"Y'know...Angel was right." Bobby said; his gaze was fixed on the ceiling as he lay on his back on his youngest brother's bed. He had been thinking about it since he and his brother had made it upstairs. "He really was." He said more to himself than to Jack.

Jack looked up from his school workbook laid in front of him on the floor. "What do you mean?" He asked as the pencil he had been writing with hung out of the corner of his mouth. "What did he say?" He didn't really remember what his other brother had said...he just remembered the tall guy bending him over the pool table in the bar and...

"You don't remember?"

Jack shrugged his shoulders. "All I remember is that guy losing to you at pool...and when you went to get drinks he grabbed me and shoved me against the table." Jack said and noticed Bobby tense at what he said. He frowned confused. "Bobby, what did he say?"

"Maybe you didn't hear him." Bobby said, once again more to himself than Jack. He remembered walking back from the bar and seeing that guy grinding his crotch against Jack's ass and nobody else seemed to notice Jack's squirming as he tried to get free from under the heavier body atop of his. He had hit the guy in the head with one of the bottles and then dragged him off of Jack, slamming his fist into his face again and again. He hadn't realised the guy had managed to hit him in the face, his fists had just kept pounding into him...and he hadn't realised the bar had broke out into one big fight. That was, until Jack was pulling at his jacket and shoulders and arms screaming and crying at him to stop, that he could hear the cop cars and they had to get out of there. He had hit the man one more time before he had pulled Jack close and fled from the bar.

"Bobby, what're you talking about?" Jack asked, climbing up from the floor to stand next to the bed.

Bobby grabbed Jack's wrist and pulled; pulling him down onto him. He smirked at Jack as he gave his older brother a shocked but happy expression. "You really didn't hear him?" He asked, taking hold of Jack's chin and pulling him closer.

Jack shook his head and moved closer to Bobby, his lips ghosting over his older brother's. "What'd he say?" He whispered into Bobby's mouth.

"That you're my weakness." Bobby's hand ran up and down Jack's back, his fingertips barley touching the skin and making his baby brother shiver. "And you know what?"

"What?" Jack asked, his lips just touching.

"You are my weakness."

The End!

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