Pokemon The Next Generation
Fire Fight

Eric grumbled miserably to himself as he sat in the stands between Paul and Mike. The boys ignored him whilst trying to watch Melissa take on a new victory with her houndour. Melissa had entered the local Fire Pokemon Festival in the local village they were staying at and Melissa was in the semi finals. People in the stands cheered her on and Katie was standing at the edge of the arena coaching Melissa. You can do it! Melissa could hear Katie shout.

Houndour, flamethrower Melissa commanded.

The black fire puppy pokemon howled as it leapt into the air and let a scoarching flamethrower rain down on it opponent. The opposing pokemon was finally knocked out and Melissa was the victior. Eric watched with little interest though he gave a little smile at his two female friends below. He couldn't help it as the over joyed looks brought back memoires of younger days and those memories tugged at his conscience. He wanted to tell them something so important that it would change their lives forever.

Eric got up from his seat, it would be awhile before Melissa battled again. He wondered around the village square looking for some dark alleyway to go walk down and wollow in his self pity. It was late evening and the sky was a mix of purples and blues.

What's bugging ya champ? a hoarse voice asked.

Eric looked up not surprised to see his own brother Gary looking at him. Both Gary and Ash were here at the Fire Festival because of one thing, to look for a certain someone but that was out of Eric's mind now.

The truth Eric replied as he started to walk away from him but Gary stubbronly followed.

I know you want to tell them; Melissa and Katie I mean, but you have to hold back a little while longer. If worse comes to worse you can tell them Gary said.

I don't want to wait Gary, I can't, and besides what about, you know, Jamie. She really needs to know as well Eric said.

Gary smirked Well as soon as Ash does find her he's going to tell her.

Eric said so sharply that it made Gary jump. I want to be the one to tell her

Gary nodded I'll make sure Ash knows that then

Eric chuckled He won't find her he said.

I know, your little girl friend is a slippery one Gary teased.

Eric's face fell at Gary's remark She's not my girlfriend he said coldly as he walked off leaving Gary standing alone in the village square. Gary huffed to himself. I know you want to tell her the truth Eric, but just hang on a little while longer. Gary thought.

He can't hold off much longer can he? Ash asked as he walked up next to Gary.

Gary didn't even look at Ash when he answered No, I'm afraid he's going to tell Melissa and Katie the truth very soon anyway

Then let him Ash answered. Gary nodded.


Eric was by himself thinking of his next actions, he wasn't aware of any others around him. What am I going to tell them? he questioned himself but then he corrected it No, HOW I'm I going to tell them?

Tell who what? a male voice asked.

Eric looked up to see a white haired boy staring at him. Eric narrowed his eyes a little bit, the boy looked familar, had he seen this person before? Eric shook the thought out of his head and answered What's it to you?

The white hair boy shrugged Just thought I could ease some wieght off your back is all. Looks like you have a lot of it

Eric nodded I need a name first he said.

The boy smiled My name name is John, that's all you need to know

Eric grined Well John, my problem is holding back the truth. and Eric let John in on everything.

Melissa smiled happily at her beloved houdour. Who's da cute widdle puppy wuppy? Are you my little shnooky pies? she continued on as the pup lavished at his trainer's attention.

Just then two trainers approached her nervously. Melissa stood up and asked Can I help you?

The two of them looked at eachother and then nodded at Melissa.

I'm Lee chan the girl introduced herself.

And I'm Alexander Lunar the boy said.

Nice to meet you, what can I do for you two? Melissa asked.

Lee handed her a poster and then an autograph book and she asked Could you sign this for me?

Melissa looked at the poster in her hands then tucked it under her arm as she signed the small book.

A boy gave that poster to us to give to you. He said you could keep it Alex said.

Yeah, there's something written on the back of it Lee added as she turned to Alex with a smile and then both of them left. Melissa took out the poster and looked at it again. Herself, Katie, Eric, Paul and Mike were on it and a shadowy figure was stading in the middle. Melissa knew it was Jamie right off the bat but why were they on a poster. The writting on the poster wasn't english though, it was Japanese so she didn't know what the poster was advertising. She turned it over and read the note addressed to her on the otherside. It read:

Interesting ain't it? Well guess what. I have something you've been looking for, something you want. If you want it come to the old mansion at the edge of the village. See yeah there sucker,

Cid Sklyer

Something we want? Melissa questioned. She paused for a moment, what did they want? Jamie? maybe they had her again. Melissa folded the flyer sized poster and put it in her backpack then ran off to find the others. Melissa had located Katie quickly and told her what had just happend and togehter they found Paul and Mike. Now they just had to find Eric.

So what can this pendant do? John questioned Eric.

Oh not much really. It just gives that person_

Hey Eric! Paul called to him.

Eric looked over to see Paul and the others headed his way almost in a panic. What's up? Eric asked plainly.

Paul looked at him calm friend with a hint of sarcasim What's up? team rocket has

At that moment a clocked figure approached John and started to do sign languge with him. John nodded and smiled. I'll be there in a minute he told the person and the figure walked off into the crowd. John turned back to the group that had cluless expersions on thier faces, John just smiled and explained That was my little sister Audrey. She can't speak anymore because of a car accident three years ago. The surgery she had could only fix her hearing but her face and some parts of her body were all messed up so she wears a cloak out in public so no one will make fun of her or fear her because of her deformities.

