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Chapter 3.

The dark lord sat behind his opulent desk, although littered with various letters and text books very little of it would give someone an idea of what plans the tyrant had for his army of dark witches and wizards – paranoia is a common trait for despots, and true to form Tom Riddle kept all his plans in his head – a fact that sometimes irritated him when he considered how much access his enemies seemed to have to it through a Mr Harry Potter.

'It doesn't matter now' he though idly, 'such a weapon is now in my control'.

Lucius Malfoy stood adjacent to him. He looked a little awkward, as if unsure whether to take a seat or not. The dark lord hadn't offered him such a privilege but their conversation had been quite implicit when it came to trust thus far, did this acknowledge him as respected enough to take a seat in his master's chambers? Tom didn't feel like easing the man's worries, it paid to keep his underlings in the dark.

"I'll begin vigoratus on the boy tonight" Voldemort mused, "although putting him out of action for a rather distasteful amount of time, it will benefit me in the long run"

"Yes my lord" Lucius always was a very gracious servant, open to endless amounts of agreement and cruel enough to inflict punishment if any other of Voldemort's followers could not keep at an adequate standard of grovelling. Lucius was Voldemort's poster boy: pureblood; wealthy; well married with a perfect heir and happy to bend whatever way gave him the most power. He was, however, notoriously fickle. Far too good at worming himself out of bad situations, pinning a Malfoy down was always difficult without a metre of leather and some hard wearing cuffs… Not that any of them had time for such antics this time round, they'd all married or realised that their Dark Lord could do worse things to them than orgasm denial. All good cults start that way, only the successful manage to progress into working dynamics of overlord and diligent workers.

"This will give me time to decide who would be best to oversee the troublesome catamite, powers stripped or not, I'm not making the habitual blunder of assuming that he's not going to give his all into causing some form of taxation on me.."

Lucius had stood a little straighter at that, whoever gained the post was obviously going to be receive a few perks: less off base missions and getting blood on their hands, right up the capricious blonde's street.

"I'll decide formally who'll be given the privilege once the procedure is finished, I'm sure some form of compatibility between Mr Potter and his jailor will be needed"

"Yes my Lord, how incredibly astute of you – as always" Voldemort would laugh if he wasn't enjoying how tense Lucius was, the previous night they'd shared a bottle of whiskey over plans for the ministry, it wouldn't do to allow him to think that such proximities were totally understood between them.

Shallow breathing began in the room next door, alerting the Dark Lord that Harry was awake. There was also an odd sensation of something leaving his mental recesses. It unnerved him a little, Harry and himself had always been the most connected when the boy was asleep, now his powers were stripped however this should no longer be a problem… Sometimes paranoia was not a useful trait.

"Lucius, my guest has awoken. Fetch him for me."

"Yes my lord" Would such grovelling ever start grating on him?

Harry had only been awake a few minutes, his surroundings only ever coming into a blurred focus due to his glasses being missing in action for some time now. He could hear Voldemort's talking in another room, the enigmatic voice easily opening mental welts that contained the truth of the past 24 hours.. What the fuck was he going to do.

Hyperventilating probably wasn't the best idea, it meant when Lucius Malfoy entered the room and descended upon him there was very little he could do in a manner of struggling. It didn't help that he was still bound at the wrists. One harsh hand gripping his upper arm, almost taking him off the ground and definitely hurting his shoulder, Harry was dragged into the adjoining room. His legs felt a little like jelly after the previous night's activities and how little time he'd been given to acclimatise from being horizontal, so an arm – even if harsh – was appreciated to keep him upright.. Not that he was going to make it obvious that he was leaning on the tall blonde man.

"What do you think Lucius?" The Dark Lord drawled, "does the great Harry Potter live up to expectations?"

Lucius looked down his nose in disgust, giving Harry a clear indication just how much 'great' did not apply to him in the Slytherin's eyes.

"He is a lot shorter than I expected, at his age many would be far greater in height.."

Not that he was keen on Lucius' approval, but being insulted by the prick really wasn't something Harry was able to deal with at that moment in time "Glad you to see you can think of your own fucking son in my place, you sick fuck! I bet –.."

At this moment Lucius dropped him, allowing slight brunette to fall instantly to the floor "OH! Too close to the truth you-.." and then Voldemort waved a hand and silenced him.

The room went incredibly silent for a few seconds.

"Yes.. He does seem to do that a lot. Stricken like a small terrified doe one minute, and then angry as chained lion the next.. I guess we can't call issue with that damned sorting hat after all" Voldemort's voice was light, if not a little whimsical.

"I see, my lord, would you like me to dispose of him some way until he's in a far more manageable mood?" Lucius shot Harry a look of abhorrence, making in perfectly clear that his mood would never be 'whimsical'… Harry was pretty sure that being detested would always be preferable to the Dark Lord's sycophantic endearments, but that is probably why the man employed such tactics.

