Chapter 3

Cid stared out the window watching the skies. He casted his veiw down to the side garden's of the Mansion were two young children were just talking to a police officer. There pokemon had just been stolen but his fellow rocket members Black Demon and Shadow Lord. Cid didn't look away when he said You two almost got caught in a plain tone.

Shadow Lord and Black Demon stepped out from the shadows of the otherside of the tower. We know, but the Legendary Elite was nearby and_

They are always near by you dufus Cid said, finally turning to them, You're going to have to accept the fact that they will always be on our tail now, besides, it will do us some good he grinned.

What are you talking about? shouldn't we just be trying to avoid them all together? Angel commented as she and Black Swan jumped down from the rafters above.

Angel's got a point there Cid. The Legendary Elite are suppose to be the strongest trainers in the world. How will having them try and track us down do us any good? Black Swan asked.

Just then Cid's Unown chimed out and Cid smiled I'd thought they'd never get here. he mumbled, then turned to his team mates and nodded. They returned to their former hiding spots among the shadows of the tower and a second later a trap door opened up in the floor and a Starmie and a Houdour jumped out of it followed by Melissa and Katie.

It's so dark up here Katie said softly.

I know, I can't see a thing Melissa added.

Suddenly About time Cid's voice broke in. Melissa and Katie instantly turned on their heels to face Cid who was sitting on a ledge of a window sill looking out into the clear night. He looked over at the girls glaring at him. A horrid grin came to his lips as he looked at them.

Hey Cid, let me give you a little shove out that window, it will get you outta here faster Melissa suggested in an evilish tone.

Cid chuckled As much fun as I'm sure youd have doing that Melissa he raised his hand up to the side of his face and snaped his fingures and at that second the other rockets appeared around them. I wouldn't try it. he finished.

Give Jamie back to us Katie declared.

So help me god if you laid one hand on her I'll_

WHAO! calm down you two. I don't have Jamie Cid said in a more calmly fashion.

Melissa didn't believe him But you said you had something we want she declared.

Cid shrugged Yeah I have something you want but it's not Jamie

Then this was a trap to get us here! Katie shouted.

Cid shook his head Nope, I really do have something you two want

Melissa and Katie demanded in unison.

Cid's grin turned into a sadistic smile The truth.

What on earth are you talking about? Melissa asked.

Do you still have that poster with your ugly mugs on it? Shadow Lord asked.

Melissa ignored the insult and growled Yeah. Unforunatly.

Did you take a look at the date of it? Black Swan asked.

Melissa pulled out the poster from her pocket this time, unfolded it and looked at the date of the poster that it was advertising.

November 14th Katie said.

Melissa added as she looked at Katie then looked at Cid. Is this some kind of joke? she asked.

Cid shook his head Nope, got that off my boss, figured I could use it. Surely this place must seem familar to you two as well. I mean, you two must have noticed the initals written on the mantel Cid pointed out.

You did that didn't you? Melissa questioned.

You're just playing with out minds Katie concluded.

Shut up! I brought you here because your boyfriends were too stubbron to tell you two girls the truth. Ever wonder why you two get those strange dreams at night since you've been here I'll tell you why, it's because_

HOLD IT! A voice yelled, and all of a sudden Eric exploded from the trap door behind the two girls, his Nidoking quickly followed behind him.

Bugger off Cid, you wouldn't know anything about this. Eric proclaimed.

Cid finally got up from his spot on the window sill and walked up to Eric. Cid stared at him eye to eye, still grining evilly. Wouldn't I Eric, wouldn't it just be easier to let it all out right now? Cid taunted.

Leave them alone Eric said coldly and then to Cid's surprise Eric turned his back to him and walked away. Melissa, Katie lets go! Eric commanded.

Black Demon was shocked and said Cid are we just goi_ but he was silenced when Cid raised his hand for him to stop.

No, let them go. Cid said and they watched as Eric, the girls and their pokemon disappear down into the secret passage once again. Angel looked at Cid calmly Why did you let them go?

The girls will start to wonder soon enough and will eventually get the truth from them, the boys I mean.

You didn't answer my last question Angel said.

Cid asked.

The Legendary Elite, why having them after us is a good thing. Angel finished.

Cid smiled We're not going to let them catch us my dear Angel, but we are going to observe them

Why don't we just finish them off now, Shadow lord commented, We can beat them hands down

Cid chuckled we can't. We're not strong enough yet, but we soon will be if we keep an eye on them, watch their moves, learn their stratagies. After that we can beat them. Besides, it's their leader I'm worried about, the strongest trainer in the world, unbeaten.