That's sad Katie said, I'm sorry that had to happen to her

John shrugged casually It's alright, she's over it now. She just told me that she's battling in the semi finals in a few minutes and she wants me to watch

But how can she battle if she can't speak? Eric asked.

She uses a pokemon whistle. It works a lot like a dog whistle. She uses a series of different toned whistles to give her commands. John said.

That must take a lot of training and disapline to accomplish that Katie said.

It took her an entire year just for her pokemon to memorize all the different types of whistles. John smiled, I'm proud that she never gave up though. Now she's a tough trainer to beat. Even I have trouble beating her. he laughed.

Somewhere along the line that little sister of yours became better than you Paul smiled.

John chuckled then said Not quiet, but almost and so John got up, wished the other good bye and took off after Audrey.

Eric turned to Paul You were going to say something? Eric asked.

Paul almost smaked himself for nearly forgetting, he looked at Eric Yeah, Team Rocket has Jamie we think. Melissa just got word not long ago. They're holding her in the old mansion across town.

Eric stood up Then lets go he said.

Off in one of the street corners Lee chan and Alex watched the five head off towards the mansions. Lee looked at Alex with a questioning look. Who's Jamie she asked.

Alex shrugged I dunno but we better get to that mansion now before Cid and Angel have our heads he said, and the two vanished into the shadows of the night.


It wasn't long before they arrived at the front gates of the old mansion. Eric and the others looked at it skeptically. The place looked run down and yet they weren't even surprised. They knew Cid would look for a place like this, a place that posed a danger to them all and an old condemed house was perfect.

Well lets go get our little mischievous friend back Paul sighed and they opened the old rusted gates that lead to the mansion's front door, it was that moment when Paul stepped in that he disappeared.

Melissa yelled as she looked around at the spot in which he had mysteriously vanished.

Don't worry Melissa. We'll find him Eric reassured.

she replied in a worried whisper, I hope so.


Paul reappeared in what seemed to be the cellar of the mansion itself. It was dark and hard to see but before he could do anything about two evil female laughs broke his train of thought. He stood up Who's here? he barked out into the surrounding darkness.

Why just little old us Angel said as at that exact moment she lit a candle and both her and Black Swan appeared standing before him.

Paul growled lowly What do you want?

The girls smiled evilly.

Something's definatly up with this place dude Mike said as he held Katie close.

Eric kept a protective eye on Melissa, Paul would kill him if something happend to her. The inside of the mansion was dark, there was no power supplied here since the place was condemed. Eric stepped down onto one of the floor boards and it snapped alomst immeaditly under his weight. He shouted in shock.

Careful man Mike said.

Don't you think I'm trying Eric countered.

Knock it off you two Melissa said.

Kaite gulped and held onto Mike a bit tighter when suddenly she noticed something he wasn't there!

Katie called.

Melissa and Eric turned towards Katie to see Mike had also mysteriously vanished.

Eric what's going on here? Melissa asked.

I don't know?He answered but we've got to be on our gaurd and most importantly, stick close together.


Mike shook his head and opened his eyes to find himself back outside but in the back yard of the mansion and standing in front of him was Shadow Lord and Black Demon, both holding a pokeballs.

What are you guys doing and what do you want? Mike asked angerily.

The two boys smiled and Black Demon answered A Pokemon battle

The last three left in the mansion's main room where calling out to the others when a voice called to them from above. The all looked up to see a figure sitting on the railing, lit by the moonlight that came from an upstairs window.

You better not get to loud, they actually might here you. it said.

the three teens yelled in anger.

Cid smiled evilly, You guys miss me?

What do you want Cid, and where are Paul and Mike? Eric growled.

Your little friends are located in different parts of this mansion boy. Both of them are taking my fellow members two on one in a pokemon battle just like you'll be doing! Cid chuckled. He snapped his figures and his funky lil unknown appeared before his master and teleported Eric to somewhere in the mansion.

Eric NO! the two girls freaked.

Cid laughed from his perch above and looked down at the girls with a sinister smile If you two want what you're looking for, then find your way to the top tower of this mansion He said and then quickly teleported out of the room.

Melissa and Katie looked at eachother then around the dark mansion. Great, now what are we suppose to do? Melissa questioned.

We can start by going up those stairs Katie said pointing to them.

I knew that Melissa said.

Whatever, lets just find the boys and get the other one' then get out of this place, it gives me the creeps! Katie said.

Melissa walked over to the stairs, the old floor boards creeking under their feet, then just as Melissa put her foot on the first step it broke and her foot fell through. Katie quickly caught her friend and pulled her back. Melissa chuckled nervously at her friend as they regained themselves.

The floor boards are rotting around here Katie said, Now we have to be extra careful.

Melissa agreed.

At that second the stairs folded into themselves creating a slide before them and a trap door suddenly opened up under them and both girls began to fall.

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