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"We're gonna be late." Lexie said glancing at the clock.

"No, we won't. The surgery's almost over. It's what? 6:00? None of the kids had anything after school today. Sloan and Aaron are watching them. Our reservation isn't until 8:30 anyway." Mark said grinning. Sloan was now their babysitter. She had moved back about ten years ago. She was different from how she had been when they had first met her. She had gotten a degree in child psychology and now had a job at Mercy West, which had reopened after the recession ended, where she had met her fiancé, Aaron Stark, who was a trauma counselor and also worked there.

"I know, but it's Katie's fifteenth birthday! It's a big deal! Next year she turns sixteen! I mean we only have a few more birthdays that she'll celebrate as our little girl!" Lexie exclaimed as she and Mark began to close up on the patient.

"Lexie. She's turning fifteen, not thirty. And it will be perfect. We're having dinner at the best restaurant in Seattle. All fourteen of us. Then her four best friends are sleeping over. Besides we have five more kids." He said laughing. They were going out to dinner for Katie's birthday with her best friends, Brooke, Morgan, Sarah, and Jordan; Sloan and Aaron; their thirteen year old son, Braden Marcus Sloan; their ten year old son, Carter Derek Sloan; their four year old twins Grace Isobel Sloan and Lila Meredith Sloan; and their one year old daughter Elizabeth Calliope Sloan.

"Give me your phone." Lexie said the minute they had scrubbed out.

"You need to relax." Mark said beginning to massage her shoulders.

"Mark… I need to call and…. And… Ohhhh…. That feel's good…" She said closing her eyes.

"You're making it sound dirty." Mark said chuckling.

"Massaging is dirty." She replied turning around so that their faces were only inches apart.

"What was it you said about dirty public flirting or was it dirty secret flirting?" He said teasing her.

"That was eighteen years ago. It doesn't count." She replied kissing him. "Now give me your phone." She said taking it out of his back pocket and beginning to dial.

"Hello?" Sloan answered.

"Hey, Sloan. It's me. We just got out of the OR so we should be home in half an hour."

"Okay, do you want me to start getting them ready?" Sloan asked.

"Yeah, that'd be great. Katie and her friends are probably already getting ready, but just remind the boys and dress the twins and the baby."

"Okay, no problem." Sloan said before hanging up.


Half an hour later Mark and Lexie pulled up to their house. They had originally not wanted a large house, just a good size, but with all of their kids, a large house was required.

Their house had three floors.

The first floor contained the garage, kitchen, living room, play room, Mark and Lexie's office, the kids' office, Elizabeth's bedroom and bathroom, and Mark and Lexie's bedroom and bathroom.

The second floor contained what they referred to as the "kids' lounge", Braden's room, Carter's room, Braden and Carter's bathroom, Grace and Lila's room, Grace and Lila's bathroom, as well as the guest bedroom and bathroom, which would be converted into Elizabeth's room when she got older.

And the third floor, which had originally been the attic, had been converted into Katie's bedroom and bathroom after Elizabeth was born.

"We're home!" Mark called as they walked through the door.

"Daddy!" Grace and Lila yelled as they jumped from their chair at the kitchen table.

"Hi, Gracie Belle." He said picking Grace up and tickling her.

"Hey, Lila Bug." He said picking up Lila and tickling her after putting Grace down.

"And hello Ellie Bear." He said taking Elizabeth put of her high chair and kissing the top of her head.

"Is that what you two are wearing to dinner?"Lexie asked laughing as she put her purse on the counter and looked at her twins. They were both dressed in the princess outfits she and Mark had bought them from Disney World when they went there over the summer. Grace was dressed as Cinderella and Lila was dressed as Sleeping Beauty.

"They insisted." Sloan said from the table.

"Mommy, we're princesses!" Grace said looking up at her mother with a determined look on her face. She was definitely the more outspoken of the two.

"Come with me." Lexie said grabbing their hands with a grin on her face.

"Do I even want to know what she's doing?" Aaron asked as he and Sloan began to put away the crayons and coloring books that were splayed across the table.

"Probably not." Mark said as he bounced Elizabeth.

Lexie led the twins to her bathroom. She picked each of them up and put them on the counter. She then opened a drawer and pulled out a container of body glitter that Katie and her friends had used for their matching Halloween costumes.

"Glitter?" Lila asked with a questioning look on her face as Grace's eyes lit up.

"Every princess," Lexie said putting some on Grace and then on Lila, "needs a little sparkle."

They turned to face the mirror and giggled.

"Mommy, you need some." Grace said taking the container and putting some on Lexie's face.

