The twisted mangled body laid below her, the hair now knotted and half covering the face of the dead body. Anne tore the glove of sharp knives off her hand, and threw herself to the ground in tears. Next to her was the dead body of a schoolmate, they weren't good friends but she knew her well enough.

This was her fault, she killed the girl, against her will of course. "Damn you Krueger, why couldn't you kill me like the rest of them?" Anne shouted as she kicked away the glove, the sound of the tormented screams from the class mate rang in her ears.

As her sobs continued a malice male laughter rose up in the air, Anne knew it all to well. She looked up as a loud screech filled the air. Freddy ran his glove across a pipe, creating an irritating noise Anne could stand any longer. "You get used to it Honey." he mocked as he laughed again.

"You bastard!" She screamed, wanting so badly to lunge out and attack him. Maybe than he would rid of her, and no longer would she have to kill. She was up to 3, not many, but she didn't want to be a murderer. His cackle grew again louder this time, more vicious.

Anne ducked down again, and let the tears fall, why could she wake up? Why did she sleep at all, she'd been taking caffine pills, why was it whenever she fell asleep, there was ALWAYS a new victim Freddy forced her to kill. She could no longer look in the mirror, she couldn't stand herself.

In the next second, Freddy was beside the body, he dragged it to the fiery furnace, and tossed it in. Anne watched from her knelt position on the cold ground. Tears clouded her vision but she could still see the flames engulf the girls, her face destroyed by four claw marks.

This is how it was, if she'd killed in real life she ran away, if she killed In the dream world, Freddy burned the body and made her watch. The fire instantly grew, and when it died down again, only charred remains were visible, she cried again harder, why her, why could she just be victim.

"Maybe you need a victim you'll enjoy killing." Freddy's voice was deep and scratchy, killing Anne inside every time she heard it. Never would she have a victim she wanted to kill, and how dare he even imply that she does.

"I'll never wish this fate on anyone except myself, for causing such pain." Anne stated still on the ground next to the pools of blood. "Not even you Krueger, you deserve a more painful way of dying." She spat his name out. She could take it anymore, how much longer could she continue like this.

Freddy laughed again, curling his neck In the process. Than his face became all too serious, he glared at her, "Like what? Burning alive?" With that Anne watched him catch fire and laugh again. That's what this was about, being murdered by the elm street parents.

"I didn't kill you Freddy! Neither did my parents." Her voice grew louder despite the fact that he was coming closer to her. She didn't move, she was still deathly terrified of him. His face was pissed, and the flames still hugged his already burned body.

The closer he came to her, the smaller the flames got. Soon he was burned self again, no fire to engulf him, he extended his gloved hand toward her and lifted her head by the chin, careful not to scratch her, or wake her. "You live in my house."

Anne narrowed her eyes, he slept in the same room as Nancy, and the others. She'd heard all about them, but her parents laughed it off. "Get your fucking hand off me Krueger." She shouted, but rather than remove it, her grasped her neck, and threatened to cut her.

"Do it, I'll no longer be a slave to you."

Freddy sneered, he'd fallen into her trap this time. He could kill her now, or let her live, but both had terrible outcomes for both of them. His minded raced for an answer, than he found it, his cackling began again, and his twisted smile appeared on his burned withered face.

"Who do you want to kill Anne?" He asked with his unreal smile, he knew what she'd say, but she'd keep it in her mind, and soon fall prey to actually considering it.

"You." She answered quickly, just the response The dream demon expected to hear. That was the end of it, Anne awoke to the sound of her alarm clock. Time to go to school and pretend she didn't know what happened to Terra, her latest victim.

She splashed her face with water and averted her eyes from the mirror, she didn't want to see herself. Downstairs she could hear her mother and father chatting at the coffee table. She stopped behind the door frame and hid herself listening to what they were saying.

"Anna was quietly asleep all night, I checked on her several times, I think she was having another nightmare." Her mother stated taking a sip of coffee, She was all too right.

"What makes you say that?" Her father asked as he folded the newspaper to listen to his wife better.

"Every time I looked at her she looked scared, and distressed. I didn't wake her because she hasn't been getting much sleep lately." Her mother put down the coffee and let out sad sigh. Anne stepped into the kitchen without saying a word, she merely sat at the table and blankly stared at the plain white tablecloth.

Her parents looked at her for a moment, dressed in plain jeans with a grey tank top and jacket. Her hair was pulled back, allowing her face to be completely seen. "Sweetie you chin looks a little irritated, it's red." Her mother placed her hands on her daughters cheeks and lifted her head to see her chin better.

A red mark perched on her chin, Anne looked into her spoon, her parents couldn't tell but the red mark was the outline of a hand, curled to lift her head. Freddy. Anne looked into the spoon at her face, Anymore marks? No, just the sad face of a murderer.

The spoons reflection lied, it wasn't herself she was seeing, rather Freddy himself was looking back at her. He smiled an evil malicious smile at her, and winked. She dropped the spoon back onto the table and grabbed her school bag, she was so used to Freddy making his visits in common household objects it no longer scared her.

On the occasions she did look in the mirror, he was staring back at her. At times she could feel his breath down her neck. But the spoon was different, she could hear his voice, 'Who do you want to kill?' It crossed her mind several times on her way to school.

Freddy was right she'd keep it in her mind, and soon fall prey to actually considering it. Here she was making a list of people who'd ever wronged her. She stopped herself as she got into the school doorway, and looked around. How could she ever kill a single one of them, they were innocent people, with lives. She knew that, Krueger didn't.