her mom and looked at the stars. They started to trace the consolations to find out what it is. Then when it reached seven o'clock they started to pack their things and then left. They went straight to bed the minute they got home. She dreamed about the waves and the beach that she saw. The next day she went to school and told her friends about it. Her friends thought it was amazing.