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Snakepaw growled softly to himself as he and his mentor sparred in the training clearing. Darkfang tossed the light grey apprentice off of him with ease. Snakepaw looked up at his black furred mentor hopeful.

Darkfang glared at his apprentice and smacked him, hard. Snakepaw staggered from the blow, he thought his mentor had stopped being abusive to him.

"You are an idiot." Darkfang spat, "Not worthy of being a ThunderClan warrior."

Frostpaw burst into the training clearing, "Come on! ThunderClan is under attack by ShadowClan!"

Darkfang and Snakepaw rushed to the camp. ShadowClan cats where everywhere. Snakepaw lunged at an apprentice and the two rolled over each other clawing and spitting. Snakepaw clawed at the other apprentice's belly with his hind legs and she let go to run off screeching. Snakepaw saw his sister Sootpaw losing her fight and ran over to attack the warrior pinning her down.

"If you know what's good for you, you'll get your paws off my sister!" He yowled. The warrior looked up, his yellow eyes glittering with shock.

"You are a foolish apprentice. You honestly think you can beat me?" He sneered. Snakepaw leapt at his shoulder clawing at him, anger filling every inch of Snakepaw's body. The warrior threw him off and turned to him. Snakepaw started to stand but the warrior shoved him over and pinned him against the ground. Snakepaw felt sharp rocks poking him in the back.

"I am Stonefang. You know, the new ShadowClan deputy?" The apprentice gasped then struggled trying to free himself, his eyes wide with horror. The ShadowClan deputy sank his long fangs into the apprentice's neck. Snakepaw yowled in pain then fell silent as soothing darkness washed over him.

Snakepaw woke up in the medicine cats den he lifted his head to see that the medicine cat, Twigpelt, was sitting next to him.

"S-Sootpaw." Snakepaw chocked out, fear for his sibling over-ridding every other emotion. Twigpelt turned his head to look at him and suddenly Snakepaw regretted asking.

Twigpelt rested his muzzle on Snakepaw's head, "I am so sorry, Snakepaw. She didn't make it." Snakepaw trembled under the medicine cat and shoved himself onto his paws. Memories of his sister flooded his mind like the river after a long rain. Their apprentice ceremony, playing in the nursery, hunting together, playing with the other apprentices…

Snakepaw backed away from the medicine cat as if he'd turned into a snake, "No… no! You're lying." Twigpelt's eyes shone with sympathy and he took a step forward. Snakepaw scrambled backward and crashed into something. It was Redtail the medicine cat apprentice.

"What's wrong with Snakepaw?" Redtail glanced at his mentor then at the apprentice.

Twigpelt gazed at his apprentice, "I told him about Sootpaw."

"I'm sorry about your sister." Redtail told Snakepaw.

Snakepaw turned and shoved his way past Redtail. He didn't glance at the center of camp where he knew his sister's lifeless body lay, looking exposed and vulnerable, even though only the ThunderClan cats would come near her. Snakepaw shoved past a group of cats in the entrance and ran. When he had climbed the ravine he sat down and let out a wordless wail. Some of the cats in camp looked up as their fur stood on end.

Snakepaw was training with Darkfang again. His mentor was the new deputy, since Yarrowfoot had retired. It was two moons since the fight with ShadowClan and the night of the gathering.

"Try again, Snakepaw." Darkfang meowed in an emotionless voice. Snakepaw lunged at his mentor again twisting in mid-air. He landed on Darkfang and managed to hold on with unsheathed claws.

Darkfang growled, "Okay, get off." Snakepaw landed on his paws.

Darkfang was stopping the training session early, "I wanted to let you know that you can't go to the gathering tonight since attacked a ShadowClan cat last time."

"He started it." Snakepaw snarled, "I hate them and he was taunting me saying that ThunderClan was so weak they should've sent their kits to attack us."

Darkfang shook his head, "You should not hate them for killing your sister." He started to stand, "After all, you idiot, it was you that failed to save her. You let your sister die."

Snakepaw shook his head and Darkfang slashed at him with his claws, "Are you stupid?"

"N-no." Snakepaw flattened himself to the ground and stared up at his mentor.

