Blah blah blah more Monsters vs Aliens. I couldn't help but think about the worldwide effects of monsters under governmental protection and then my mind ran with it and now I'm writing another cruddy fanfiction. And it's not a humorous one-shot! Bleh, I can be so stupidly dramatic.

"Sir? Sir!"

"Yes? What is it now?" sighed President Hathaway, massaging his forehead in preparation for what was definitely bad news. Nobody ever told him good news. It was one of the downsides of being the president of anything.

Malcolm Britlee adjusted his glasses and said, "You have a message. Actually, several messages."

"Anyone important?"

"Sir, all of them are from country leaders." It was a good thing he had already begun massaging. "It's about, er, our 'weapons.'"

"Look, I said I was sorry - "

"Not those, sir. You know…the monsters?" Malcolm blinked worriedly behind his glasses not unlike a perturbed owl during a hurricane.


"Sir, they're threatening to severe connections with the US unless you do something about them. Get rid of them. Lock them up, at least. Er, they think we have an unfair advantage, having monsters," he added, catching Hathaway's questioning glance.

Malcolm didn't really like his job. Okay, it was a pretty good government job which he would have until he retired, and it paid exceedingly well, but his boss was quite possibly the worst boss in the US – no, the world. He hesitated to say the universe, for there were probably other bosses like Hathaway – beings who wielded a lot of power and had no idea what to do with it but pretended they did and ended up firing their whole nations' nuclear weapons arsenal by accident.

The only good thing about having Hathaway as a boss was that he was very predictable, and therefore Malcolm could plan out conversations in advance to, well, there was no polite way of saying it, manipulate him.

President Hathaway adopted a look which could either mean he was thinking very hard or he was developing a stomach ulcer. "Can't we just - "

"No, sir, we can't just attack all the major world leaders because they are threatening us," said Malcolm with a completely straight face. "Because, sir, if you did, we wouldn't be able to import quality coffee beans." He had been proud of this excuse. It was simple, but, for Hathaway, effective.

He didn't even have to think. "Right. Negotiation time. You, get me my chief negotiator!"

Sigh. "Right here, sir."

"How convenient. Alright then, let's go."

"But they can't do this! He promised!"

"Promises get broken. It's part of life." Susan Murphy glared down at General Monger. He seemed unfazed – impressive, considering that she could squash him like a bug. "Look, I don't like this either, but orders are orders. Now please enter the aircraft peacefully – I don't want to have to do anything I would regret." Everybody instinctively glanced at the prone figure of Link, who had reacted much more negatively to the news than Ginormica.

Though she wanted to ignore him, though she wanted to just walk away from the soldiers, she couldn't. They would capture her, no matter how strong she was. She joined everybody in the jet that would transport her back to the prison. The door closed behind her. It seemed to be promising that she'd never escape. Never again.

"It's not fair."

After waking up again, Link had begun punching the walls in frustration. It hurt his fists after a while, so he settled for just pacing.

"The universe happens to excel in not being fair, Link," said Dr. Cockroach, who was idly watching the fish-ape pace, having no notes or experiments or books to occupy him for the time being.

"We saved the whole world," snarled Link, his fists itching to punch something again, despite the throbbing. "After fifty years, I finally get my freedom, and it only lasts a week. And now I'm labeled as a weapon." Suddenly, he stopped pacing and glared accusingly at the doctor. "You're in the same boat! How and you just sit there and say you don't mind?"

"Easily," the scientist calmly replied.

Susan sat silently, staring off into a random point, feeling a bit left out. After all, she had only been imprisoned for a few days in Area 52. The others had been kept for much longer. She could never pin down exactly how they felt.

B.O.B. was having one of those rare times where he realized now was not the time to juggle his eyeball and toss it around at his friends.

The tense silence was finally broken by Dr. Cockroach, who still did not meet Link's gaze. "Did you really think we'd be fully accepted? They may appreciate our heroics, but now they've seen what we can do. What if we directed our power onto targets on Earth? What if we could be controlled by the government? What if we could be used for war? What if we can't even be controlled?"

"But that's - "

"It doesn't matter. The mind is built upon 'what if's."

The silence lasted until the end of the trip.