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Chapter 9: Oh No You Didn't!

Naruto had cut a hellacious pace through the desert and was out of Kaze no Kuni in one day. The trip through the forests of Hi no Kuni were much easier for him, thus his pace picked up and he stopped for the night only a few hours away from Konohagakure.

The next morning he barreled into the village, dodging civilians and took to the rooftops to arrive at the Hokage Tower swiftly so he could rest or get another mission before it got to be the afternoon.

As he got close to the door he saw Shizune running all about the tower with a frantic look on her face. Raising an eyebrow at her behavior he tried to get her attention, "Um, Shizune-chan. You're moving kind of fast this morning aren't you?" He noticed that she looked somewhat fatigued, "Is there something wrong? You look like you barely slept if you even did at all last night."

Shizune stopped and looked at him, eyes widening when she saw it was him, "Naruto-kun! Thank goodness you're here! You got done fast… Whatever, Tsunade-sama needs you now!" Shizune grabbed and shoved Naruto into her office and shut the door before he could even speak.

He rubbed his arm, "Damn Shizune-chan… Grip." Naruto looked at Tsunade's desk to see her drinking sake and looking down at some kind of papers. Naruto fished in his pocket and walked up to her desk to place the scroll from Suna down.

Tsunade's head snapped up as she had just noticed Naruto right then and her eyes lit up, "Naruto!"

This once again confused him, "Yes, me! Are you and Shizune feeling okay baa-chan? You never call me Naruto to my face and you're both freaking out about something."

Tsunade grabbed Naruto by his cheeks and pulled him halfway over the desk, scaring the crap out of him. Tsunade shook him, "I need you to go back up a team."

Naruto looked confused, "Now? Damn, I just got back. What is it? And who am I going to meet up with?"

Tsunade let go of him and sat down, "I know it's sudden, but I sent out a team of genin to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha from a group of Oto ninja sent to take him to Orochimaru."

Naruto narrowed his eyes, "Did he leave with them or did they kidnap him?"

Tsunade shrugged, "We don't know, but either way we can't let Orochimaru have the Sharingan, that would be catastrophic for Konohagakure." She sighed and looked at him seriously, "Naruto, I'm sorry to send you out so soon after you got back, but your next mission will be to give assistance to the retrieval team of chunin Shikamaru Nara, and his squad consisting of genin Neji Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka, Choji Akimichi, and Rock Lee."

Naruto took on a stone-like visage and nodded, "Hai Hokage-sama."

Tsunade blinked in surprise, "Pretty professional brat."

Naruto didn't flinch, "There's a time for being goofy, now isn't the time. I'll leave on your call."

Tsunade nodded, "Go, and hurry and catch up with them, Orochimaru wouldn't have sent anyone weak to bring Sasuke to him. I would send a team with you but we don't have anyone on reserve right now, I'm sure you can tell due to such a high-profile retrieval team being made of genin and a newly promoted chunin."

She remembered something before he could exit, "Naruto wait!" He turned in time to catch a bag with a few soldier pills in it, "Take care of yourself brat. Don't go overboard out there and help those kids get out alive, I'll send back-up as soon as I can."

Naruto saluted Tsunade with a smile and left the office and building in a hurry to rush to his former classmates' aid. Naruto tore through the town at a breakneck pace, completely bypassing the gate altogether in a yellow and red blur.

Sakura, who had been sitting under a tree nearby the gate ever since the retrieval team had left early that morning, had gotten a glimpse of the figure in red and yellow causing all of the ruckus throughout town, "N-Naruto…?"

As he took to leaping through the trees Naruto went off in the general direction of Ta no Kuni, hoping to quickly pick up a trail from either the retrieval team, or the squad of Oto ninja they were in pursuit of. Eventually he came upon a clearing that looked as if it had been the site of a small battle. He surmised that he had to be heading in the right direction so he simply went on auto-pilot and prepared for battle as he raced to catch up.


