Okay. New story that I'm gonna try and write in one day. 2nitewepartay and I think that Ariana Grande is ticklish. Thus, a huge M rated fic with lots of sex is born! These will all be non-related, and all revolve around Cat being ticklish. Also, if this is really fucked up…then you'll know it's from me. Enjoy!

Cat was lounging on the Vega's couch, waiting for Tori to hurry up and get downstairs. She heard footsteps on the stairs, and turned around, expecting to see Tori. But, it was just Trina. Trina gave Cat a smile, to which Cat smiled back, blushing slightly. Most people knew that Cat was bi-sexual. Trina was one of the few who didn't. The talent-less girl sat down next to Cat, a little too close for Cat's well-being. Trina grabbed the remote, and lazily threw her arm on Cat's leg, causing the rambunctious girl to let out a high pitched giggle. Trina looked at the her, with a confused look on her face. Cat motioned to Trina's arm, before telling her the list of ticklish spots.

"My legs, feet, under my arms, tummy, neck, my boobs, and…um..," Cat trailed off, a little too nervous to list the last spot.

"What was that?" Trina asked, a sly grin on her face. "I didn't catch that last one."

"My vag," Cat mumbled, hiding her face in her hair. Trina laughed, before gripping Cat's chin, locking eyes with the smaller girl. Trina smashed their lips together with greater force Cat thought was possible. She didn't care, though.

Cat wrapped her arms around Trina's neck, as Trina's snaked down to Cat's waist. As they pass her stomach, Cat jerked up and laughed in the kiss. Trina gripped her waist, holding her still. Soon, Cat's hands made their way to the hem of Trina's shirt. Cat then pulled away, looking at Trina with a silent plead to be allowed to remove her shirt. Trina nodded to Cat, who grinned happily at this. Cat reached back down, and tore off Trina's shirt, as Trina tore of Cat's shirt. Both girls quickly removed their bras, before marveling at the other's breasts. Trina leaned forward, and began sucking on one of Cat's breasts, while rubbing the other. Cat shaking with moan-laced laughter. Trina was smiling, enjoying herself as much as Cat was. Maybe even more. When Trina was done, Cat grinned, before starting her own fun.

Cat pushed Trina backwards on the couch, then proceeds to straddle her. Trina started gasping as Cat dry humped her. Suddenly, they heard Tori from upstairs.

"Cat, I'll be right down! Just let me get my phone!" Tori called down. The two girls exchanged glances before grabbing their bras and shirts. The second their shirts were on, Tori came down the steps.

Tori took in the two girl's appearance. Trina and Cat both had smeared lipstick, and messed up hair. Cat's shirt was backwards while Trina's was inside-out. Tori shook her head.

"I don't wanna know."

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