"Then you can tell it's the truth." Darkfang spat, "Because you were such a weakling, such a sorry excuse for a cat that you couldn't fight off her attacker. Snakepaw opened his mouth but Darkfang clawed his ear, Snakepaw stifled the yowl of pain as blood slowly rolled down the side of his face dripping onto the ground in a small red pool.

Darkfang sneered, "Sootpaw's death was your own fault. You were responsible." Darkfang stalked out of the clearing and tossed over his shoulder, "I'm sorry that I have to mentor a gutless thing like you. Make sure you clean yourself up before returning to camp." But Snakepaw had his paws over his ears and his eyes were screwed shut as the words echoed in his head.

Your fault. You were responsible. Your fault. You were responsible. The cruel words bounced in his mind scarring the apprentice.

Snakefang didn't raise his head proudly like most new warriors do. Flintstar had just named him and the warrior looked anything but proud. His scars from training with Darkfang had faded leaving small lines on his skin. But the worst injury Darkfang had caused him were those words spoken moons ago.

Your fault. You were responsible. Your fault. You were responsible. Those words tormented him, every day, they were always there hurting him and twisting him, slowly driving him mad.

Darkfang was hunting by himself along the Thunder path at dusk. He didn't see the scared tom behind him. He couldn't smell his either. This was the opportunity Snakefang had been waiting moons for. He moved forward silently, his former mentor and tormentor unaware that death lurked just inches behind him. Snakefang lunged landing on the deputy's shoulders. Darkfang rolled over trying to squash him but Snakefang jumped clear and shot his paw out onto the tom's dark chest and pressed down. He moved his other

"A dark fang and a dark heart. Is there anything about you that isn't dark?" Snakefang mused out loud. Darkfang looked up at his former apprentice, horrified to realize only rage and madness glittered in Snakefang's eyes. Snakefang knew his struggles were in vain and Darkfang quickly realized that too.

"Snakefang." He pleaded, "Don't do this."

Snakefang sneered, "Why not? Because you showed such mercy to me?" He gave a blood chilling laugh that made Darkfang's eyes widen even more.

"You look like an owl." Snakefang commented a twisted grin on his face. He purred in amusment as he caught Darkfang's fear scent.

"Let's hear you beg some more." The tom meowed softly. Darkfang screamed in agony as Snakefang sang his claws in then slowly pulled them out.

Snakefang cocked his head and meowed in a cruel voice, "Where to start? Where to start? Your face maybe? After all that's where you started with me." Darkfang made a whimpering noise.

"Please Snakefang, please. Don't do this." Darkfang begged.

Snakefang sneered, "Why not?" He raked his claws down the tom's face. Darkfang's blood spilled over his black fur. Slowly it trickled off his pelt and dripped onto the ground the way Snakefang's had moons ago. The similarity didn't escape Snakefang.

"So many things the same yet reversed." Snakefang muttered, "Who's gutless now, Darkfang? I' am still the weak apprentice that was responsible for his sister's death." He waited while the black furred tom gasped in pain.

"Sootpaw's death wasn't your fault." Darkfang hissed desperate to live.

"Your fault. You were responsible." Snakefang spat, "Sound familiar, don't they? It was those words, not your claws that injured me the most."

Snakefang was growing tired off this and raked his blood coated claws down Darkfang's throat. The tom gasped then fell still. A red puddle of blood, larger than the one that had formed around Snakefang so many moons ago, pooled next to the now former deputy of the ThunderClan. Darkfang's eyes had glazed over and Snakefang was glad to notice that some fear-scent still hung in the air. He looked down at the pool of blood that had formed. The red puddle twisted his reflection and for a moment he thought he saw Sootpaw's reflection next to his. He swung his head and his sister wasn't there. He turned back to the puddle and she had vanished. Snakefang threw his head back and let out a wail, echoing the one he had made the day Sootpaw died. It was as full of grief as Snakefang realized his sister wasn't coming back. He stopped and stared at the star filled sky. Briefly he wondered which one was Sootpaw. He glanced down at Darkfang and backed up in horror as he fully realized what he had done. Snakefang swallowed and padded past not sparing a glance at the body of the cat that had been the reason for his nightmares, his horror filled apprentice days. Snakefang didn't hesitate as he crossed the Thunder path half way and stopped.

That night two cats went two different ways, one to StarClan and the other to the dark forest.

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