"Thank you, Grace." Lexie said laughing. "Now wanna help me find something to wear?" Lexie asked them. They jumped off of the counter and quickly ran to Lexie's giant walk in closet.


Back in the kitchen, Sloan was fastening Elizabeth's sandals as Mark and Aaron were working out rides.

"Okay, so Lexie and I will take the older girls and the baby in the minivan and you and Sloan will take the boys and the twins in your Jeep. I'm going to go tell them we need to go." Mark said before walking towards the stairs.

"Peanut, Pickle. Let's go." Mark said knocking on the door to the kids' "lounge" where his sons were currently playing a video game.

"Okay, Dad. One sec." Braden said before saving the game and turning the TV off.

"Carter, go help your sister put Grace and Lila's car seats in her car." Mark said as his younger son walked by.

"Why doesn't Braden have to do it?" Carter asked looking at Mark.

"He will in a minute. Pickle, please go help."

"Fine." Carter said before stomping off.

"So, I saw you kiss a girl on the cheek when I picked you up from soccer yesterday." Mark said glancing at his son.

"Oh. That was Bridget." Braden said as blush spread across his cheeks.

"Is she your girlfriend?" Mark asked him.

"Dad!" Braden exclaimed. He had no idea about Mark's past. About how he had been before he met Lexie, or about how complicated things between them had been, he only knew about the shooting and that they had been broken up and got back together after it. Katie did because she kept asking questions about it. The only thing she didn't know was about Lexie breaking Mark's penis and he wasn't going to tell her that.

"It was just a question." Mark said chuckling.

"Well, I like her and I was thinking about asking her to the Christmas dance." Braden admitted as he sat down on the bed.

"You should go for it. If you want something you have to go get it, you can't just wait around for it to happen. Do you remember how I told you that your mom and I broke up after we had been together for a year?" Mark said sitting on the bed beside him.

"Yeah." Braden said.

"Well, we both did some stupid stuff after we broke up. If we hadn't, we probably would have gotten back together right away. Anyway, for a long time we tried to convince ourselves and each other that we had moved on. But we both knew we hadn't. And then I cheated on Aunt Teddy, who I was seeing after your mom and I broke up, and it just made it all clear that I had changed how I had been before BECAUSE of her. The funny thing was that we had broken up because I wanted marriage and kids, but she wasn't ready for it and I realized that I only wanted those things with her. Anyway, after I cheated on Aunt Teddy, your mom tried to convince everyone that she didn't care, but she did and everyone could tell. I had been thinking about coming clean to your mom, and when your Aunt Callie said that your mom was still in love with me, I realized that I had to make the first move. After we broke up, we tried to avoid each other. We were playing chicken and swerving off in opposite directions, when we should have just crashed right into each other. And so that night, you know what I told your mom?"

"What?" Braden asked looking at Mark.

"I said, 'Lex, I'm still in love with you. I tried not to be but it didn't work. And Sloan's gone. There's no baby. And I want another chance.' Then she said, 'Karev, he's… Mark, I have boyfriend.' And I just looked into her eyes and said, 'I know. I'm saying you could have a husband.' And walked off. Then the next day was the shooting. And now here we are. Peanut, what I'm saying is you have to be brave enough to make a move. If I hadn't, you might not even exist."

"I'll ask her." Braden said laughing.

"Good. Now go downstairs." Mark said standing up and walking out and climbing the stairs that led to the attic.

"Girls! Time to go!" Mark called as he knocked on the door and entered the room.

All five of the girls were sitting on Katie's bed, wearing dresses and makeup, with their hair done and watching what looked like Friends.

Purses and backpacks were sprawled around Katie's floor as well as an empty bag of chips and several cans of soda.

"Okay, Daddy." Katie said sitting up. At fifteen she was a perfect blend of Mark and Lexie. She had dark brown eyes and medium brown hair that curled like Lexie's did. She also had Lexie's photographic memory and so, unsurprisingly, she had straight A's.

"Hey, Uncle Mark, did my mom call about Allie?" Brooke asked as she got up. Allie was Meredith and Derek's eight year old daughter, Allison Christina Shepherd. She had been admitted to the hospital for an appendectomy early that morning and had gone into surgery around three. Meredith and Derek also had two sons, Christopher William, who was eleven, and Timothy Marcus, who was five.

"Yeah, her surgery went perfectly. Your mom said she will be out of the hospital in a couple of days. She also said not to worry, Chris and Timmy are keeping her company and some of her friends have already called her and are going to visit her."

"That's great." Brooke said as she got up.

