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However Long the Night, the Dawn will Break.

Chapter 5 – Oh Brother.

Hearing his brother scream sent a shiver down Raphael's spine, he wanted nothing more than to run to his aid but knew it would be futile. He needed help to rescue his family, help he knew was down the opposite end of the hall. Donatello.

He had to weigh up his options, there was no escaping this if he fought on his own, no saving them if he didn't have backup. He started to plan as he went, thinking of ways to clear the room that held his family and the route they would take to flee the building with the wounded. He shuddered at the thought, knowing from that scream that, at least one of his brothers wasn't walking out of here under their own steam.

He could see elevators at the far end of the hall, marking them mentally as a possible route. They'd likely have some resistance to deal with when they reached the ground floor but if they had the element of surprise, the numbers would be manageable. He spotted a service hatch low to the ground, wide enough for them to fit, that created another option and also a means of covering their tracks. Glancing up at the ceiling, he wondered if they could move among the tight access above, it would be an easy place to hide but an awkward escape route as they made their way through the building. The wounded would have some trouble but the option of slow and steady would work better for them.

Right now, though, Raphael had to focus on getting everyone free.

Rushing along the corridor, Bo staff in hand, he reached the nearest door, flinging it open and pushing inside. He stopped and stood, jaw dropped at the sight.

Don looked over with limited movement, his teeth latched onto the white coated man's ear as he, himself laid strapped to the table. The doctor held a scalpel near to Don's plastron and Raph scanned quickly for open wounds on his brother, he couldn't see any and sighed in relief. Don growled and Raph could see the grip on the doctor's ear had produced blood; it dribbled down Don's jaw and dropped onto the table beneath.

Raph stood shocked, watching as the man dared not move with wide eyes looking in his direction. He smiled at the man's fear, mildly amused that Don had found a way to subdue him even with every limb bound. He told himself that he'd have to ask his brother about that later, he was sure it would be an interesting story judging by the anger on Don's face.

"Will you ge' ov'r here?" Don snapped.

Raph chuckled as he approached, bending down to stare at the scene close up. He reached down to pluck the scalpel from the doctor's hand, looking into his eyes and glaring.

"Let him go, Don. I got him."

Don did as he was told; releasing the doctor's ear and turning to the side to disgustingly spit and clear his mouth.

"Ugh, the things I do to stop a dissection." He grumbled, still spitting.

The doctor fell away, backing up into the table behind him and clutching at his bleeding ear. Raph took a moment to free one of Don's wrists and the strap across his plastron, circling the table to encroach on the doctor's space. He raised the blade so that the doctor could clearly see it, chuckling when the man's eyes rolled up and closed, his body crumbling to the floor.

Raph raised an eye ridge, turning un-amused, "He ain't as brave when we're not strapped down, huh?"

Don looked up as he worked on the leather straps around his ankles, "He's particularly overconfident in his capabilities too; I mean, really? That close to my still mobile head and he had to gloat about how pretty my insides must look." Don rolled his eyes, clearly unimpressed with the unconscious man. He pivoted off of the table, taking a moment to wipe his face and neck clear of blood. "I need a toothbrush, paste, mouthwash and a breath mint." He grumbled, "I feel dirty."

Raph shook his head, "Later, Brainiac. We got some work to do."


Leo enjoyed the nice cool evening, taking a moment to breathe in the chilled air and watching as it misted out around him. The rooftop run had warmed him considerably and he decided that he had had enough, turning to double back and head for home.

As he neared the edge of the rooftop, readying to leap across, he caught sight of a shadow moving in his peripheral vision. Showing no signs of noticing, he picked up his pace and leaped, landing deftly and not hesitating as he continued on. The shadows continued to move and he counted all he could see, noting that he was slowly being surrounded. Deciding that fleeing was now not an option, he stood and pulled his katana, the sound an instant signal for his enemy as they rushed him.

He took as many as he could down, looking for any advantage that he could find to give him the upper hand or find him an escape route.

As the Foot ninja split apart, making way for their superiors, Leo groaned.

Typical, he thought morosely, Elite.


Leo grimaced in pain, his leg throbbing with the embedded blade, his joints beginning to ache with each click of the pulley. He couldn't force himself to look at Mike, hearing him begging was bad enough and he found himself using every ounce of focus he possessed to control his racing heart.

