Ohoho, this chapter took a little revision. I wrote out the beginning a little then threw up my hands and went 'Nope, this doesn't work at all' and rewrote it. By the way, I'm no good at action scenes or escape plans.

Over fifty years, he may have plotted around two hundred escape plans, all of them failures. Link and Insecto were understandably dubious about his latest scheme, but Susan was too excited for them not to join in. Dr. Cockroach himself was not afraid whether they could pull it off. He was too busy trying to figure out what exactly they were supposed to do after escaping.

The meal came as usual. The monsters went to eat as usual. But on the way to her table, Susan stumbled, then fell, causing the floor to shudder from the impact. She moaned and grimaced, gripping her ankle. Just in case those watching the cameras didn't get the idea, she cried, "Oooow, my ankle!"

It didn't take long for the staff to react. The large doors opened, allowing armed men to file in first, strong, burly men who glared unflinchingly at the smaller monsters while several medics rushed in behind, dragging a giant-sized cot that slid easily on the cold floor. As they tried to slide the cot underneath Ginormica's body, the other prisoners obligingly raised their hands and backed away, trying to look as innocuous as possible. No need in giving the military men a reason to shoot.

And then they suddenly dropped to the floor, trying to cling onto anything possible. None of the staff had any time to contemplate this, however, because it seemed that a gale had started up in the room. Insectosaurus was flapping her wings as the doc told her to, forcing almost everybody to collide with the far wall. Once the wind stopped, Susan managed to push herself up and, patting down her now-tangled hair, ran to the large doors before they could close. As the giantess strained to hold them open, Dr. Cockroach could see many people outside at a console typing frantically or barking orders over some sort of communication device. Link was already up and running towards the temporarily open door. It took a while for B.O.B. to get the idea, but eventually he moved towards freedom as well. The doctor was about to follow them when, as a sudden afterthought, he turned back to a couple of groaning soldiers and plucked two guns from their limp hands. Only shot tranquilizers, but ah well. Unfortunately, judging by the sounds of grating metal and the failing efforts of Susan to resist the doors' inevitable closure, he had no time to search for extra ammo.

Scurrying for the door, Dr. Cockroach called out, "Link!" and tossed one of the guns as hard as he could. Which was not very hard, to be honest. Still, the fish-ape, noticing the air-borne weapon, managed to turn back and caught the gun in a dive. After Susan saw all three monsters skitter out the door, she released them and they shut with a boom.

As the giantess recuperated, backup arrived in the form of about thirty soldiers. It didn't seem like they carried a giant syringe for Susan yet, but they were probably just having trouble loading it. Instinctively, Link grabbed a scientist that was stationed at the console and jammed his gun against her head. "Don't you dare move or I'll…uh…tranquilize her. To death." It was a weak threat that trailed off at the end, but the soldiers froze anyways. It's hard to ignore a gun against a head.

Dr. Cockroach took this chance to run up to the console. After furiously typing and overriding several security measures, he opened the ceiling of their former prison, releasing Insectosaurus. At least he hoped so.

"So, uh, Doc…what's our next move?" The cockroach man looked up to see a tense standoff between monsters and soldiers.

"…We'll have to find the hanger," he hissed back and they sidled carefully to the hallway that the soldiers weren't blocking, never taking their eyes off the group. Once they couldn't see them anymore, Link released his hostage and they all started running. It quickly became clear to Susan that she could run much faster than any of the others, and so she scooped them up in her hands and started taking longer strides. Behind her, she heard the noise of a pursuing army. She tried randomly turning down other branching hallways, but eventually, she heard shouts approaching from almost every side.

"Wait! Back there!" shouted Link and Susan skidded to a slow stop to turn back and into the hanger. Dr. Cockroach hopped down to another control panel and he closed the doors before the troops outside could reach them.

"There," the doctor said in the sudden silence. "I've changed the password. Should take them a while to get in here." Another silence as the effects of adrenaline started to fade. B.O.B., with no glands whatsoever, just looked around and noticed something. "Hey! Those look like that piñata! You know, from that one birthday?"

"While I try unlocking a jet, you try to sabotage the, er, piñatas—"

"Was wonderin' when you'd all show up." Everybody turned to the familiar drawl. Walking towards them from under one of the jets was General Monger.