"It's not like you were worried." Morgan said getting up, with her auburn curls bouncing as she spoke. She was the definitely the most girly of the five girls. She was always dressed in the latest fashions and hated getting dirty and had to be rushed to someone's house to shower after a soccer game on a muddy field or a cross country meet on a muddy track. She was about ten pounds overweight, but her vibrant personality and fashionable nature made it unnoticeable. She always wore a gold necklace with Morgan written cursive on a small golden pendant in addition to whatever jewelry she was wearing. And the makeup around her green eyes was always perfectly coordinated with her outfit.

"It was surgery." Brooke said, not wanting to admit that she hadn't been worried.

"Have you met your sister? She could get run over by a bus and just pop right back up." Sarah said running her fingers through her light brown, straight hair. She was the quietest of the girls as well as the smartest, most polite, and most responsible. She always wore blue glasses that magnified her practically violet eyes. She was the only one of them taking college level courses, which were usually reserved for juniors and seniors. She was usually quiet, but generally got quite talkative around her best friends.

"You guys think there will be any hot waiters?" Jordan asked as she slid her heels onto her tiny feet. She was the most athletic and tiniest of the five girls. She had pale blond hair with a bright blue streak in it and was usually tied up in a bun or ponytail and bright blue eyes as well as naturally tan skin. She played soccer and ran cross country like the other girls, but she also played softball, volleyball, and was the first sophomore captain of the school swim team. She was just a little over five feet and a little under a hundred pounds. She was tiny and hyper.

"Not in front of my dad!" Katie hissed before as her friends walked out the door. She turned off the lights and then she and Mark followed.

"So, Katie Cat, are you having a good birthday so far?" Mark asked as he put his arm around her.

"Yeah." She said smiling at him before getting a hesitant look on her face.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing's wrong, just… Can I go to the movies next weekend?" She asked hesitantly.

"I don't see a problem with that. Who's going?" He asked.

"Oh, you know," She said blushing, "The girls, Sean, Issac, Will, Harrison, and…. Bradley."

"Bradley?" Mark said noticing the tone in her voice when she said his name.

"Please Daddy. It's not even a real date, just a group date." She asked glancing at him.

"Well, okay. And he better not try any funny business." Mark said grinning at her.

"Thanks Daddy!" Katie said excitedly and kissed his cheek before running the rest of the way down the stairs to talk to her friends.

"You made someone happy." Lexie said coming to the foot of the stairs with Elizabeth slowly walking beside her and gripping Lexie's fingers.

"You knew didn't you?" Mark asked knowing the sheepish grin on her face.

"Maybe." She said grinning at him.

Mark leaned in to kiss her when Elizabeth shrieked one of the few words she knew.

"Up!" She said pulling on Mark's pant leg and giving him a stubborn look.

Mark chuckled and picked her up. "You had to ruin a moment, didn't you?" He asked pressing his forehead against hers. She gave him a guilty shrug.

"Mo Mo! Cookie!" She said looking at Lexie. She couldn't say Mommy, so she called Lexie Mo Mo.

"Not right now honey." Lexie said kissing her on the forehead and then giving Mark a long kiss on his lips before heading to the car.

"Dada!" She protested looking at Mark.

"Later Ellie Bear." Mark said laughing and following Lexie. He never thought a one year old could have such a sweet tooth. Then again Elizabeth was a fairly smart one year old, not that it really had anything to do with her taste buds. The words in her vocabulary were "Mo Mo", "Dada", "Cookie", "Up", "Play", "Katie", "Brady", "Car", "Gray", "Lila", and "NO."


Several hours later Lexie entered the living room from Elizabeth's room.

"She finally fell asleep." Lexie said sitting on the couch beside Mark and snuggling into his arms. "I had to rock her, and read her Winnie the Pooh, Peter Rabbit, and Cinderella before she even got sleepy."

"She had a long night. Besides she had a five hour nap today. Sloan said she fell asleep at lunch time and didn't wake up until right before we got home."

"I know." Lexie said sighing and then yawning. She put her head against his chest like it was a pillow and closed her eyes.

"Lex, you wanna go to bed?" He asked chuckling.

"I'm good." She muttered.

"Come on." He said laughing as he sat her up and led her to their bedroom.

The minute they walked into the room Lexie climbed into the bed, she had changed into pajamas after dinner, and put her head down on her pillow.

"Mark, hurry up. I'm tired." She whined sleepily.

Mark quickly stripped down to his T-Shirt and boxers and climbed into bed with her.

"Better?" He asked as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Much." Lexie replied softly before they fell asleep the same way they had nearly every night for the past eighteen years.

In each others arms.