Choji was at the end of his rope. Taking two of his family's secret pills wasn't enough to finish this guy off as even when he attempted to squash him with a full on body press after he used Chou Baika no Jutsu (Super Multi-Size Jutsu) the guy just let the strange marks on his body transform him into some kind of red demonic looking creature with wild orange hair.

Choji watched as the powerful ninja edged ever closer with a smirk on his face to end his life. Choji looked at the case of food pills he had brought, seeing the two empty slots and the one that had just one red pill inside, 'The red chili pill… When I take this… It should be enough to finish him off but afterwards…'

Choji steeled himself and lifted the case close to him mouth to pop the pill. Jirobo's eyes widened as he saw that Choji had one more of those twice-damned pills still on him and as he prepared to rush him to kill him before he could take it a sharp slicing feeling across his body sent him flying back as he watched his own blood fly through the air.

Choji held back on taking the pill as he heard a massive body hit the ground hard. Sitting up after much effort on his part he saw a familiar face holding a bloody sword, "N-Naruto."

Naruto looked up at him with his eyes full of fury, softening them upon seeing the state Choji was in, "Choji. How are you feeling?"

Choji snapped out of his thoughts of how he was just saved, "I'm fine Naruto. But this guy is strong, I'm really glad you're here. I almost ended up taking the last of my pills to beat him, but now we can both take him out!" Choji then slowly stood up.

Naruto walked over to Choji, "Do you have any soldier pills on you?"

Choji felt around on his person before he remembered, "No, this guy caught us and drained our chakra at first before I broke off to fight him, I gave everyone else my pills, sorry."

Naruto reached into a bag tied to his hip and tossed Choji a pill, "Tsunade-baachan gave me a bag in case of something like this." Choji nodded and took the pill, noticeably perking up afterwards, "Good, you're better. Now go and catch up to the others in case they need help."

Choji widened his mouth in shock, "Naruto, this guy is tough. We can take him out together and move on, it would be way easier."

Naruto nodded, "Yeah, but he broke off from his squad to fight you first, that means that the others with him are stronger. The others might need your help. I'll finish up here and catch up to the rest of you, I'm your back-up after all. Now go, trust me." Naruto had a reassuring smile on his face.

Choji looked apprehensive for a moment before turning to head off in the direction of Shikamaru's squad.

Naruto turned back to Jirobo, smile utterly vanishing from his face as he was hit with a wave of déjà vu. Jirobo angrily stood up and wiped the blood dripping from the wound on his chest, glaring murder at Naruto, "You pathetic trash. You think just because you replaced the fat one that you can make a difference? You're all going to die."

Naruto stayed staring at Jirobo, there was something that just wasn't hitting him at the moment, "I wouldn't be calling anyone fat if I were you chubs. But there's something about you that is picking at my brain…"

Jirobo began slowly stalking Naruto down, "All of you brats are going to die. The moment I activated Orochimaru-sama's cursed seal, your life was forfeit."

Naruto's eyes slowly widened.

Cursed seal…

Cursed seal…

"Cursed seal kit! It's one of them!" Kyuubi was buzzing with bloodlust at one of the orchestrators of Naruto's lost years.

Naruto's eyes blazed with anger at Jirobo, "Cursed seal! You're one of those five sons-of-bitches that cut me all up in Ta no Kuni four years ago!"

Jirobo looked at Naruto as if trying to remember a blonde kid with a scar on his face until finally realization hit. Jirobo laughed raucously as his memory was piqued, "You! You're almost as much of a pipsqueak now as you were back then!" Jirobo mocked Naruto's scar, "That didn't heal too well did it?" He laughed loudly at his own little joke, "I only saw you without your mask after it was mostly cut through, but that shock bright blonde hair and your short little ass brought the memory right back to me."

Naruto smiled grimly, "I'm glad you find it so funny, I'm glad your last thought can be one that you find pleasant… because I'm going to fuck you up right now."

Jirobo broke out in laughter, "And how are you going to do that? You do remember what happened last time don't you?"