Leo silently willed his brother to have strength, not daring to speak in case his voice betrayed him. He could feel his enemy circling him, could almost taste his breath with how close Shredder scrutinised him during his sick, twisted show of power. He felt a twinge, a short burst of mild pain and he then realised that the man had gripped the handle of the blade. He tried to steel himself, joints stiffening in readiness but that only resulted in his muscles protesting against his efforts and those of the stretching that was gradually being forced upon him. The pain intensified as he felt Saki twist the knife in his leg, unable to contain the scream of agony as the pulley clicked further.

The double onslaught gave Saki the desired effect, Leo's breathing quickened, his chest heaving as the man gripped his chin and lifted his head. He chanced looking at him, doing his best to show that he hadn't been defeated yet, but Mike's whimper distracted them both. Saki released his grip and spun on his brother.

"See where your mouth gets you?" Saki taunted. "Or rather, where it gets your brother. He's trying to be brave for you, you realise?"

"Stop it, please." Mike whispered, his voice falling apart. "You've made your point, just... Just let him go."

Saki crouched down in front of him, raising his arm and proceeding to wipe his hand across Mike's plastron, Leo's blood smeared over his chest as the man laughed manically.

"So far," he sneered, "Your words have only caused him more pain. I suggest you work a little harder if you want to give him relief."

Mike looked at Splinter, his father now stood with armed guards, thrashing in their hold as he hissed and snarled at Saki. His Sensei had held his tongue long enough; he'd tried to remain calm but gave in to his rage the moment Shredder decided that Mike's words dictated the actions inflicted upon Leo.

Mike sighed, letting his head fall. "Whatever I say, you'll just hurt him more."

The pulley clicked again, then again. Mike's head shot up, eyes widening as he watched Leo's face contort into agony.

"Stop it!" He turned back to Saki, growling in anger. "What do you want from me? Everything I say is the wrong answer, you're hurting him just because you can, you bastard!"



"Saki... Leave him alone."

Shredder spun away from Mike, stomping over to the stretched out form of Leo and roughly gripping his chin, shaking it viciously. "You are in no position to speak to me." He spat as the pulley clicked again. "I hold your life in my hands and I will do with it as I please."

"You never did play fair," Leo muttered indignantly, "Always using everyone and everything else before you even got off your ass."

Saki frowned, his fist clenching at his side. "I need no one to finish you, freak."

Leo laughed wryly, "I don't see you getting your hands dirty. Holding and torturing us is just another way of proving your incompetence in the battlefield."

Saki exploded, his fist smashed into Leo's face and his head snapped back. "You do nothing but worsen your position, Leonardo. I suggest you stop now before I finish this permanently."

He nodded at his ninja, silently signalling the winching to continue.

Leo panted as his body screamed against his position, grimacing at the sickly popping of the tendons and ligaments in his legs and arms. He held it together long enough to narrow his eyes and snarl. He knew it was suicidal, it could and would likely sign his death warrant, but attention on him and away from Mike was worth it.


The clicking noise barely registered, his brother screaming sounded so far away and he was sure he heard Saki order his men to shut Mike up. His tormentor howled in frustration, anger and hate as he slammed fist after fist into Leo's plastron and face.

Splinter, incensed and enraged, threw off his captors, snapping his hands free of his bonds and clawing away at his other restraints. He stood and launched into the air, claws bared and aimed at Shredder. The blow took the man by surprise and he barely had time to avoid the second attack, spinning and bringing himself up readily. As Splinter came at him, he dodged to the side, kicking the rat from behind as he passed him. His ninja came to his aid, blocking their master from his enemy and Saki used that time to draw the tazor from his belt. As Splinter dispatched the men, reaching down and scooping up a katana, he spun and stepped back quickly. He didn't have time to move as the tazor was thrust into his abdomen, his body instantly convulsing and quickly dropping to the floor even with him willing it otherwise.

Saki panted as he stared at the downed rat, anger demanding that he kick it until it breathed no more. He took a deep breath, ready to strike but the roar of sound and shaking of the ground beneath his feet stopped him.

He looked up, scanning the room and glancing at the door, waiting expectantly for it to open. Either his ninja would be entering to report, or someone had come to rescue what is left of this retched family of freaks.

Either way, he was ready.

The rumbling subsided, just as the lights gave out.

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