"Yea," Gyojo winced at his own weak, but vital modesty. He also retold the stories where he had seen the break down of people's feelings towards others. He had expressed his own feelings of hate and fear from own his year of being a half-blood. He said, "What else could I say…there is too much at stake here!"

The monk nodded his head in agreement. He said, "It's not our way to judge the weary traveler as he or she makes their way to enlighten. Yet, the lives of others meant that even Buddha has been merciful to say the least in this point in time!"

How many times that Sanzo or even Hakkai did not feel like fighting, but they were forced into a battle at the risk of their own lives. The scrolls of Heaven and Earth were not meant for all that is evil. They had to get to India and quickly before the threat of Kougaiji taking the scrolls away from Sanzo was not too hard to think about.

Yet, it was the Merciful Goddess who gave the ruling to Sanzo to deliver the scrolls quickly to stop the demons from bringing back to life the Ox-king, Gyumaoh! She felt that the world as the rest of the living world knew it was in serious danger.

Gyojo retold the monk about the many encounters of tales about the long trip. Then, he went silent for a minute before letting the monk speak. The monk said in a concerned tone of voice, "What is it that you are hoping to have us do?"

"To save Sanzo…" was the words which came from Goyjo's mind as he blurted out his fears in a tone of voice begging to stop the madness for just a while longer.

Sanzo was now resting in a quiet room. He could hear the beating of his heart and his own breathing. He wondered where he was. He had no idea what had happened to him in past four or five days. The fever in his mind had messed with his head.

There was a knock on the door. He said quietly, "come on in!"

"Yes, sir!" a young male voice said. The door slid in and a young novice entered the room. Sanzo was surprised to see the young novice was very young. He looked like the same age as Sanzo was when Sanzo was still training as Kouryu. He wanted to leave the past such as it was. The young voice asked, "How are you faring?"

Sanzo didn't smile to indicate any feeling! He glared as he would normally at anyone who crossed his path. Yet, he said quietly, "I had better days!"

"Oh, sensei?" the young novice nodded. He had in his hands a large tray with tray of bowls and cups. Some were steaming hot while others were not even filled with liquids of any sort.

"What's that?" Sanzo asked. He could smell bitter herbs mixed with a sweetened tea.

"It's just some tea…and other things to help cleanse your body…" the young novice said gently with a smile.

"Oh?" was Sanzo's reaction to the answer. He knew that the bitter herbs were just that, bitter. He wasn't going to complain that much. It was no use. Having to take the herbs in the tea lessen his tongue in its foul mood. He tried to sit up for the time it took for him to drink the tea.

"I understand you are on a journey?" the young novice asked. He came up Sanzo.

Sanzo watched as the young man bent down next him. Then, he placed the tray in front of Sanzo. He asked, "How do you feel, master?"

Sanzo felt like he had to tell the awful truth on what had just happened to him and the others. Yet, this young man who was cared for his illness had no idea of what was really outside of the monastery. "I feel tired. It's like I have been set up!" he said softly. The poison was hurting him inside. He couldn't stop it for any reason. He was not strong enough. He hoped that maybe with the other's help, maybe he survive for the day at least.

The door was left opened and Goku happened to stop by. He said, "Hey…Sanzo!" his expression was a mix one of relieved happiness. He watched as Sanzo tried to take the tea cup from the novice's hand. It nearly slipped out of his hand.

Sanzo cursed himself for letting it slip. He knew about the heat. The novice caught the cup in time. Sanzo asked with a sigh, "What?"

"I just wanted to see you for a minute!" Goku said with innocent wide eyes. "That's all!"

"You need not to worry about me…I'm in good hands for now!" Sanzo sighed as he felt the novice gently helped Sanzo to sit up with one hand. With the other, the tea cup was slowly placed up to his lips. He nearly instantly comes crashing down onto the floor after he had felt his burn of the tea cup in his hands.

"You want me to stay?" Goku asked with a concern stare.

