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An Eternity of Damnation


There is a magical operation of maximum importance; the initiation of a new aeon. When it becomes necessary to utter a word the whole planet must be bathed in blood... - Blood Omen Opening.

Kain P.O.V.

"You have won the battle… but the war… between your kind and mine… will never end. Our banishment… in the demon dimension… also ensures our immortality… one day… we shall return…"

I lean on the Reaver, pushing it further into the Sarafan Lord's wretched body, glaring into his glowing, demonic eyes. "Should your kind breach that place of banishment again, I will be waiting."

The Sarafan Lord laughs painfully at my words. "… You will not live that long…"

As he utters his last words, I pull the Reaver from his body. "I have lived long enough to dispose of you." I run him through with the Reaver one final time, in the place his damned heart should be, then retract it. I turn away, and feel the final tremors of the Gate's destruction beneath my feet. The Sarafan Order will now succumb to me, their iron rule over Nosgoth finally at its end. The platform beneath my feet begins to shake and tremble violently. I take one last look at the destruction of the Hylden's hopes and dreams, pleased with my accomplishment. With that in mind, I jump back to the entrance to the Hylden Gate and dash to make an exit of the building completely. The end has finally come.

I feel the final implosion occur behind me as I walk away, destroying the Gate completely. In the distance, I could hear the faint screams of the Hylden as their lives were extinguished. I reach the Hylden City and stop. Standing, alone, in the wreckage, I turn and look at the Gate across the bridge behind me, its green acidic flames colouring the dark sky. I grip the Reaver.

Umah… what were those words she said to me in that fatal moment she took from me the Nexus Stone? How would my rule differ to that of the Sarafan Lord? If you had lived Umah, you would have learned the difference. And the other phrase she uttered to me before she vanished at the Wharves. She wished it could have been otherwise for us? Those words will haunt me for the rest of my existence. Did they imply that she felt for me as I, for her? I sigh. You should have trusted me.

I watch the Gate collapse in on itself, all the Hylden and Glyph magic disappear into nothing. Every trace of that hellish race now belittled to nothing more than rubble and myth. I turn and begin my walk back to the ship that brought me here, ready to return to Meridian. I think of Janos for a brief second. The legendary vampire, cast into the hell of his own making. What a way to end a legacy.

The war was over. And yet, there was still another to be fought. The cruel masters of Nosgoth, the Sarafan, now leaderless, still had to be put down. There were cities to be rebuilt, and order to be restored. And a new rule, my rule, would then begin. To the victor go the spoils. At last, Nosgoth would be mine.

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