The Wedding Gift

By TalesFromtheSpockSide

* For Calliope on her birthday...a strange genitals contribution.

The day had come at last, and now, the night.

Nyota's grin had gone from smug to starry-eyed over the course of the past few hours. Spock's expression had not changed from its usual courteous neutrality, which neither bothered nor surprised anyone. He was among a throng of ebullient humans (mostly humans) at a wedding - his own - and it was only logical for him to maintain rigorous control over his own emotions.

He would release that control soon, with his bride.

When they were finally inside their honeymoon suite, and the door and comm line were secured, Spock abandoned any pretense of interest in anything but Nyota and began to shed his clothing, walking toward her as she came out of the opulent bath chamber in her undergarments.

"I love that dress, but it's not very comfortable - " she was saying, running her fingers through the hair she had loosed down her back. She stopped cold at the sight of her Vulcan, who had gotten down to the t-shirt and pants layer and was just lifting the shirt off over his head.

"Now *that*," she pronounced, hands on her hips now, "looks comfortable."

Spock said not a word, finished stripping without looking at her at all; she would have felt slighted except that she knew his single-minded purpose. She made no move to get rid of her bra and panties, and when Spock finished and stood up straight, she sighed and let her eyes feast on his form.

They had made love before; it wasn't the first time she'd seen him nude. Still, the fact that they were now bound and public and forever made him all the more desirable to her. He came over to lay his hands on her shoulders, lightly, and tilted his head down to kiss her, soft and wet and hot. Just like the rush between her legs, and the moisture she felt on his tip as he pressed her body to him.

He backed up to the bed and sat down, pulling her panties down and off and then reaching around to unfasten her bra. Then he lifted her high, placing her feet on either side of him and holding her hips steady as she stood over him, and he plunged his mouth up into the vee of her legs as she bent to clutch his shoulders and gasped and keened and came, came, came. At last his strong arms lowered her to straddle his waist as he lay back on the bed.

"Only the beginning, k'diwa," he murmured into another soft kiss, then raised her back up to a sitting position so he could fondle and tease her nipples. Nyota hadn't completely recovered and felt her arousal building again quickly, and she moaned.

"Please, honey," she whispered. "I want you to fill my body..."

"Soon," said her lover. "Close your eyes and feel, love."

She did so, tipping her head back and letting her long tresses tickle her spine as his fingers danced over her torso. She felt a nudge on her backside and smiled.

"Mmm, that's what I want," she said, flexing her buttocks.

Then she screamed, "What the HELL!"

Nyota's eyes flew open and her body tensed for escape, but Spock's hands were firm on her hipbones and he looked steadily at her.

"Do not be alarmed," he said gently. "It is a surprise to you, I know, but one you will enjoy."

"What? What is it?" she panted, feeling another nudge, not like the first, higher up her back. Yet...his hands were on her hips...

"A unique aspect of male Vulcan anatomy," he told her, as though he were reporting the time. "One which is only shared with one's life mate, which you now are."

"But what - " She tried to twist around, to look, and he lifted her easily and set her down again, this time straddling his thighs so that his genitals lay before her.

There was...more to them than met the eye. Nyota wasn't a bioscientist, but she found herself fascinated by the sight of Spock's previously familiar green penis, semi-erect and extended upward over his abdomen...and growing. Growing? It was emerging from his body like a long tongue, pushing out of his black bush until it reached just past his navel. Then it seemed to stop, perhaps to rest, and she looked up at his face in wonder. She could feel him finally dropping his mental shields entirely; this was his wedding gift to her?

"Holy cats, Spock. How long does it get?"

His expression was more smug than she had ever seen as he answered, "I have never measured it. Perhaps we shall do so...later."

Her gaze fell back down, just in time to see his organ twitch. She giggled, then gasped. It wasn't just was moving. Like a prehensile tail, it slid smoothly S-shaped down Spock's belly toward her, not alarming but bizarrely sensuous. The head touched her thigh, then wriggled over to touch her other thigh, then crept up between them to nudge at her wet, throbbing center.

"Oh my gods," she breathed. "Can you control it?"

"Yes," he replied. "When I am conscious. When unconscious, I have no power over it, but once retracted it remains quiescent."

"No wonder I've never seen this trick," she muttered. "Spock, you are a wonder and a treasure. In so many ways."

"As are you, Nyota," he said and drew her down against him, insinuating his elongated member between her thighs as she giggled again. She felt the head, slick from rubbing against her sex, squirm between her buttocks, exploring, teasing, then it pulled out and caressed her ass cheeks while Spock's mouth and hands caressed her face and breasts.

"Now," he murmured against her throat. "Are you ready, my love?"

"I hope so," she breathed. "Bring it on, baby."

She felt him slide into her almost gently, just as she'd felt many times, but further in than ever before, and when his tip bumped the bend of her cervix he stopped and seemed to adjust his length, fitting their bodies tightly against each other. She ground her sex against his pubic bone and felt him grab her ass with both hands, urging her on.

"Yes, yessssss..." he moaned. His flesh thickened inside her and he shifted slightly so that the base of his cock actually curved to press against her clitoris. She felt him now undulating inside, caressing the walls of her vagina; he began to rock their bodies together and their soft cries combined, echoed, rose with their ecstasy, and became screams of joy.

When Nyota lay panting and amazed on his chest, Spock stroked her hair and murmured, "You must keep this secret, you understand."

She raised her head and grinned.

"Are you kidding? Of course I'll keep it secret. If word gets out everybody will want one..."