Sanzo did taste some of the tea. He wanted to blot out the bitterness he had experienced. He uttered a couple of words to Goku to make him leave. Goku excused himself from pushing the issue any further with Sanzo. He had to give in to another dose of the tea. He had no choice in the matter. He closed his eyes to get the feeling of helpless out from his mind. He just fixed his mind on taking the tea and letting it work. Maybe he could be able to heal himself. He said to the novice, "Let's start again…give me another drink!"

His foul mood was kicked over to one side as quickly as he could. He had to comply with the wishes of the others. He realized his child like fear of the unknown over to his adult side.

Goku felt alone as he walked to the outer courtyard of the shrine. He wanted to talk to Hakkai about the situation. He knew if Sanzo would die, and then there was no way of stopping the dark side of Goku's soul from breaking through. It could be a danger on Hakkai and Gyojo's hands. He had experienced the feeling one too many times. It frightened him when the feeling began to emerge from within. He was still a little bit of a child. He did not want to see the world that he was trying to protect end up fearing him because who he was.

Goku stopped in front of a tree. It was a just a plain normal looking tree that stood in the courtyard. Yet, there was something that was very striking in the tree's branches. He gave it a minute or two of thought. It was like no other feeling he had before. He watched the wind when caught it inside the leaves and made the tree dance. The sound was very soothing to Goku. He closed his eyes to leave the wind dance around him like it did to the tree. Was this a feeling that Sanzo would have if he had stayed in the temple in which he trained in. no; he was a handpicked fighter of the cause for peace.

He heard the birds singing in the trees. He had to smile just for a minute. He knew Sanzo could hear the song of the birds. "Sanzo would be happy if only for this song!" Goku thought to himself.

He turned to see Hakkai coming out of one the other building. He wanted to ask the quiet driver if Sanzo was going to make it. Hakkai was checking out the area for any other local stories. He knew that for every town there was there was a story well full of strange tales. Hakkai turned back to speak to the monk who was gave the information to Hakkai. Hakkai asked, "What else do you know about the area?"

"No…I don't everything in this area. There is a library on the ground that would tell you more than I could," said the young monk with an awkward smile. "I grew upon in the area, yet this is so much to think about before I was even though of!"

"Oh?" Hakkai asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes…this is a very rich area, full of myths and legends!" the young monk said, shaking his head.

"You keep the records of the area?" Hakkai asked. He wondered if there was any sort of records keeping. The idea of these strange stories could be all just talk to keep the locals in check. Yet, Hakkai and the others had seen things even a farmer would be hard pressed in faking if the farmer would have seen a demon or a goddess standing in his fields.

"If you need any sort of local stories about this area…" the young monk said, placing a hand on his chin. "…of a Master Yuanxin!"

The name struck a chord with Haikki! He looked at the young monk with a serious look. Where did he hear that name before? He had to see this master Yuanxin and soon. If he could see about learning about this grove of apples that the demonic ones came from, then his work would be cutout. He thanked the monk. He started to walk towards the courtyard. He had to look for Goyjo and Goku. There was something new added to the mix. He had learned about the strange folk lore coming from the locals who was normal lives. He had to be careful about learning more of the area just in case of Kougaiji was on the prowl.

"Hakkai!" Goku called out as he waved his left hand.

"Goku?" Haikkai asked as he noticed the young man standing in the courtyard. He thought, "We have a long night ahead of us!"

Then, he said, "are you getting settled in?" he noted the weary gaze in Goku's face. For the past couple of days, everything on this trip was draining him as well as Goyjo and Goku. He had to save the world with the others, yet at what cost. Sanzo was like the older brother he had never experienced before. He had did have a family. Sanzo never knew what was family was until he had met the other three.

Goku shrugged his shoulders and sighed, "Yea…it's nice and all. I just wish there was something more we could do!"

"You need to stop worrying. Io knows that I need to myself!" Hakkai sighed. He ran up a hand to his long bangs. He brushed them aside. He needed to start writing down things that would be helpful in this side trip. He had no idea what was going to happen next.

Goku was hyper and a worrier. He hated when things stop for no apparent reason. He had to stop and think about what was this thing called a normal life. For the past three months of being on the road was not normal. He wanted to give up in the last monuments, yet there was so much riding on him and the others.

