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~After the defeat of Aizen~

Soul Society-

Kurosaki, Isshin stepped forward to be centered amidst the captains of the Gotei 13.

"We all know my son is incredibly strong." This was greeted by silence. So much for modesty. "He has gained immense power and as such…I deem that his children would be incredibly strong as well.

"Currently, there are three women in his life that he shares a deep bond with. As he nears the end of his high school days, I believe that it is important, for the sake of Soul Society's elite, that he picks the right wife to bear his children."

Renji could barely keep from laughing. Ichigo wouldn't like this one bit.

"These three women are as follows:

Inoue, Orihime.

Arisawa, Tatsuki.

Kuchiki, Rukia."

Renji spluttered. Rukia? Rukia? Hell if he was letting that overgrown strawberry take her.

"It is through my…skills at picking up information…"

Renji could have laughed if he wasn't so pissed that Rukia was a candidate. After all…it was more like stalking.

"…that I have deemed that these three women are in love with Ichigo…or have the potential of falling in love with him and of being a suitable wife. Each of these three have their own strengths and weaknesses that could, with Ichigo's rather immense powers, create, in fact, a super-child."

Oh gods. A super child? Renji started snickering momentarily forgetting his previous issue.

"Inoue, Orihime….with her, their child would have both fighting and healing capabilities. No doubt an extremely valuable asset to the Gotei 13 in the face of battle. It might lead to regenerative abilities while fighting…which would make their child almost invincible…of course…this wouldn't matter if their child wasn't strong enough to begin with.

Arisawa, Tatsuki…although she has no immediate spiritual powers, I have found evidence that she does possess it…to some extent. She's extremely skilled at martial arts and I have no doubt that the strength of their child would be multiplied…it would be both skilled physically in the real world and skilled in the spiritual world…at least, in terms of fighting.

Finally, the last candidate, Kuchiki, Rukia."

Renji could have sworn he heard his Captain splutter.

"She is one of us. A soul reaper. She would undoubtedly multiply their child's strength ten-fold in the spiritual sense. She would be able to properly educate it and train it in the Soul Society traditions just as my son would be able to train it in the Human World traditions and methods. Not to mention…there would be an important link to the noble family of the Kuchiki's…of whom would gain the immense strength of my son in turn for their daughter and the title.

"You have heard my predicament. It is up for you to help me interfere…err…guide…Ichigo's life in the direction that would better suit Soul Society."

With that, the meeting was dismissed.

"There's no way in hell that Ichigo's getting Rukia. I will DEFINIETELY make him fall for either one of the other two," Renji muttered. As he glanced at Byakuya, he believed that his Captain had come to relatively the same decision.

Matsumoto on the other hand was delighted. It was the perfect chance for her to help Orihime…all she had to do was convince her Captain to help her out…

Byakuya, in the meantime, had slowly succumbed to Isshin's logic. After all…hate it as he must…Kurosaki, Ichigo was a perfect candidate for his sister…and if he must give her away…

Kenpachi, however, was on a completely separate wavelength. He was rooting for this girl that was supposed to be incredibly strong in martial arts. Of course…she herself would obviously be too weak to fight him…But her and Ichigo's child…

He started salivating. Oh. The wonders. Yachiru smiled. So are we going with Arisawa, Tatsuki?

Kenpachi grinned. "You read my mind."


"Kurosaki, Ichigo."

There was no response. The teacher looked up impatiently from his desk. Heads began to turn in the direction of the teacher's gaze upon the snoring teenager with the unkempt hair and messy uniform.

"Kurosaki, Ichigo."

Within five seconds, a short amount of spluttering was heard, an unidentifiable flying object was observed, and Ichigo's head snapped up.

"Here, damnit!"

"Excuse me?"

Ichigo seemed to realize his surroundings and grudgingly corrected himself.

"Here." The teacher took a moment to stifle him with a withering glance before moving on to the next student on the roster.

"Honestly. You think you would have the decency to sleep AFTER he called your name." The girl in front of him had turned around in the seat in front of him, leaning casually on his desk.

Kuchiki, Rukia. Sister-in-law to the notorious Kuchiki, Byakuya. Or ex- really. Considering his wife was dead. Byakuya had taken her under his wing so-to-speak. This short-tempered hindrance. Raven-black hair. Large blue eyes. A dainty nose. Small mouth. Porcelain skin. But above all…a short stature. Should he mention that she's a soul reaper?

