Hey Everyone, I'm back with another fanfiction. After seeing "Falling for the Falls" and reading several of your fanfictions, I have written my own Channy Fanfic! Ok so here's the deets,

It is nearly 15 years after the events of Sonny with a Chance, and Chad and Sonny have been married and divorced, leaving Sonny with their two children. Now here they are, 4 years later where the story picks up. Chad shows up at Sonny's door begging for a second chance, what will come of this?

One Week: Prologue

CPOV (Chad's point of view)

I sat down outside her apartment door, wondering when I'd get the nerve to actually knock. I had the bouquet of flowers. But who was I kidding? A bouquet of her favorite flowers was not going to fix very much, if anything at all. I ran my hands down my face, and looked at the flowers. I could always knock and run. I thought to myself. I raked my fingers through my hair and sighed deeply. Then I stood up, and picked up the flowers, reaching my hand out to knock on her door.

SPOV (Sonny's point of view)

I was standing in the kitchen when there was a loud rap on the door.

"I'll get it!" my energetic seven year old daughter called out. Immediately following her; was her four year old little brother. I stepped out of the kitchen and chuckled to myself, those two were so competitive. It reminded me of their father, and how he and I used be so competitive at work. Just then I heard my daughter cry out a joyous,

"Daddy!" and I looked down the hall to find my ex-husband standing there with a bouquet of flowers.

Normal POV

Sonny stared down the hall at the man standing in her apartment doorway. She hadn't seen Chad in almost four years now, and he hadn't changed very much. Chad was now kneeling down to hug his children. Sonny wiped her hands on her apron, and walked closer to the man she once called her husband.

"May I come in?" the blonde asked, holding out the flowers to Sonny.

"Sure, whatever," Sonny mumbled, walking back down the hallway towards the kitchen. Chad made his way inside, closing the door. He followed Sonny into the kitchen, and watched as she pulled a pan of lasagna out of the oven.

"Sonny, can we talk? Please?" he begged, continuing to hold out the flowers.

"What is there to talk about?" Sonny asked rudely, closing the oven door and setting the fresh casserole down on the stove. Chad looked at the floor. Sonny crossed her arms. The brunette's facial expression was an, I'm waiting look. Sonny began to tap her foot. "Well?" she asked again.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry I left you and the kids, I'm sorry that I filed for divorce, I'm sorry for letting you down," Chad stammered quickly. Sonny's eyes darted to the floor. She muttered something.

"I know an apology is not going to fix anything," Chad continued. "I was wondering if we could…" he stopped. Sonny looked up.

"Wondering if we could what?" she asked. As Chad was about to speak again, their daughter ran into the room with a painting that Sonny recognized as the one she had made only a few days before.

"That's beautiful Adrianna," Chad cooed. Adrianna grinned ear to ear.

"Daddy? Are you going to come home? So we can be together again?" the little girl asked. Chad looked up at Sonny.

"I don't know sweetie pie, I don't really know," Chad said, his eyes darted towards Sonny.

"Adrianna, how about you go set the dining room table, for four people," she said slowly. The little blonde girl's face brightened up.

"OK!" she said, running off towards the dining room. Chad stood up.

"Don't you ever wish you could say that to her every night?" he asked. Sonny nodded slowly. "Listen, I know that leaving was not the best plan. And I know that Adrianna and Will want to be a family again."

"Adrianna doesn't know the half of the situation. She is only seven years old Chad!" Sonny defended, opening the refrigerator.

"Sonny, please, believe me when I say that our marriage meant the world to me, my children mean the world to me, you mean much more that both of those!"

"I would if I could Chad."

CPOV (Chad's Point of View)

"I would if I could Chad," Sonny said to me. Why couldn't she believe me? Why was it so hard to believe that she was the only thing in the world that mattered to me besides our children? Oh right… I left for four years.

Adrianna Allison Cooper was my first child. Sonny and I had been married for almost two years. Things had been rough during Sonny's pregnancy, having to postpone work and all. We got in several fights as well, and it wasn't because of her pregnancy. I still recall all the petty arguments about our relationship. "Does this ring mean anything to you? You're never around! It's like I don't even know you any more!" that's what she screamed at me two nights before I left. Adrianna was three, and Sonny was pregnant with our second child, William Adam Cooper. I even remember what I screamed back, "Does this ring mean anything to me? What about you? You don't understand the fact that our marriage means more to me than it does to you!" I still regret the day I screamed that at her.

"Chad? Are you okay?" I heard Sonny say. And I was back to reality, in my ex-wife's kitchen.

"I… yeah, I'm ok," I replied.

"What were you trying to tell me before Adrianna came in?" she asked.

"I was wondering if I could have a second chance," I said.

"Chad, I don't know. The truth is; I think we got married too young. Our jobs were stressful, and I just don't know if we can make it work," she said. I sighed.

"Give me one week Sonny, one week; I will prove to you that I care for what we used to be. If you think we can't handle it after that, then I will leave. And you can live as if I never came here tonight," I said. Sonny picked up the casserole.

"One week," she said. "You have yourself a deal."

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