"There are quite a few differences between this time and last time…" Naruto held up one finger, "Last time you all had the drop on me and I was under mass pursuit." He held up a second finger, "And last time it was 5-on-1."

Naruto vanished from sight and slashes began appearing all over Jirobo's body, sending blood all over the place. Jirobo tried to make use of his massive strength to make contact with Naruto to put him away with one clean shot, but in this case it was more like a person trying to focus on the squiggly line of light at the corner of their field of vision as Naruto was far too fast to be caught by one of the lumbering heavyweight's strikes.

After getting kicked in the ribs and feeling what was left of his wind leave his body, Jirobo was huffing and puffing hard, 'This guy… Orochimaru-sama said with this seal I would be unbeatable against ninja like this leaf trash…'

Naruto had a mental smirk going as he drew closer to Jirobo, 'I'm glad Choji softened this guy up so well. At this rate I won't even need to use any jutsu to win. How embarrassing. Oh well, payback is a motherfucker.'

Jirobo had a fire re-lit under him as Naruto strode closer and put everything he had in one punch… that Naruto ended up cutting straight through with his wind enhanced sword right up to the elbow, splitting the arm like a peeled banana.

Jirobo howled in agony as Naruto continued to dice him up, cutting both of his Achilles tendons sending the large boy to the ground in a bloody mess. Jirobo willed his one good limb to move before Naruto drove a sword through it, pinning it to the ground as he stomped on his chest hard, sending Jirobo sitting up somewhat, but this was just so Naruto could plant a nasty punt right under his chin that should have decapitated him or disconnected his neck from his spine had he not been cursed seal enhanced.

Jirobo coughed up a glob of blood, and hacked painfully as Naruto pulled his sword out of Jirobo's arm and poised himself to deliver the final strike. Naruto stood over him and looked down with cold eyes, "Any last words before I send you to get boned by the devil in hell?"

Jirobo had a cocky look on his face, even through all of the blood and dirt covering him. He spit blood out to the side and looked up at Naruto, "Yeah… You may have beaten me… But everyone else on my team is stronger than me, and they all have this curse mark just like me…"

Naruto's stayed his hand for a moment as a strange gleam came into his eye, "Your team… wouldn't happen to have a pale kid with faggy lipstick, a redhead that curses every other word, and a guy with like four extra arms would it?"

Jirobo was confused by his sudden change in tone, "Uh… yeah. It's the same team that expelled you from Otogakure four years ago."



*Cue simple, upbeat piano jaunt*
Oh no!
Oh no!
Oh noooo!
(Yo, yo, yo)

Naruto rushed rapidly through the trees to catch up with the retrieval team post haste. As he leapt through the branches a devilish smirk played on his lips and a manic gleam lay in his eyes as his fingers twitched excitedly to catch up with them again.

Oh no you didn't!

Sucka tried to play me
But you never paid me, never

Oh no you didn't!

Payback is a coming
You will be running forever

Naruto's thoughts drifted to how the base of Orochimaru was in an uproar after Jiraiya's exit and how he was eventually discovered before he could make his own escape.

Oh no you didn't!

Untill I get my vengeance
I will never end this mayhem

Oh no you didn't!

I'm a Leaf shinobi
You ain't gotta prayer you owe meeee…

Oh no you didn't!

He remembered the dogged pursuit by four different ninja dressed in Orochimaru look-alike purple belts and how eventually he was forced to stop and fight them. Despite their unique skill-sets he still had the upper hand easily over them all.

(Harmonic chorus)

Oh no you didn't!
Oh no you didn't!
Oh no you didn't!
Oh no you didn't!...
Didn't you? oh no!
You didn't pay me what you owe… me
So now it's over for you!

Papapapapapapa Papapapapapapa Papapapapapapa Pa Pa Pa…
Papapapapapapa Papapapapapapa Papapapapapapa Pa Pa Pa…
(Yo yo, check it out!)