"As much as I'm sure we'd all enjoy it, I want to make the most of Harry being conscious before we start the ritual. That will be all Lucius" Waving the man away and focusing his attention back on the Gryffindor.

"Ritual?" Squeaked Harry, trying to right himself again although still unable to use his hands.

'Ahh, here's the doe.. Now any minute..

"OH! So it's not enough you STRIPPED MY FUCKING POWERS, but now you've invented another FUCKING RITUAL to do something more. What's it this time, make me turn LUMINOUS PINK every time your FUCKING PENIS NEAR ME!"

..The lion'

"Well, from our endeavours last night I'm already quite aware how pink your turn Harry"

Harry's mouth dropped opened, before returning to said colour of pink and burying his head in his arms. Tom just rolled his eyes.

"Now I'm glad you've stretched your lungs a little. I didn't want you to become hoarse." His eyes flitted over the younger man: the boy's shirtless form allowing him to enjoy the flush of pink sneak down his neck and rest in the hollows of his collar bones. Perhaps it's because seeing Harry stripped and exposed to his every whim was new, that the Dark Lord felt like he could never tire of looking at the boy, either way he was going to let the fascination run its own course.

"Come here Harry, I have an offer for you"

Voldemort watched Harry leave the security of his arms, glance at him, and then the door, followed by the stretch of carpet between the boy and the door, and finally the heavy looking brass statue on the mantel behind him.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk" The dark lord reprimanded, urging Harry to cast the statue a final look of longing, before shuffling towards Voldemort's seated position.

The man turned his chair away from the desk and beckoned Harry until he was standing between his legs. The Gryffindor, though standing, was barely head height even with him sitting. It made holding the boy's chin and stretching the tendons in the exposed neck very easy.

"Although I have no need to tell you, I'm going to give you a short explanation of what ritual you'll be taking part in this evening. Within this explanation you're going to understand that a lot of your memories are going to become… …diminished. It's quite a boring explanation as to why, a large part because of your age and another because it's far more efficient. Most importantly, I am offering you the chance to save three memories in their entirety. They'll be held in a pensieve, of course. To obtain this gift you're going to do what I ask of you next willingly and enthusiastically."

"Wh-what are you going to ask of me?"

The dark lord smiled indulgently before leaning forward to talk straight to the shell of Harry's ear.

"I'm going to put my prick, that you're so fond of talking about, in that swollen little mouth of yours and allow it to become far more intimately known with your throat"

The words were warm and humid from the dark lord's breath, which made the exact opposite occur in a chill that ran down Harry's back.

"I-I don't want you do that!"

"Indeed, but I'm going to do it whether agree or not, I just find it far more pleasing if you didn't put up too much of a struggle, removing your teeth will probably very messy and time consuming.."

Harry had never felt himself go from blushing red to pale white shock so quickly in his life, perhaps the threat of pain – in particular, having your teeth pulled out – did overcome embarrassment.. Although it was less embarrassment, and more fear of impending rape..

"I want to choose first then"

"Of course not, why ever would I give up leverage Harry?"

"But you wouldn't! Because you could just throw them away.. Or something.." Harry was unsure if he was aiding his plight or just giving the man ideas.

The dark lord gave the boy a shrewd look, but smiled anyway.

"One, you can pick one now.. And do not take too long with it!"

The slighter brunette nodded, unsure how he was supposed to rank his memories in order of importance, a small voice in his head answered that he should be spending a lot more time freaking out about the fact he was going to lose all his memories.. But keeping his teeth was the current number one priority.

The Slytherin Lord watched as Harry's eyes darted back and forth, silently processing information. It was enjoyable to watch, nearly as enjoyable as rubbing his thumb across the boys bottom lip, before pressing it inside to experience the wet heat it held.

Harry didn't find it very enjoyable as he tried to hold on to a memory of his parents and compare it against spending an afternoon with Sirius. He didn't want to taint either memory with what was about to happen, especially as they were apparently one of the few he'd get to keep.

"Um. Ihh Hafff Unne" Seemingly, it was not particularly easy to speak with your mouth being probed.

"Oh? And what may it be..?" Finally retracting his fingers.

"My-my parents.."

"Your parents.." The dark lord slitted his eyes suspiciously.. "You remember your parents?"

Harry wanted to say 'no not really, but knowing they died is one of the few ways I'll know I hate you', but instead he opted for, "Kind of, there's this feeling I have that I know was from when we were together.. I got it when I first tried strawberry jam and ever since then.."

This was not the sort of memory Voldemort had planned on taking from Harry, but at this point he didn't really care for the complexities of Harry's past (delectable as they are to play out, and of course revel in the fact he was the main causal factor) instead he wanted to move on with the proceedings. If there was a warning bell in the Dark Lord's mind that this was one of the few times he'd ever allowed human fallibility like lust to endanger his plans, Voldemort well and truly ignored it. Like Harry said, he could always destroy them later.

