Tasha was in excruciating pain. It was her due date now and she was out the vets, letting the dogs out.

"AH!" She screamed as she pushed out her first pup

Meanwhile outside the vets Jenna and a few other dogs was listening to Tashas screams of pain. Balto wanted to be there with her, but Boris said Muk and Luk were staring to become to much for thee old goose to handle.

"Gosh I'm glad I don't have to go through that," a male husky said

Jenna then slapped him, feeling insulted by what he had said

"Hey you just shut it, or you won't have to worry about making pups," Jenna said. By the way her moods swings were staring to kick in

The husky got the point and clamed up

More screams of agaony came from the vets office. And they only made Jenna worry more. She was next after all

"AH!" Tasha screamed again now giving birth to her forth, and final puppy. A smal female that looked just like her (that's Dusty)

"Huh...huh...Glad thats...over," Tasah said exsasted

A short while later her mate and owner were allowed in to see her pups

"Oh honey, they're beautiful," Tasahs mate said

"Good girl," her owner said

"Now sir if you can just come over here and will take care of the expences," the vet said to Tasas owner.

While the humans were gone Jenna had walked into the vets to see Tasha and her newborn pups.

"Oh Tasha...They're so cute, congradulations," she said

Just then as though something odd happened.

The little Dusty pup was looking for its mother nipple to suckle for milk, but instead ended up crawling out of the little basket Tasha and the pups were in now. And all the way in front of off Jenna, who wah sitting down down. Dusty bumped her head and front paw into Jennas tummy, looking for a nipple. Then Jenna felt a kick inside her (it was Kodi).

"Hehe no little pup over her," Tashas mate said putting the pup back with her mother

"Looks like se wanted o play with one of your pups hehe," Tasha joked

"Well she'll have to wait a few more weeks," Jenna said rubbing her belly. Now anxious as ever for her pups to be born

A few weeks later Jenna was asleep at her home. Balto was once again at his boat with Boris and the polar bears

She was having a dream of her and her pups in a grassy medow playing. Amost al six of them looked like her except for one that looked more like Balto (Aleu).

"I love you all so much," Jenna said to her dream pups "Oh I wish this dream would finally be a reality,"

"It will mama," Aleu said

"Yes, but I mean right now," Jenna said "I want to see all of you for real, not just feel you bump around in my tummy,"

Then another pup said something, it was Kodi this time

"Well mama we should be startng to come out in three, two, one."

Just then Jenna awoke from her dream. Only to find a puddle of blood and water in the basket she was sleeping in. Her water broke, it was puppy time.

"AH!" She screamed now feeling the same pain Tasha had felt weeks before

"Okay Jenna you can do this," she said to herself "You and Balto practiced this, just breath and...Push!"

Just then she herad the whimpering of her first pup as it popped out of her

"One down, a whole bunch more to go," Jenna said panting from her first delivery

She repeated this five more times, an howling in agony each.

Her howling however awaoke a small scotty dog, wearing a green scarf who to go over and investigate. Only to find the red and white husky and her six, beautiful, newborn pups

Jenna then told the little dog to get Balto.

And we all know what happened after that.

The End