Naruto then thought of how the white-haired guy with the bones as a weapon jumped in right as he was winning against all four of his pursuers. He willed them to activate their cursed seals and they began to overwhelm him. The white-haired guy even ended up shooting bones at him. He growled and gritted his teeth as he continued to run.

Oh no you didn't!

First you tried to trap me
Then you bust a cap in my ass

Oh No you didn't!

Such humiliation
Would bring annihilation at last

He thoughtfully traced the scar over his eye and clinched his fist so hard that it drew blood.

Oh no you didn't!

It will be delicious
When I get vicious tomorrow

Oh no you didn't!

There's no second chances
You will do the dance of sorrow

Oh no you didn't!

(Harmonic chorus)

Oh no you didn't!
Oh no you didn't!
Oh no you didn't!
Oh no you didn't!...
Didn't you? oh no!
You didn't pay me what you owe… me
So now it's over for you!

Papapapapapapa Papapapapapapa Papapapapapapa Pa Pa Pa
(What a fool…)

Papapapapapapa Papapapapapapa Papapapapapapa Pa Pa Pa
(alright come on!)

Oh no you didn't!...

Better watch your back boy!
…Keep running!

This ain't just a game
…I'll never stop coming

I got my arsenal
…I put out the call

And when I finish y'all
…You'll be a rag doll

Naruto remembered a desperate retreat to Ta no Kuni's borders that had him perpetually plagued by assaults from any combination of the five powered-up Oto ninja. The last of which almost ended up getting at least his right eye when the guy with the bones pulled out a blade from his body and slashed Naruto across the face deeply during the fight, only ending with him escaping due to a well-timed explosive tag, a lot of luck, and pumping the Kyuubi's chakra to his legs for hours until he collapsed in a pool of his own blood after crossing the border a decent distance, conveniently being the last cognizant thought he had as a member of Ne.

Fool tried to diss me
Now you're gonna wish you were dead!

Oh no you didn't!

After I deliver
Your blood will be a river of red

Oh no you didn't!

Better beware
When no one's there to defend you!

Oh no you didn't!

So many ways to kill
It's gonna be a thrill to end youuuuu!

Naruto shivered in anticipation as he sensed multiple signatures up ahead and saw a lot of white webbing.

Oh no you didn't

(Harmonic chorus)

Oh no you didn't!
Oh no you didn't!
Oh no you didn't!
Oh no you didn't!...
Didn't you? oh no!
You didn't pay me what you owe me…
So now it's over for yoooooouu oooooo!

Oh no!
Oh no!
Oh noooo!
Oh no you di-

'Kyuubi chill the fuck out! I'm trying to get my mind right before I start fighting again!' Naruto had his hands on his head trying to shake out the song.

Kyuubi sheepishly stopped singing within Naruto's mindscape, "Sorry kit, but I've wanted this just as badly as you have for just as long. How lucky you are that this ended up being conveniently dropped into your lap. You need to give that old hag a kiss or a bottle of her blasted alcohol when you get back to Konoha for this one."

Naruto saw Neji and his opponent up above him in the trees, conveniently being the guy with six arms. Neji retreated to the ground where he began to throw gold colored weapons at Neji who was using Kaiten to defend against them.

As Neji rotated and avoided the weapons Naruto snuck around the battlefield, 'Neji is fine. As long as this guy is messing with him with his little punk-ass throwing knives then I can just kill him and be done with it.'

Naruto skulked to the upper levels of the forest while the fight continued down below. By now a giant spider had been summoned and was producing tons of tiny little spiders to wrap Neji in webbing, but he fought them all off with Hakke Hyaku Nijuhachi Sho (Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms).

Naruto saw the black marks that had been spread across Kidomaru's body for quite some time as he stepped his game up and decided now was as good a time as any to finish him. Naruto pulled out a kunai and threw it at Kidomaru before pushing his own hands together, 'Fuuton: Repuushou (Wind Release: Violent Wind Palm)'

The added boost from the wind jutsu sent the high-speed weapon straight into the base of Kidomaru's skull with a dull wet 'thunk' noise, buried up to the ring. Kidomaru's confident smirk turned to a death rattle as the markings from his cursed seal receded and he fell from his place in the trees lifelessly. Naruto grinned to himself and punched the air in victory as he whispered, "Boom! Headshot!"

