As the spirits were all around then with a silence L.A. died. Not died as in death but there was no sound. No wind. Nothing, everyone was inside but us. Who were getting ready to be getting rid of the spirits but really no one knew how to, as we walked down the halls we glance around nervously. The no sound in a loud city that was always booming made us think there was no way to help. There was no way to get rid of the spirits and there was no way that we could even do anything. We grab our guns and walk out the door. No one daring to speak everyone is too nervous to care. Although we were all hoping someone would say something. No one did until we got in the military ship.

"All right soldiers, this is a no joke job. We gotta get in and then we gotta get out with the survivors. Do not make any rational decisions without my or you're superior officers consent." Yells and nods towards me and my team.

"Yes sir." We all reply. We would usually say yezir. But now is not the time. Like he said, this was a no joke job.

30 minutes later we all get out of the ship and load our guns. We don't know what these things are but all we know is there not the peaceful type. As we got ready for what will happen we I hold my breath. I did not know what will happen but it won't be good. Me and my team start walking around looking for survivors. On our life signs detector we see fading away dots. We keep walking, a few minutes later we hear the first gun shots.

"Help, help" we hear on the radio "Location 2.443 near the clothes store." Me and my team was only at location 1.034 so if we went we wouldn't get there in time anyways so we keep going. I glance around to see if I saw anything. A trace of my family. A hope they got out in time with my warning.

A couple minutes later we see the evidence of the spirits were here. Dead bodies were lieing hopessly on the ground. Most of them with their eyes closed waiting for help that would never come. The spirits didn't spare children they didn't care all they wanted was humans dead. We didn't do anything to them but they didn't care.

I hear a echoed cry, a scream then silence.

"Advance slowly we don't know what's there..." I say.

"Yes mam." They reply. We all go forward slowly waiting for something to jump out at us. Nothing. I see movement in the corner of my eye and look to the right I hold my gun up high and point it at the figure with a gun. As we look harder we see it's human. Not satisfied we don't put our guns down making no mistake this could be a trick. There have been reports of dead people coming back to life with a spirit in them. Scary to think but, the human figure drops the gun and puts his hand above his head.

"Please take me! They're coming there gonna kill us all and you to if we don't get out of here!" He cries. We slowly advance and with a swift moment a spirit goes through the wall and kills the guys. My team are surprised of the brutal force of the spirit went right through him. Taking his soul. Not making one movement we stare. I notice this is making a danger moment even more so.
"This is commander Kraz, we just saw a spirit go through a wall and kill a civilian."

"****" Jean says. "There is no way to know when we're going to be attacked now, ****ing hell."

"Calm down soldier don't panic that's the last thing we need." I say.

We continue to walk, all of us need to stay as calm as we can. We try to stat as sane as we can. As we continue to walk we see more helpless people. But none alive. I glance to my life detector and I see a single life form.

"This way." I say and pointing into a building. We walk into the building and see a small figure on the floor, it was a baby lie beside its parents. The parents were not moving and the baby life force was the only one here.

"Soldier Jean pick it up."

"Yes mam." Jean leans over and picks up the baby. We search the room looking for anything to identify the baby but there's nothing.

We head back to the ship and place the baby in the doctor's care.

And then we head out again.