"The walking dead?" Captain Strafe asks.

"Yes there have been reports of dead people walking around. We think it's the spirits in them... It's quite scary. But we have lost many today. At least four groups dead and three missing." The doctor reports. I was listening in from the other side of the ship. Terrified of what was happening, to a butifull city was now like a desert.

Head between my hand and slightly slouched I thought about all this. How it could have been avoided. It could not have been. Those creepy things never knew what happened. That made me chuckle. It's funny how in such a bad problem you can still laugh at your own jokes and I'm not even crazy. Yet anyways. As the ship lands back at base me and my team were the first ones to get of. As we step of the plat form from the ship we all look around. This was home to most of us. And we lived here almost every day. Expert when we are allowed to go to the different bars in town. There some here but there not as good. The beer is first class it's just not as fun as exploring a bit. I wasn't aloud that liberty when I was young. It was always work work work anyways... The entrance was as always the spirits had made no difference to this place. The barriers were too strong. The scientists were trying to find a way to put ones over other cities but we didn't have enough energy. We were trying to fix it but it would not work. All that happened was draining energy and we didn't want to do that either.

"All commanders report to me at once. The rest of your teams can go do whatever they want."

I walked towards the office near the entrance seeing that the Over All Commander was not happy. I guessing it was because all the units he lost. He never really thought of us as humans. Were weapons to him and he treats us like them too. We don't mind it because he knows that we were trained better than him. We are stronger than him and we are smarter than him. As we all walked into his office we looked around nervously. Nothing out of the ordinary.

"Good job today commanders, we have lost many so we will have to rebuild our forces. Some of you will be sent away to do training camps and some of you will stay here and guard. The training camp will be a month long. We don't expect any of you want to stay away from us too long." Over all commander says. Followed by a couple forced laughs. "Any one want to go to the camp?" A couple hands go up. I don't want to go. Good so now, I only have to force a couple of people. Here they are. Commander Kraz..." What no. I don't want to...