Blood and Gold

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! If I did, things would have gone a lot differently.

Ryou sat beside his yami as they both looked silently out at the setting sun as it painted the sky in its reds and yellows.

"What do you think of when you look at the sunset?" Bakura asked, glancing over at his hikari.

"I always think of fire," Ryou said innocently. "What about you?"

The spirit contemplated for a while.

"…Blood," Bakura finally said.

"Blood?" The innocent British boy asked.

"Blood. Blood and gold," the spirit replied, nodding.

"Why?" Ryou asked, wrinkling his nose in disgust.

"Because those are the two things from which the Millennium items were forged," Bakura said nonchalantly. "Blood and gold."

Ryou looked back at the sunset and shuddered. It suddenly seemed so unpleasant.

The boy lightly touched the ring that rested upon his chest. Forged from blood and gold. Causing the sun to set on Bakura's happiness. Ruining his life.

Bakura put a hand on his hikari's shoulder.

"Forget it," he said quietly. "Just forget what I said. I don't want to ruin the sunset for you."

"How could the sunset get ruined when you're here?" Ryou asked, chuckling softly.

"Well..." the spirit said smugly, "I can't argue with that."

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