Neji breathed a sigh of relief as he watched Kidomaru's corpse drop before he deactivated his Byakugan, "You can come out Naruto, I saw you while we were fighting. I didn't think you would sneak up on someone that strong though."

Due to deactivating his 'all seeing eyes' Neji never saw Naruto suddenly appear from his blind spot when just a second sooner he had been in front of him, "I am afraid that you are underestimating the sneakiness sir." Naruto dropped from the canopy, frightening the genius, to find Neji not very worse for wear. Naruto smirked at Neji as they walked closer, "Thanks for holding his attention. Have you been fighting long?"

Neji re-collected himself and shook his head, "No, I don't think we're too far behind either. I assume you defeated Choji's opponent for us when you let him go after us."

Naruto motioned for Neji to follow him as they took off into the woods again to give chase to their comrades.


Naruto and Neji landed with Shikamaru and Choji looking at their two opponents. Naruto looked over at the gritted teeth on the face of Shikamaru, "What happened?"

Shikamaru wasn't surprised to see Naruto as Choji told him Naruto had freed him up from his own fight, "Kiba… He and one of the Oto guys went over the cliff into the water."

Naruto nodded, "Neji, go find Kiba and help him out. He and Akamaru wouldn't die off of something so simple, follow the river."

Neji nodded and jumped off. Shikamaru breathed a slight sigh of relief, "Okay, but another guy showed up and took the barrel holding Sasuke away. Rock Lee was fast enough to get away and give chase."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "White-hair? Weird marks above his brow?"

After blinking for a few seconds Shikamaru nodded, "Uh, yeah. How did you know?"

Naruto chuckled, "I'm just good like that."

Tayuya was getting upset with all of the talk going on, "Hey! What are you three cocksuckers doing over there!"

Naruto cleaned out his ears, "Wow. Her mouth got even dirtier over the last couple of years."

Tayuya squinted at the new arrival. Her mental capacities were quicker than Jirobo and if you are one of Orochimaru's elite bodyguards you tend to remember the people that end up taking it to your ass in a fight. She raised her finger and pointed at him with a look of fury on her face, "You! You! You fucking spying son-of-a-bitch! Why the fuck are you here!"

Naruto grinned at her darkly, "Aside from trying to get my payback on you fuckers, I'm backing these guys up. Unlucky you. You backed the wrong horse when it came to Orochimaru, now I think I'd pay you back for the shit all of you fucks tried on me back in the day, but your bony friend is my real issue."

Tayuya shook in fright before steeling her resolve, "None of you Konoha shit-stains are getting past me!" Tayuya began playing her flute. Naruto noticed Choji and Shikamaru beginning to fall under it and he rushed her quickly.

With a shrill tweet of the air in her lungs rushing into the flute following a punch to the body, Naruto began battering Tayuya with savage taijutsu combinations. She was no slouch up close, being one of Orochimaru's elites, but Naruto was too fast and too strong for her to take on without her seal and he wasn't giving her a chance to activate it with the ferocity of his attack.

He battered her swiftly anywhere he could hit her. He fought furiously due to the fact that he knew how dangerous her genjutsu could be and that the others couldn't break them as easily as he could… after all, who else had a demon with near infinite power inside them to help break illusions?

Naruto eventually snatched the flute from her hands and backhanded her to the ground. Tayuya tried to rise quickly but went nose to edge with Naruto's blade. She looked up into his eyes, "Ah, ah! If I even feel your chakra start to spike to use that fucking seal I'm gonna start cutting stuff off. Chill out."

Tayuya glared up at him, "Does this make you feel like a man you dickless blonde-haired fuck? Do you like what you're doing to us?"

A slightly chilling glance from Naruto made her subconsciously shiver, "Well considering the events that preceded it I would think that sweet, sweet vengeance would be necessary, luckily for you, I need something from your team and you're lucky enough to be the one chosen for it."

