This is a story about that anime and also a tribute for a couple; I'm not sure if i did it well, i hope you enjoy it and comment.

The D-team, along with Dr. Z and the alpha gang, rescued their parents and also defeated Spectre and the Spectral Space Pirates. And also the D-team kids saved the universe rescuing the cosmo stones.

All the dinosaurs became into cards, incluying Chomp, Ace and Paris; D-team's dinosaur. Rex Ancient and his parents and also the alpha gang, took the dinosaur cards and returned to the future, leaving Max Taylor, Zoe Drake and the others to the present.

It passed one month since that, but then something unexepected happened. Rex, his parents and also the Alpha gang returned to the present with the time ship. Max, Zoe and the others were happy to see them again. Max, Rex and Zoe were happy to see their friends Chomp, Ace and Paris again.

Max: (Very happy while he was embracing his triceratops Chomp) Chomp, my friend, welcome back!.

Chomp bit his nose a little.

Rex: (While he was carrying his carnotaurus Ace) Ace, my partner!.

Zoe: (Happy while she was stroking her parasaurolophus Paris) Paris, nice to see you again!.

Then Max and Zoe set at Rex.

Max and Zoe: (Happy) Welcome Rex!.

One week later; the D-team was reunited again and were talking at Taylors's house.

Max: So Rex, how do you feel to return again?.

Rex: My parents were able to repair the time ship and then we decided to visit all you.

Zoe: It's good, i thought we never see you again.

Rex: I couldn't forget all you, i needed to see you again.

Max: So, do you plan to stay here with us?.

Rex: I think so, but my parents told me that we couldn't stay here too much time, after we'll return to the future.

Max: Well, you can stay in my house if you want.

Rex: Thanks but my parents and i will stay in a hotel.

Max: Okay, by the way, how are Dr. Z and the rest of the Alpha gang, Zander and Ed.

Zoe: And also the old lady.

In that moment, since the time ship, Ursula heard what Zoe said, she was very angry.

Ursula: (Yelling comically very angry and hysterical) I don't want to hear that word!

Zander and Ed tried to calm her down.

Max: I think they must be fine.

Rex: Yeah, they are relaxing in the time ship.

Some days later; Max was playing with Chomp at his house.

Max: (Happy while he was carrying Chomp) Chomp, it's good that i have you again.

Chomp was happy to hear that.

Max: By the way Chomp, i want to tell you one secret.

Chomp was a little confused to hear that. Max was looking at the sky and then imagined Zoe there.

Max: (Smiling a little) You know Chomp, i was thinking about Zoe all this time, i guess i'm in love with her.

Chomp seemed to understand what Max said. Then Spike Taylor, Max's father, came to see Max and Chomp.

Mr. Taylor: Hey son, are you happy to have Chomp again?.

Max: Of course dad, Chomp is my best friend, as well as Rex.

Mr. Taylor: It's good for you.

Max: Well dad, i have to go out to the city to buy something for... (But then he stopped talking)

Mr. Taylor: (A little mischievous) It's okay son, i know that you want to buy something for your girlfriend.

Max blushed a little to hear that.

Max: (In his condition) What girlfriend? Dad, i don't know what are you talking about.

Mr: Taylor: Come on Max, before Rex and the others returned from the future, you always spent your time thinking about Zoe, and i heard that you wanted to buy her a gift.

Max: (A little nervous and blushed) Well... yeah... i...

Mr. Taylor: Don't worry son, you passed for difficult situations, i think you can handle this.

Max: I guess you're right, but first i want to see something before

And then he left his house, Chomp followed him.

Later, Max was walking in the city with Chomp.

Max: (While he was looking at the stores) I have to think what Zoe could like as a gift.

He continued looking for something until he saw a flower store. Max set at a beautiful bunch of flowers.

Max: (Happy) For someone who uses grass atributes, the perfect gift must be flowers

But then he surprised to see the price for the flowers.

Max: Damn! It's expensive, no matter, i guess i have some hidden money in my room, i'll take it and will buy that gift for Zoe.

Then he returned to his house.

Meanwhile at the time ship; Dr. Z was playing with the dinosaur cards.

Dr: Z: (Hysterically) I don't care what the Ancients told me, i'll become the dinosaur king, no matter what happens and no one will stop me!

But suddenly, Helga appeared behind him.

Helga: Dr. Z!.

Dr. Z: (Scared) Ahh! Helga, what are you doing?.

Helga: (With a menacing look) Dr. Z! Dr. Ancient told me to watch you if you planned to do something evil or stupid.

Dr. Z: (Very sad) Please Helga, it's my dream!, by the way where are Ursula, Zander and Ed? Help me!.

In that moment, the Alpha gang was spending their time at the city.

Ursula: (Very happy) I'm glad that we could be here again, i want to buy me new pretty clothes for the trip.

Zander: (In love while he imagined Reese Drake, Zoe's sister) And i can buy something special to my angel Reese.

Ed: (Very happy) And maybe i can buy too much food when we return to the future.

At the next day; Max, along with Chomp, went to the flower store.

Max: (Feeling confident) I'm a little scared, but today is the day i tell Zoe my feelings for her.

Max bought a bunch of flowers, and then he went to another place very calmed. Max went to Zoe's house. He knocked the door; in that moment Reese opened the door and saw Max with a bunch of flowers.

Reese: Hi Max, what are you doing here?.