What makes you so sure we can't kick their leader's butt right now? Shadow Lord asked.

Cid smiled as he turned and started to walk away. He paused for a moment Don't forget, he said as he pulled out his shades and applied them over his eyes, You haven't been thundered by her Pichu and he walked away.


You boys have a lot of explaining to do Melissa said as both her and Katie glared at the boys.

The boys just stared at the girls, no emotion was visible on their faces but Melissa thought she sensed a it of self pity from Paul when she looked into his eyes.

I don't even know where to start Paul said finally.

Melissa smirked You can start off by explaining this one she said as she handed the old poster to them. A shocked look came over their faces and then Eric shot his gaze to Melissa. Where did you get this!? he asked guickly, almost alarmed.

Two trainers gave it to me Melissa said, only half telling the truth.

Why are we on that poster? Katie asked firmly.

The boys studdered, they were obviously holding back. Finally Eric said We ah we um won a contest a queit while back to um_

Advertise a compition Paul finished quickly.

Melissa and Katie exchanged looks. Katie looked at the boys skeptically. So you're saying that we've been here before? she asked.

Is this what Cid was trying to tell us Eric, that we've been here before? Melissa urged.

Eric sighed and nodded in defeat Yeah, sorta but not exactly that. He was going to tell you something else to

Katie looked at Melissa Maybe if we've been here before then perhaps there's a way to get back home! Katie chimed.

Melissa smiled. You're right, maybe what we did to go back home before we just have to find out how to do it again and then_

Girls Please! Eric interupted, This is important

Eric, please Melissa said, Can't you see we're just a little busy trying to figure out something?

But what I'm trying to say is more important Eric argued.

they girls asked in unison.

Eric looked at the boys sadly, they exchanged they same glance to him. Eric gathered himself and then looked over at the girls in pity as he said You can't go home We're sorry.

why, why not? Melissa studdered, taking the words out of Katie's mouth.

Paul looked at the two shocked females and finished Because your world never existed.

All of a sudden both Katie and Melissa felt weak in the knees.

that, that can't be Katie's shaky voice broke in as she shook her head in disbelief.


Are you sure you're up to this sweetheart? Paul asked Melissa as she leaned over the railing of the battle floor. They had returned to the festival and now Melissa was going to try and win the title as the best fire pokemon trainer.

I'm positive Melissa assured and she ducked under the railing to plant a kiss on Paul's cheek.

Okay, if you're sure, I just thought that after all that_

I might not be up to it? Melissa finished. She shook her head I have all the time I need after this match to get over it. Right now I have a title to win

Paul smiled and chuckled to himself, Melissa sure had an odd way for dealing with her feelings in certain situations. Okay love, just wanted to make sure. Paul said.

Don't worry about me Melissa replied YET!' she thought after that I'll have my break down after this' The she turned back to the arena to see who her opponent was. She almost gasped as she saw who her opponent was Audrey!

John's little sister hid under her cloak very well, the hood shadowed all of her face. Audrey removed a bandaged arm from under the cloak and Melissa caught a quick glance at the whistle she held in her hand that was bandaged as well. After Audrey placed it in her mouth she gave a whistle and instantly a Quilava jumped out from behind her and roared a viciously at Melissa. Melissa wanted to laugh, the Quilava didn't look to vicious with that bandana it wore around it's neck. Melissa reached for her pokeball.

Houndour, I choose you! Melissa shouted happily. The puppy pokemon appeared with a howl and growled at the opposing Quilava. The start bell rang!

Battle Mode on

The two pokemon didn't even wait for their trainer's signal as both of them seemed to charge at eachother's throats!

Melissa: Houndour! what are your doing, use takedown!

Houndour and Quilava pushed each other back and Houndour charged at Quilava. Just the Audrey blew her whistle and just as Houndour was about to hit Quilava, it jumped up over Houndour and and kicked it's backside as Houndour zoomed under it. Houndour face faultered but quickly regained itself and jumped at the Quilava.

Melissa: Houndour Crunch attack!

Houdour instantly grabbed the Quilava by the scruff of it neck in a harsh crunch attack. The Quilava cried in pain then bit Houndour in the ear making Houndour yelp and drop him. Quilava started going back and forth, nipping at Houndour's heels. Houdour, having enough of of the little pokemon, lowered it's head and charged at its face, grabbing in it's jaws and tossing it to the other end of the arena. The Quilava rolled and tumbled for about a foot before it caught itself and hissed annoyingly at the Houndour but Houndour wasn't done. It charged at the little beast, it's sharp fangs bared and before it could grab the Quilava again it jumped up onto Houndour's back and sank it's teeth into its shoulder.