Rukia quirked an eyebrow. "I know I'm easy on the eyes, but I would appreciate it if you could keep your eyes in your head."

Ichigo glared at her. "Then don't chuck your trash in my mouth next time, you stupid midget. I almost died, for frick's sake!"

The raven-haired girl's mouth tightened and her eyes narrowed. "You wouldn't have had anything in your mouth if you weren't sleeping and who the hell are you calling a midget, you orange-haired freak?"

Before Ichigo could mouth a retort, a large cough was heard.

"Is there something wrong, Kuchiki-san?" Rukia's head whipped around.

"Not at all," she replied sweetly. "I was just telling Kurosaki-kun the merits of actually sleeping at home."

Ichigo could feel his face starting to burn. That stupid, good-for-nothing, chappy-obsessed…


"You have a valid point there, Kuchiki-san. This isn't the first time you've slept in class, is it Kurosaki-kun?"

Ichigo could feel this was about to go VERY badly for him. The teacher looked as if he had blown a fuse.

"Always sleeping. No respect. Just because your grades are semi-good…"

Semi-good? Semi-good? He was third in the freaking class. Only shown up by that pussy Ishida and the little devil that had gotten him into this mess.

"…you think you can do whatever you want? Well, you've got another thing coming. Outside. Now."

That is how he found himself standing outside in the hallway, holding two buckets of water and staring at the very boring, plastered wall in front of him. Luckily, he found that he took solace in swearing the teacher out under his breath. So he was standing there. With two buckets. Muttering a stream of curse words under his breath. Staring at a wall. It was no wonder he was getting strange looks from the stranglers that passed him by.


Ichigo stopped, momentarily surprised to see his childhood friend step out from Tsukasa's interesting lecture. He never let anyone leave.

"Ah…well…I…" The girl started to look flustered. "Just so you know, I didn't come out because I was worried about you. I have to go to the restroom," she made a point to place special emphasis on the word "restroom".

Ichigo stared at her.

Arisawa, Tatsuki. An expert in martial-arts. When he was younger he took karate classes with her. Then he stopped. Tall, skinny, short black hair. An aggressive but kind personality.


The girl stared at him outraged. "Are you laughing at me?"

"What is going on out there?" Tsukasa-sensei threw open the door. "Can you not behave out here either, Kurosaki-kun?"

Ichigo looked at him flabbergasted. Tatsuki was lone gone. As she had left he could have sworn she had muttered, serves him right, here I was worried about him and he's laughing? Laughing? If that teacher hadn't shown up, I would have shown HIM funny.

Ichigo let out an inward groan. What could he possibly do now? He was cursing his luck when a chime of bells rang out.

"You're lucky, Kurosaki-kun. Very, very lucky."

Ichigo stifled a smile. No use instigating the man. Didn't want him making him do crud during his precious lunch break.


Ichigo grabbed a seat at his desk. The midget in front of him was staring decidedly down at a neatly wrapped bento in front of her.


"Hmm?" Ichigo glanced at her back. "If you want to say something turn around. I don't want to stare at another wall."

Rukia turned around looking slightly disgruntled.

"Never mind. Whether I'm looking at you from the back or front, it's all the same."

Her fuse blew and she whacked him across the head. "Are you calling me flat-chested?"

Ichigo clutched his head before smirking, "You said it not me. And watch who the hell you're hitting!"

"Well, I'd rather be flat-chested than have bleached hair, Strawberry."

"The hell! This hair's my natural color you stupid midget!"

"Midget? MIDGET? I'll show you a midget!"

"Why you…"

The two were stopped by Ishida who sat down next to him. "Kurosaki-kun, you might want to show a little more respect to Kuchiki-san."

Ichigo glanced at her and scowled. "Whatever."

"Honestly. The way you two banter it's like you two are an old and married couple."

"Who's married?"

"Who's old!"

The two guys turned to stare at Rukia who immediately turned and hit Ichigo upside the head before proceeding to her bento.


A gate opened…and into the empty street, Kurosaki, Isshin stepped out, followed by five captains and four lieutenants.

He smiled.

Let the games begin.

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