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You get to a point when you stop wondering, stop thinking about why. Why it happened and why it happened to you. Some people will claim that they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. That it was all mere coincidence. Regardless, there will come a time when the how and why just don't matter anymore.


The skies were simply gorgeous, the sunrise filled the morning with an array of brilliant colors. With hues of pink, purple, blue and amber, thick beams of light filtering through passing clouds to create a picturesque scene. It was a morning that had people everywhere with a smile on their face, feeling graced to see the rising sun.

Hinata Hyuga sat comfortably on the stairs in the front of the large estate her family called home, watching those sunbeams dance and bathe with the colors of the morning. Her pale orbs took in as much as they could with a joyous sensation racing through her. She was a girl that had always enjoyed watching the sun rise and fall, accepting the simple beauty of nature. This morning in particular was perhaps the most beautiful sunrise she had ever seen.

Closing the lids over her eyes, she took in a deep breath, inhaling the sweet fragrant scent of the gardens her home encompassed. The smile pulling at her mouth grew into a light grin before standing and taking one last glance at the wondrous views of the sky.

It was going to be a lovely day.

"Come on Angel, stop dawdling and let's go."

Hinata glanced up at her sister with a small smile on her face, just as a shadow of a blush crept over her cheeks. She nodded and both of them headed towards the waiting car at the front gates. Hanabi immediately plopped down in the back seat and closed her eyes because it was just too early for her to be awake at the time.

Her sister had been calling her the endearment Angel for years, claiming that she was too innocent for her own good. Hinata was twenty two now, never had a boyfriend, always got the perfect grades, never got into trouble, and was always looking out for others helping anyone that she could. She was as innocent as one could get without going into sainthood. Hanabi felt it was her duty as a sister to tease her endlessly, but in the end, the term Angel stuck. Their elder cousin Neji often laid claim that while Hinata yielded a halo, Hanabi sprouted horns.

Their private driver had dropped Hanabi off at the academy she attended, and just before he drove off towards her father's company Hinata asked him to make a quick detour.

"I'm so-so sorry to delay you Ko, b-but if you wouldn't mind, I need to stop by FireLeaf Bank." Her father had given her instructions last evening after supper to get the papers started on opening a new account with the well established bank for the Hyuga household.

The man nodded with a smile, as he glanced back at her through the mirror, "Of course Lady Hinata, it's no problem, and we are running early this morning anyway."

She smiled back at him and learned further into the lush leather seat of the vehicle, turning to look out from the darkly tinted glass. She frowned as she wished she could roll down the window and watch the views as they drove by, instead of it all being shielded from her like this.

Only her father would have a fit and probably punish Ko for allowing such a thing.

She was the heiress to an exceptionally wealthy man, with strong roots and a long line of proud ancestors. And since she refused to disappoint her father, she would abide by his wishes, even if the lifestyle simply didn't suit her natural tendencies.

Another few minutes and Ko pulled into the large parking lot of the equally large and grandeur building. He immediately parked the vehicle then got out to open the door and offered his hand to her, she politely accepted as he gently helped to ease her from the backseat of the luxury vehicle. She did; however, decline his request to escort her inside.

"I won't be l-long, thank you for-for waiting," she said before turning to enter the bank. He only smiled at her, before taking his place at the wheel to wait for her return. It was his job, but she always made it seem as though he were simply being a gentleman.

The building was old and she appreciated the antique décor, the marble floors and wood-panel walls. She was grateful it wasn't terribly busy; there were maybe five people to address their accounts in some form. Bypassing them all, she found a couple ladies behind large oak desks sitting in brown leather-bound chairs. They smiled at her approach, indicating their invitation for her inquiry.

Two men entered the established bank shortly after her, both with porcelain masks covering their faces and donning long and thick brown cloth robes. She didn't notice them as her steps continued walking towards the women who would help set up a new account.

No, she didn't notice anything until a sudden loud bang rang throughout the building.

Gasping, she turned around, instantly frozen in fear.


Silently he rose from his seat, stalking slowly towards the glass windows of his office. Staring out at the crowded streets, he brought a hand to the bridge of his nose. Tension headaches were bothering him more and more lately.