"Sanzo has to stick it out until ot the ever end!" Gyojo sighed lpoudly. It was like he was reading Goku's mind.

"I know he can…but me…" Goku said before his voice started to trail off.

"You are such a monkey…its stupid!" he snapped.

"All shit man…" Goku fired back. His eyes were now turning fiery. He knew Goyjo was getting the best of him. He wanted to pound the long hair into the ground for once. "Quit…calling me that…you sick water sprite, you!" Goku growled with his fists rolled in to tight little knots.

"Will you grow up for once?" Goyjo hissed back. His face was tightening up fast. He wanted to give the jerk a good bouncing. He breathed hard and said, "Look…I have nothing to offer for this thing called wisdom. I just go with my gut. See!"

"I think that's what we have been using the last months we have been tooter!" Hakkai said as he interpreted the two growling at each other.

"What else do have to do?" Goyjo asked as he turned away from Hakkai who was now apporching the two.

"Nothing…the monk was talking to me is going to take care of Sanzo for now. We have to get some rest ourselves. The head priest wants to talk to us in the morning. There are a few things we need to do before we even see Sanzo through with this strange illness!"

"And?" Goyjo asked with his eyes full of questions.

"We have to be patient!" Hakkai said. He looked at his friend with a tired stare in his eyes. "Things like this take time!"

Goyjo sighed through his teeth. He knew that Sanzo was given more than his share of illness. "What else can go wrong for now!" he thought. How many times did they have their back up against the wall? He told the others that he was going to have some supper.

Shrugging, Goku thought it was a good idea and said, "We should have something to think about!"

There was no way of disagreeing with the other two, Goyjo said, "It's getting late. I might as well pack in and call it a day!"

They turned to head out for the main hall. Things were slowing down for a reason. Sanzo had to find himself within the latest test.

There next morning was a great deal calmer than before. It seemed like Sanzo was going to have treatment daily with the medicine in which he needed. The poisons he had taken in were a real test on everyone's nerves. He did not need to be a burden on the rest of the team. He had to get to the east as fast as he could. Kougaiji

Was still looking for there scriptures.

Goyjo went to the area where he had first discovered the fruit stand. He came on foot and just told Haikki where he was going to be at. Haikki had a strong feeling of dread. There was something wrong which loomed on this outing. He wanted to warn Goyjo about his feelings. Yet, the pink haired half-breed was too busy with his own feelings to realize what he could be walking into.

Goyjo was shocked to see nothing. There was no trace of the stand or the orchard to be seen. He was trying to figure what had just happened.

"How nice is this one?" a cold voice said. It was coming from the back.

Goyjo spun around to see Kougaiji standing in front of a tree. He wondered if Halfling were just as dumb as humans.

"What the…" were the words coming from Gyojo's lips. The words were hissed out in a cold vapor, that the full blood demon felt little hurt.

He glared at the full blood. He wanted to kick Kougaiji's face in. he stopped himself from the deed. "Why you!" he groaned. He could feel a set of eyes looking at him. Hitting was not the answer in a monastery.

"Ahh!" Kougaiji smirked darkly. He leaned against a wall. He was very close to Goyjo. He chocked his head to one side. He was starting to size up the half-breed like he was just a new toy.

What are you doing here?" the words seemed to be on fire from Goyjo.

"That should be my line," the other half breed came in on a limb.

"What..." Goyjo asked as he felt his half brother's presences.

"You are such a little pest, little brother!"

"You jerk you…" Goyjo hissed. He knew that he was up against someone who knew him quite well. "Brother…what are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to check up on you," Dokugakuji said. He was standing on the thick end of the tree branch. "You can be bargained with if you just give us the scrolls!"

"What?" Goyjo huffed. Then, he thought, "This idea of scroll stealing is getting really old."

"Yea…yea…that's what they all say!" Dokugakuji razzed his little half brother with a smirk.

"Just kill the monk and move on!" Kougaiji ordered. He was just going to let the lower ranks have a little fun at first. He was going draw last blood as he cooked a plan on getting Sanzo's scroll.

"You bastard!" Goyjo fumed. He believed he was out numbered two to one.