Naruto grinned mischievously at her, "Prisonersayswhat?"

Tayuya looked confused, "Wha-."

Naruto slapped her hard across the back of her head with the blunt side of his sword and pulled out some ninja wire. He quickly hogtied her tightly and turned to Shikamaru and Choji, "Take her back to Konoha and get her locked up, I'll keep going and get Rock Lee out of his situation, the guy he's chasing is stronger than all of these other guys combined."

Naruto then stopped and looked at him sheepishly, "Ah, sorry. I'm kind of running your show here, you're the leader of this squad and everything."

Shikamaru and Choji walked over with Choji hoisting Tayuya's unconscious body over his shoulder. Shikamaru chuckled, "Well you do technically have seniority over me even if it is only by like a week or two, and you're the strongest out of all of us. You go and finish the mission, Neji will find Kiba and help him, and we'll take her back to Konoha."

Naruto saluted Shikamaru and jumped off heading towards the border of Hi no Kuni and Ta no Kuni once more.


Naruto stopped in a clearing in the forest where he saw Lee doing pretty well against Kimimaro until Kimimaro started shredding him with his rib bones. As Kimimaro moved in to finish off Lee He was forced to jump back after a slash from Naruto. Naruto stood protectively in front of Rock Lee with his sword drawn, "It looks like you're still the best one out of all of them. The rest of them didn't dodge my first attacks."

Kimimaro scoffed at Naruto, "Don't compare me to the trash that preceded you. I am Orochimaru-sama's former choice for a vessel."

Naruto snickered, "Former choice? What happened? Did he cum a little too hard for you and rupture your rectal cavity one night or something?"

Kimimaro's eye twitched as Rock Lee stood back up, "It is good to see you Naruto-kun, this opponent is most vexing to combat."

Naruto looked behind him and smiled slightly, "Hey Fuzzy Eyebrows, good to see you up and about again." Naruto noticed a broken barrel at the edge of the field, "Lee… Where is Sasuke?"

Lee frowned at Naruto's last sentence, "That is what I find truly strange Naruto-kun. Sasuke-kun emerged from the barrel not too long ago and then started laughing most un-youthfully. When I thought he would turn back to Konoha he just kept going out towards the border."

'That's just great Naruto. Ah well, Even if Sasuke pulls that stupid seal out Rock Lee can beat him, I'm sure of it.' Naruto palmed his forehead and slid his hand down his face, "Fuck… Rock Lee, go get Sasuke. I'll fight this guy. He and I have a bone to pick with each other anyway… no pun intended. Go stop Sasuke by any means necessary, go."

"Ossu!" Rock Lee saluted Naruto and took off into the forest.

Naruto turned back to Kimimaro who looked at Naruto in recollection, "I remember you. You are the vermin from Konoha that was discovered trespassing in Orochimaru-sama's lair years ago. I will now rectify my mistake of not finishing you off as my last act for Orochimaru-sama before my life is over."

Naruto looked at him thoughtfully, "You're dying… And killing me is the last thing that you want to do before you go? So be it. I owe you for what you did to my face and my body four years ago. I killed two of the others, captured one and the other is probably being killed by the others as we speak. I still wish I could take a swing at that cross-dressing piece of crap."

Kimimaro pulled a bone sword from his arm and held it out in a stance, "You think that I care that you could kill those other useless pawns? Orochimaru-sama has no need for weak tools."

Naruto drew his own sword and had to get one last jibe in before the fight started, "Well then I guess he won't be missing you too much, because if losing to me makes you weak, then you're going to be considered a weak pawn soon enough."

Kimimaro narrowed his eyes and rushed in, showing Naruto his speed for the first time in years, coming in with sudden thrusts and slashes. The two traded blade strikes, with Kimimaro's being faster and more precise and jabbing, and Naruto's being flowing, moving from swing to a block, dodge, or parry like water. Kimimaro simply slipped out of the way of Naruto's blade and came back with his own attacks. The two couldn't seem to cut the other in the fracas of their movements.