Houndour yelped and then tried to smash the rodent off by back slamming it into the ground but the little Quilava held on for all it's worth. Just then Houndour was able to reach back with it's head and lock it's jaws into the Quilava's back leg and yanked the hissing creature off and threw it away from him again. Houndour's head slumped down, it was panting heavily but it never took it's sight off the Quilava.

Melissa: (gasping in shock) Houndour's shoulder's bleeding!

It was true, when Houndour yanked the Quilava off, the little weasel took a fair size chunk off Houndour to, but the Quilava didn't go with out his damage, oh no, when Houndour pulled Quilava off himself Houndour's sharp teeth periced the Quilava's leg causing it to to bleed as well. Both pokemon stared at eachother from opposite ends of the arena, both angery with one another but unwilling to move because of thier pain. Melissa knew with was her chance.

Melissa: (shouting) Houndour, use Flamethrower!

Audery suddenly blew her whistle at the same moment and both pokemon launched two huge flamethrowers, nearly engulfing the entire arena as both attacks met like a head on collision. It was power vs power as the two attacks met, collided then expolded with such great force that the intensity forced Melissa and Audrey to drop to the floor, and the people in the stands all had to drop and cover as the force of the explotion blew of the off the saftey railing and parts of the arena itself and sent it flying, embedding the debris in surrounding inanimate objects close by. As everyone got back up and looked at the arena there was a gasp from the entire crowd. The two pokemon were still standing and still wanting to fight! Melissa looked up to see her Houndour standing in front of her still growling at the Quilava while the Quilava, standing in front of Audery, hissed at the Houndour.

Melissa: (getting up) Lets finish this, Houdour! Tackle attack!

Audrey blew her whistle and both pokemon launched themselves at on another and surprisingly they both hit eachother. They both had staggered landings then turned to face eachother, both glaring and growling threatingly. Then, they both fainted at the same time.
Battle Mode off

The explosive and bloody battle turned to be a draw. Melissa ran to her pup, knelt down next to it and then gently cradled it in her arms. I'm very proud of you she said softly. Houndour gently licked Melissa's cheek in return. Audrey had picked up her Quilava and was hugging it and stroking it gently as it purred softly, lavishing the attention. Both trainers then recalled their pokemon as their friends ran up to congradulate them.

Paul was the first to greet her then he grabbed Melissa and kissed her. Melissa laughed happily as she looked back at her other friends and Gary and Ash that were there too!

Melissa that was the most amazing fire fight I've ever seen! Paul commented.

I didn't know fire pokemon could be so vicious Katie added.

Fighting rough like that is part of their nature, I had to expect that when I entered these battles Melissa said knowledgeably.

Gary nodded Most of the past battles were pretty tame compared to this one

Good work, Melissa Mike said.

she replied then she turned and walked over to Audrey who was with John congradualting his little sister. The others quickly followed her. Melissa tapped Audrey on the shoulder and held out her hand Congradulations Audrey, you put up the best fight in the world. Audrey took out her bandaged hand and arm and shook Melissa's hand.

Very nice work Audrey, It's been a long time since I saw someone with skill like yours, you definatly have the potential to become a master Eric commented. Audrey revealed both her hands, the other arm was bandaged as well and she began to sign language to John. John nodded with a smile and turned to the others.

Audery says thanks and that Melissa put up a tough fight as well and that she's a very good trainer John translated.

Thanks Audrey Melissa chimed once more.

Ash looked down at Audrey, there was something in the back of his mind about her that didn't feel right, even though he couldn't see her face. Just then Audrey sign languaged to Ash and Ash went clueless. He looked at John She wants to know why you're staring at her starngly? he said in a protective like tone.

Ash went imbarassed I was just about to congradulate her on the battle. She very talented like our Melissa here!

Audrey sign langued to Ash again and John translated She says that's an honor coming from the Pokemon Master and that she hopes to battle you some day and Melissa again in a rematch as well

Melissa nodded I'd like that and Ash grined sheepishly and chuckled.

Soon both Melissa and Audrey were awarded with certificates and a badge each proving that they were the top fire trainers of the Crystal Islands.

See yeah guys around John said he lead his sister away.

they all called as they waved.

Hey guys, who was that? a voice asked.

The group all turned to see their friend Ann Star with Lee chan and Alex walking next to her. That was Audrey, Melissa answered, We tied in the final round of the fire battles

You guys should have seen it Katie went on to tell the three what the three had missed but Ann was looking off in the direction Audrey had left.

Ann sounded to herself, then turned her attention back to Katie as she told her story.

To be continued in the next episode of PTNG (pokemon the next generation)


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