Both everything and nothing went through his mind as he watched people rushing to and fro. What he wanted was a hot cup of sake, almost preferring a bitter blend, something stiff that would eventually relax him enough to get rid of the dreadful headache. His day had yet to begin and already he was craving the wonders of alcohol. Or at least the wonders and reprieve it gave his active mind.

The black hair that was pulled back into a low pony tail was still damp from his shower this morning, making his neck feel cool and moist. He caught sight of his own gaze in the reflection of the thick-paned window, recognizing his own look of disinterest and detachment in the obsidian orbs. He was often described as a cold man, a genius, but cold nonetheless.

Glancing back at the pile of reports waiting for his review on the cherry-wood desk, he just knew that today was going to be a bad day.

Suddenly his office door opened as his little brother came through and spoke quickly to waste as little time as possible, "We gotta go, there's a bank robbery in progress with hostages. Shots reported."

Itachi sighed, just as he grabbed for his Konoha standard-issue police vest on the way out the door. Almost every male in his family served the police force for Konoha, it was in their blood. Itachi was head of the task force; it was his team that everyone depended on in hostile situations. Why? Because they diffused an issue without casualties littering the floor. They worked efficiently together, at times knowing just what to do without being told. They were the definition of the term team and everything it involved.

Sasuke drove the private squad car, with about ten other cruisers blaring their sirens in front of them. Two other unmarked police vehicles followed in their wake, containing the rest of their team. His little brother Sasuke filled him in more about the emergency call and notice of alarm going off at FireLeaf Bank. Apparently, they got the system signal that the alarms went off at the bank right before a phone call came through to confirm the situation.

"Oh, the guy who called in said something about Hyuga, the phone analyst was breaking up; all I got was the name. Nara will call with details." Sasuke said after making a sharp right turn.

Itachi glanced briefly over at his brother, "Hyuga?" Already his mind was spinning, thinking ahead and going through possible scenarios.

Sasuke nodded as they came to a sudden stop in front of the bank. Both brothers triple-checked their weapons, making sure they were secure before exiting the vehicle to talk it out with the rest of their team. Itachi quickly ran through a mental list of things that needed to be done.

They already knew what to do, but he spoke his instructions anyway. "K9 unit, call Inuzuka. Shut the streets down, one block surrounding the building, businesses evacuated. Four snipers from Aburame's team. Yamanaka, keep in contact with Nara at the station for new intel, get the blueprints."

A blonde haired man, Uzumaki, one of his top officers spoke up, "Leaf academy is two blocks away…"

Itachi's voice was smooth as he spoke, as if this was an everyday occurrence. "Lock-down. Haruno, take Sai and explain to the academy officials."

"Itachi, this is the man who called in," Sasuke said, bringing over the tall man.

He was dressed in an all black suit, with a chauffeur's cap. He was clearly a Hyuga that much was obvious just by looking at his pale eyes. Itachi took him behind one of the squad cars and listened as the man quickly talked through what happened. "I was waiting in the car for Lady Hinata, when I saw two men with guns and white masks over their faces walk into the bank. I went to go in after her, that's when I heard the first shot. Then the door slammed shut and it was locked so I couldn't get in. You have to get her out of there, Hiashi will kill me if anything happens…"

Itachi raised a hand, "You tried going in after your client?"

The man nodded furiously, "If anything happens to her…" his face paled even more so before he gulped. "I've always watched over the girls."

He narrowed his eyes, quickly putting the information together in his mind. Chauffeur slash bodyguard for Hinata Hyuuga. She was the heiress to the business tycoon Hiashi, if he remembered correctly, he always remembered correctly. "Is the other heiress inside?" he asked in a low tone.

"No," he said shaking his head, "She's at the academy…wait!" He grabbed for Itachi's arm as he walked away, "You have to get her out of there!"

Before turning to his team, he said with complete lack of emotion, "I will."

Sasuke met back up with him half way, telling him that they tapped into the cameras inside the bank. The tellers and manager were safely behind the bullet-proof shield, but the gunmen had eight people hostage. After opening an email from his phone, containing blueprints of the building, Itachi leaned down to look at the video playing on a secure remote laptop computer. The images made him wonder if the target was the bank itself, or the Hyuga heiress.

Yep, this was definitely going to be a bad day.

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