Kimimaro gripped his sword tightly, 'He's still just as fluid with his sword as he was back then.' He looked at his weapon of choice, 'I hope Tsubaki no Mai (Dance of the Camelia) is enough to defeat him.'

Naruto shifted his own sword around in his hands to loosen up. Quickly sheathing his sword he forms a mass of Kage Bunshin that then draw their swords. The original Naruto draws his own and points it at Kimimaro, "I'm trying to shy away from the strategy of just swarming my enemies with Kage Bunshin, but for you, I'll go with the old strategy… In my mind there is no such thing as overkill…"

Naruto signals his copies forward to engage Kimimaro at once. He valiantly fended off Naruto's multiple clones, dispelling a few, but mostly when it came to this jutsu Naruto knew they were disposable so a few clones were nothing, he could just keep on spamming them indefinitely.

Eventually Naruto's Kage Bunshin ended up disarming Kimimaro and they quickly swarmed him before popping sounds rang out in rapid succession. As the clones backed away, Naruto saw that Kimimaro had exposed sharp points from his palms, shoulders, knees, and elbows.

Naruto signaled his Kage Bunshin to try and attack again, but with this new tactic from Kimimaro, Naruto was sending them into a buzzsaw. Kimimaro drifted through them all. Every movement around the bodies he made seemed to cut into them, even when it looked like he wasn't trying, simply running while using this technique seemed treacherous to his foes.

Naruto noticed the last of the Bunshin getting dispelled and he readied his own body for combat. Kimimaro came in spinning wildly with his sharp spines, Naruto had to dodge for his life to avoid to deadly whirling dervish from Kimimaro. Naruto kicked him in his body, which was wide open during his assault and began attempting to slash at Kimimaro in response to his most recent dance.

Kimimaro kept out of Naruto's reach, showing that he was the better man in close range combat. Naruto knew from the last time that they fought that even though Kimimaro had an absurd amount of support he far outclassed Naruto with hand-to-hand combat. This was sort of a problem for Naruto, He was a close-to-mid range specialist, and that just wouldn't do against Kimimaro, who wouldn't be easy to beat in close.

Naruto stormed back in as did Kimimaro. Kimimaro attempted a vicious sweep, the knee bone sticking out to try and cut Naruto off at his kneecaps. Naruto brought his blade down to block and ended up having to jump back and avoid the other spikes sticking from his enemy's body.

Kimimaro kept spinning low as he moved closer to Naruto at a ridiculous speed for being so close to the ground. Naruto eventually timed his spins and hit Kimimaro in his exposed head with a sick low dropkick that snapped Kimimaro's head back hard, sending him sprawling out on the dirt and grass.

Naruto took advantage of his situation and kipped up to his feet from his back to an absurdly high height thanks to the use of chakra to enhance his already considerable strength to finish Kimimaro with a vicious double-stomp to his prone frame from above.

Naruto's feet were caught just inches from contact of crushing Kimimaro's rib cage by… his rib cage. Naruto found one of his feet stuck in the extended ribcage of the bone wielding shinobi. Naruto tried to pull his leg free and ended up making eye contact with him.

Kimimaro looked up at him blanky, "Karamatsu no Mai (Dance of the Larch)." Kimimaro latched on to Naruto's leg with his arms as well and rolled over sharply. Naruto gritted his teeth as a 'pop' sound, signifying an injury to his ankle rang out in both his and Kimimaro's ears.

Naruto rolled away after freeing his limp ankle and Kimimaro followed him rolling also, only with even more sharp spines protruding from his body like a human combine harvester, ripping up ground with every inch that he rolled. Naruto couldn't stand up with his ankle utterly dislocated and Kimimaro was dead set on rolling him over. Naruto, in a last ditch effort to create some space, brandished his sword and stabbed it into the ground between himself and Kimimaro who managed to get his bones tangled into the blades.

