Dean walked into the bar and just as he expected, she was there in all her glory. Man what he wouldnt do to have her for one night. She was the one and only girl that could give Dean Winchester a run for his money but he loved a good challenge and was never one to walk away empty handed. Dean walked through the bar that was packed full of hunters but never gave any of them a second look. He had one thing and one thing only on his mind, Kaylee Hampton.

Three Months Earlier

Kaylee loaded up her car and went back to make sure her room was clear. As always, she made sure her tracks were covered. Her parents had taught her well before retiring from the world of hunting three years ago. They wanted her to quit also but she loved the way she felt after a hunt. She loved the rush she got everytime she went after those evil sons of bitches and saved lives. There wasn't one thing she would change out her life.

She closed the trunk and heard a familiar car pull up behind her and she smiled as she heard a door slam, "Late to the dance again Winchester". Kaylee turned around and leaned against the trunk with her hand folded over her chest.

"Oh sweetheart I wasn't late, maybe sometimes I just like to watch." Dean said and walked over to her.

"What, you need someone to show you how it's done?" She said with a cocky smile. She and Dean had been competing for years in more ways than one. Kaylee didn't want to brag but she was by far in the lead and loved every minute of it. She knew he wanted her and she would never admit it but she wanted him too.

Dean moved in closer and was inches from her face, "What else can you show me? I would love to see what you got." He had her boxed in both hand resting on the truck on each side of her. She looked at him and truth be told she would love to have a go around with him but she wanted him to work for what he wanted. She was never one to make anyone work but she knew Dean was up to the challenge.

"I just bet you would." She pushed him away and walked around to the drives side door. Kaylee made sure to put that extra shake in her step. She knew he would be watching, "Dean why do you try so hard? You know I am only going to break your heart."

Dean grabbed his keys from his pocket and just shook his head, "Not if I break yours first sweetheart." He said as he headed back to his car.

She watched him go and bit her lip trying to control the erdge to drag him back into the motel room and fuck him all night, "Catch you on the next one?" She called out and he turned to her.

"Not if I catch you first". Dean got into the car and pulled out of the parking lot. Once inside her car Kaylee smiled to herself. Everything was a game to Dean but this was one she would certainly lose. Everyone knew that girls had way more control than guys and she was going to prove it one way or another.


Dean contiuned to make his way through the bar and it wasn't long before she spotted him walking over to her, "About fucking time you showed up Winchester. I was wondering what was taking you so long." she said and handed him a beer.

"You know me; I love to make a good entrance." Dean took a sip and noticed the guy behind her not looking to happy about him talking to Kaylee. Dean didn't care, "But I do have to say, I love it when a woman waits for me." he wispered into her ear.

"Awe Dean, don't flatter yourself. I wait for no one and you know that." With that said Kaylee turned around and went back to talking to the guy that she was thinking of making her next conquest.

Dean just watched as flirted and part of him felt sorry for the guy but then again it was his fault for being so stupid to actually believe anything that was coming out of her mouth. Kaylee knew how to get what she wanted.

Dean gave the guy a "Good Luck" nod before walking over to the bar and ordering two shot of whiskey. "So Dean what bring you here?" Ben the bartender asked.

"Just in the area and thought I would stop by and see what's going on." Dean turned around and saw that Kaylee was looking over at him and her grinned at her.

Ben was wiping down some glasses and smiled as he watched the two, "Don't tell me you guys are still at it."

"What are you talking about?" asked Dean.

"You and Kaylee. Are you two still in that stupid competition to see who is better at what?"

Dean smiled and took the shots, "I don't know what you are talking about but I can tell you this, I will..sorry would win every time."

Truth was they were still at it. Kaylee and Dean were a lot alike in everyway possible. Both thought they were the best looking thing one two legs, both knew they were the best hunters and that is exactly the reason the avoided any kind of physical or emotional relationship with the other. More than anything they wanted each other but they knew that the next morning it would be one big race to the door.

As the hours past, Dean watched as the guy Kaylee was talking too left and she came and sat beside him, "What happened to your date?" Dean asked drinking his beer.

"Not really my type."

"I thought anyone with a dick was your type" Dean said with a smile and she rolled her eye.

"If that was true then I would be going home with you now wouldn't I but if you must know, I think I talked to him to much. He became less attractive by the minute and I am not that drunk to go down that road."

"Awe did he turn you down sweet cheeks?" Dean asked and stuck out his lip.

"No one turns me down Dean." She got off her stool and straddled one of his legs. She moved as close as she could to him but just far enough that their lips weren't touching "Would you?"

"I never had the offer."

"Too bad you never will." She said and moved off of him, "So Ben I am dieing here. What do you go for me?"

Ben pulled out a folder from under the bar and handed it to Kaylee. She opened it and Dean leaned over her shoulder to get a better look, "Do you mind?" she asked looking back at him.

"Not at all. Plus this way I get to see a nice view." He said looking down her tank top.

"You are such a perv. Anyways," she began reading and looked up at Ben, "Really Ben? Of all cases you give me this one."

"What? I think you are the best for the job." He said and looked at Dean who was smiling, "I mean I could give it to Dean." He said.

Both of the men were looking at her with big smiles on their faces, "Three strippers are missing and you think I am best for the job? Thank for that."

"Oh come on Kaylee. Take one for the team." Dean said and grabbed another beer. "Hey I may even tag along and help."

"I bet you will." Kaylee knew what she would have to do and having Dean along would make things go faster, "Alright Winchester lets see what you are made of. Oh and keep it in your pants until we are done."

"Fine but I am driving."

"Fine by me. I have always loved that car." She said and walked over to the door. Dean watched as she walked off admiring her ass every step of the way.

"Try not to get into trouble." Ben said and Dean winked.

"Me and her, things are bound to get interesting." Little did they know, this was the start of a whole new level of their competition.