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The irritating noise suddenly stopped, only to be followed by a loud crash as the alarm clock smashed into the wall. A slim arm was sticking up in the air, still in position from throwing the clock. There was a low growl-like groan that came from the lump burrowed beneath black and lime green comforters. Then there was movement, making a soft rustling noise. A figure then appeared from the blankets, showing bed-raggled bubble-gum pink hair and groggy, mint green eyes. The figure got up, showing a slim, 5"4 body covered in black and red plaid, baggy pajama pants and a fitted, royal blue tank top that was scrunched up above her belly-button, showing off the simple, silver heart belly button ring.

She stretched, arching her back like a cat with her hands above her head, then rubbed the sleep out of her eyes with the heels of her hands, before heading over to her ceiling-to-floor window that covered have of the wall to push back her black and white layered sheer curtains to allow some sunlight into her room. Sometimes she wondered why she even got up this early in the morning just so she could make the little meetings her friends have every other day. She was going to need coffee. She scowled. They were so going to pay for interrupting her sleep.

The pale morning light coming from the window allowed the room to be covered in a soft glow, casting shadows here and there. The room was painted in black and white stripes, with platters of differents colors everwhere-this was how she liked it. Mostly neutral, but with spots of color, just like her personality.

There was a large 54" LCD TV on the wall opposite of her 4 poster bed, and a large vanity dresser to the left of the TV. There was also a door to the far left wall, and two more on the far right wall.

The girl headed to the door on the left, and opened it, showing a black and white themed bathroom. She walked inside, shedding her clothes after she turned the shower water on, and hopped in. She scrubbed her hair and body, making her skin start to tingle, and then rinsed off before jumping back out, and wrapping a towel aound herself and rubbing her hair dry with another. She then fled the bathroom, going to one of the doors on the opposite wall. She secured the towel by tucking the edge of it into the fold at the top, and went through the door, which appeared to be a nicely sized walk-in closet.

She dug around through the hanging clothes, picking up a few items before walking out and over to her vanity dresser. She pulled out a pair of black cotton tights, a pair of underwear, and a bra. She pulled on all three items before jumping into her gray, cotton-like short-shorts that she had pulled out of her vanity dresser. She also pulled on a green spaghetti strap and a black off-the-shoulder long sleeve that was loose. She slipped on her favorite grey, leather ankle boots that matched the color of her shorts, and then sat on the stool she had shoved under the vanity. She started on blow drying her layered, shoulder-blade length hair, then began to straighten it. After it was perfectly straightened, she ran a comb through the silky locks, sighing as she examined how her black and white highlights were beginning to fade.

After she finished brushing her hair, she pulled it up into a messy high pony tail, the layers causing pieces to spike up, while her fringed bangs fell into eyes. She swiped her bangs to the side, and began the process of putting on her eyeliner, lip gloss, and eyeshadow.

After she finished her make-up, she swept around the room, hurrying to grab the things she would need for the day. She grabbed her purse, digging throught it to make sure her iphone, coach sunglasses, and keys were in it. After she grabbed her small on-the-go makeup bag to shove into the large purse, she walked out her bedroom, noticing at the last minute that she had only ten minutes left until she was late.

She smirked as she walked down the stairs of her loft, into the large, open space of the joined living room and kitchen, grabbing an apple as she went towards the door that led to the hallway that had the elevator that went to the main lobby. As she walked out of the elevator, stalking across the lobby floor, her shoes making a loud clacking, she pulled out her keys.

She walked over to where the garage was, and pressed the unlock button for her car. She practically flew over to it, running her hand over the glossy black paint of her brand new comaro. She slid into the seat, setting her purse in the pasenger seat next to her, before putting the keys in the ignition and starting the car. It purred softly, and she grinned, before pulling out of the garage and speeding out of view of her home.

This was the average life of Sakura Haruno.

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