Naruto used this time to roll away quickly and realign his ankle into place with a quick snap, letting out a silent yell as he allowed the bone to reset with naught a sound as Kyuubi's regenerative properties worked their miracle powers on quickly making his leg useable.

Naruto stood just as Kimimaro freed his spikes from Naruto's sword by retracting them. Naruto pointed at Kimimaro heatedly, "You are a bastard you know that! With your bones, and your stupid bone defense crap." Even though he sounded angry, Naruto's face showed no anger, only focus and determination on the task at hand, which impressed Orochimaru's loyal soldier.

Lifting his hands up at Naruto he fired bones from his fingertips. Naruto had dropped his sword to make a hasty escape earlier so he pulled shuriken and a kunai from his pouch. He deflected a few bones with the shuriken and used the kunai in his hand to bat away the rest in a risky move. Naruto rushed at Kimimaro, kunai in his grip to attack.

Kimimaro was once again shocked by the vicious nature of Naruto's attack. Naruto swiped at Kimimaro furiously, routinely switching hands and rolling the weapon in his fingers to attack from awkward angles. Naruto brought up a random ax-kick that collided down on Kimimaro's shoulder. Naruto then drew another kunai and placed it between his toes, securing it double-tightly under his sandal strap as he now began using his hands and feet to slash at the last of the Kaguya clan.

The Oto elite was hard-pressed to defend against such an unorthodox attack, and just when Kimimaro thought he had seen the full extent of Naruto's skill he pulled out a third kunai and tossed it high into the air. While he was distracted Naruto ended up getting a few rapid cuts on his person on his face and his chest. Due to his bone density they were pretty shallow, but this meant that Kimimaro was slowly losing ground in the fight.

'This is just as dangerous as one of my dances!' The kunai Naruto tossed fell back to the earth spinning dangerously until Naruto's manic attack incorporated it into his assault. His spastic punching and kicking and frantic movements kept the kunai in the air, still spinning and targeting Kimimaro. He now had Naruto using kunai in his hands and on one foot and had another as a wild card that he always had to look out for in the air.

Naruto made an up-slash at Kimimaro forcing him to bridge back deeply. Naruto got a grin on his face as he took advantage once more and jumped into the air, rotating the kunai in his foot and catching the other that was in the air in his toes in his other foot, both pointing down in a stabbing motion. Naruto stabbed one foot into his chest, then the other, then the other, soon Naruto was literally stomping a mudhole in Kimimaro's chest.

Eventually believing he had done enough with that attack Naruto jumped off of his chest and re-holstered the bloody kunai in his hand and between his feet. Looking over at Kimimaro who was still standing, albeit bridged backwards, but standing regardless.

Kimimaro leaned back up to reveal that Naruto had carved up his chest ruthlessly, with the majority of the puncture wounds and gashes going straight through to his ribs, "That was a very deadly attack you used. I daresay if it was anyone but myself that you used it on this fight would be over, but my kekkei genkai allows me to harden my bones as you can tell among other things, and you didn't slip any attacks under my ribs."

Kimimaro let the black marks from his cursed seal on his collarbone spread all along his body, "However I'm just getting started Konoha trash. I haven't even begun to reveal my true power."

Naruto chuckled lightly as he let a red aura envelop him, "You know bone guy… I honestly have wanted to fight you all and possibly kill you ever since I got my memory back, you in particular, ever since I realized that you and those other temes were the main catalyst to how my life and skills went straight down the toilet almost forever. If you had never injured me so heavily upon my retreat from Oto who knows how I'd be living right now… but that is not the point right now."

Naruto allowed a shroud to envelop his body forming a fox outline as his features became more feral, "You, whether you know it or not, are a loose end to my past life that needs to be tied up. And I can think of no better way, than to fight you and kill you myself." Naruto crouched down in a low mantis stance, showing his claws on his extended two fingers prominently, "Come on albino-boy, show me what you've got, and don't underestimate me… It might be the death of you." He finished with a feral grin baring his fangs.

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