"Well grasp it tight then Harry, and don't go wandering to your first day at Hogwarts as we might have some frightful contortion in between"

The memory was taken, Harry wobbled a little bit and then fell on his knees as he tried to assimilate the odd sensation, and the dark lord began undoing his trousers to give Harry another challenge to assimilate to.

"I want you pliant, and I definitely do not want you swearing.. Do you understand Harry?" Finally relieving the pressure in his trousers by taking his erection in hand.

"Fuck" Harry murmured, getting his first good look at the man's cock.

The dark lord slapped him. "WHAT. DID. I. JUST. SAY?"

Harry screamed slightly at the pain, but mostly the shock, before turning his head away from the man.

"I'm s-sorry. I-I didn't- I-I"

Voldemort grabbed his chin and forced him to meet his eyes. "Do NOT think that the SECOND you begin to forget –exactly- who is in charge here, I won't use ANY manner of force to remind you just how –mistaken- you have been. NOW, do I have to use any such force to set an example to what I meant by PLIANT?"

Harry shook his head, or at least he did so to the best of his abilities while being held so.

"Good" the taller brunette remarked harshly, before lessening his grip and petting the slighter boy's hair, "Good" he mused again.

The dark lord massaged Harry's now inflamed cheek and coaxed his mouth open, enjoying the sharp intake of breath that betrayed the smaller boy. Enthusiastic probably wasn't the word to describe the Gryffindor in the following procedures, but pliant could be. Harry allowed the now very engorged erection to be pressed against his lips, precome smearing against the pursed tissue, and the head to be nudged between his teeth.

It was a very precarious position to be in, every nerve in Harry's body screamed to shut his mouth against the intrusion, but the fear of pain and keeping his teeth kept his mouth lax.

Tom hissed as he felt the warmth enclosed the tip of his prick, using his hand to massage the base while thrusting in small shallow movements. It was delightful to see Harry's mouth bulge, the hard thickness sliding sideways to meet his cheek due to Harry's untrained abilities.

"Yesss" the dark lord hissed, sliding a hand to the back of the boys raven coloured hair and position the Harry's head and allowing him to feed his erection further down the boy's constricting throat.

Harry had no idea how to overcome his instant gag reflex and his agitated gullet protested against the intrusion.

"Shhh" Tom cooed, "open you jaw a little wider" Harry did, it didn't feel much better but it allowed the taller man more space to thrust – still keeping the base of his erection in hand but penetrating Harry's mouth all the same.

It was incredibly uncomfortable, it hurt his jaw and restricted his breath. Tears begun to swim in his eyes and his nose felt blocked and useless – he constantly tried to take great gasps around the mouthful of flesh, which incurred breathy approval from the man above him.

Harry quickly realised that it was only going to get worse before it got before it got better, suddenly Tom began to moan excessively. His grip increased and Harry could feel the blunt tip stab against the back of his throat, it did hurt but worse it made him gag incessantly but to no avail.

Voldemort hissed, the addictive wet warmth eased every thrust and the constant constrictions felt wonderful, either Harry deciding to keep up his end of being pliant or he had no other choice, but the effect leaving him thrumming with anticipation of his release. He was getting close, his thrusts were becoming less considerate and plundering deeper each time, almost. Almost. If only Harry knew how to swallow him down, merlin how he longed for his whole erection to be encased in the brilliant wet heat that was his prisoner.

The Gryffindor was whining, probably through discomfort but it just added to the dark lord's arousal. "Yes" he hissed again, "merlin you look beautiful with a cock dominating your mouth". It was the word dominating the pushed him over, three harsh final thrusts and the wonderous feeling of cum leaving the depths of his body and pushing up out of his prick rewarded him.

Harry was gagging again; he didn't know what to do with all the excess liquid. He tried swallowing it, but there was a quite persistent cock in the way, he tried pushing it out his mouth but it just dribbled down his lips.

When Tom finally removed himself, Harry gasped for air. Swallowing and rubbing cum away from his mouth in compulsive moves. He was crying, but he wasn't sure if it was from sadness or just his eyes welling from the pressure.

Tom was placating him again, trying to draw him in his lap and feed him water. It was the last thing he wanted, he wanted the-fuck away from everything to do with the man, he was miserable. But that was probably the point, Voldemort was the reason he felt so exposed and abused, and he was also the only one there to offer him comfort.

In the end he did give in, collapsing and sobbing.

"Shhh, you did so well. Got keep everyone of your teeth. Earnt yourself two more memories to save, you did so well Harry"

Harry hated him, really fucking hated him. But sometimes you're just too tired to show it.

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