Max: Hi Reese, is Zoe in house?.

Reese: Zoe? Sorry but she's not here.

Max: Eh? So where is she?.

Reese: She told me that she went out with Rex.

Max was in shock to hear that.

Max: (Worried) With Rex? So, for what?.

Reese: I don't know, my sister said something about a date.

Max felt a big depression to hear that, he clenched the bunch of flowers, he seemed to be sad. Reese realized Max's expression.

Reese: (A little worried) Max, are you okay?.

Max: (Faking to smile) Eh? Yeah, i'm fine, sorry to bother you, well i'm leaving, let's go Chomp.

And then he left the house, Chomp followed him.

Max was walking with his broken heart, and then he sat in a bench of the park with Chomp. Max was very sad with his head tilted.

Max: (In his condition) I can't believe it Chomp, so Zoe likes Rex.

Then he threw out the bunch of flowers that he bought, to the garbage.

Meanwhile in the time ship, Dr. Z took some dinosaur cards and went to his bedroom. He picked up two cards and watched them.

Dr: Z: (Very happy) My children, my pachycephalosaurus and my therizinosaurus, i wish you come back again to remember our time together.

Later; Max arrived to his house in his condition; his parents realized when he came.

Mr. Taylor: Max, how was your date with Zoe.

Max: (A little sad) Dad, i don't want to talk about that now.

Then Aki Taylor, Max's mother, went to talk with her son.

Mrs. Taylor: (A little worried) Max, what happened to you?.

Max: (Trying to be happy) It's okay mom, i'll be fine, so what's for dinner?.

Mrs. Taylor: I'm going to prepare your favorite dish.

Max: Well, i'm going to wash my hands.

Then he went to the bathroom. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor were a little worried about their son who was sad.

Mr. Taylor: I wonder what happened to him.

Mrs. Taylor: Maybe it happened what happens in dates.

Max was washing his hands and face, but he's still sad.

Max: (Very sad) Zoe, why did it happened to me?.

Meanwhile at Zoe's house; Zoe came to her house.

Reese: Zoe, where have you been?.

Zoe: Don't worry Reese; i was in the mall with Rex.

Reese: Well, you were in a date with him?.

Zoe: (A little nervous) Well... changing the subject, was everything okay at house?.

Reese: Yeah, by the way, a while ago, Max came here to see you.

Zoe: Max?, so what did he want?.

Reese: I don't know, when i told him what you told me, he left without saying any word.

Zoe was a little worried to hear that.

Zoe: (A little worried) I want to know what happened to Max, maybe is what Rex told me today.

Meanwhile at the Taylors's house, Max was having dinner with his parents, also with Chomp. Max had his dinner but he still feels sad, his parents realized his condition.

Mrs. Taylor: (Trying to cheer up Max) So son, how was your favorite dinner?.

Max: (Smiling a llittle) It's okay mom, thanks.

Mr. Taylor: (Trying to cheer him Max) Well son, you know, to cure a broken heart a good dinner is a solution... (but then Aki stepped in his foot making him a little hurt)

Mrs. Taylor: (A little upset) Don't say that, you're trying to discourage your son!.

Mr. Taylor: Sorry, i didn't want to hurt him.

Max: It's okay dad, i think i'll go to sleep, let's go Chomp.

Max left his parents and Chomp followed him to his bedroom.

Mr. Taylor: Don't worry Max, everything will be okay tomorrow.

Later, Max was on his bed with Chomp, he was thinking a little worried.

Max: (Very sad) Maybe i must accept it, after all Zoe seemed like Rex from the beginning, but i...

Then Max started to remember the moments about he and Zoe together, the happy, dangerous and also funny moments. Also he remembers the time he was jealous when Jim kissed Zoe on her cheek and then she tried to kiss Max making him blushed.

Max: (Very sad) Zoe set someone like Rex, after all he's smart and also he has good skills, maybe better than me.

Then he tried to sleep despite of his conditions.

Meanwhile at the time ship; Dr. Z was sleeping with his two dinosaur cards, but suddenly a lamp which was turned on fell down illuminating the cards and then the pachycephalosaurus and the therizinosaurus appeared again. A big problem is going to happen.

At next day; Max was walking with Chomp, he still feels sad.

Max: I must stop thinking about Zoe; she's just a friend since now.


Max, Rex and Zoe were walking together in the city with their dinosaurs that were acting like dogs.

Max: (Very happy) I'm happy we are together again.

Rex: Yeah, i'm glad to have friends like you.

Zoe: And also we can spend our time with our friends.

Rex: No problem, for that i returned.

Zoe: (Happy) Really?, i want we go to the mall one day together.

Rex: Of course, tell me when and i'll go.

Rex and Zoe looked each other very happy. Max looked at them; he was a little worried about what's happening.

/End of flashback/

Max was very sad to remember that and continued walking with Chomp at the park. But then he imagined Zoe again, he felt angry.

Max: (Upset with his fallen fists) That's it! Since now i must feel comfortable without her.

Chomp got closer him; it felt a little worried for him.

Max: (While he carried Chomp and embraced it to feel comfortable) At least, i have you my friend Chomp, you're the one who can understand me.

Max was walking while he was carrying Chomp, but suddenly the Alpha gang appeared in front of him.

Ursula: (In high voice) Hey kid, we were looking for you!.

Max: (A little disinterested) Great, it's the old lady.

Ursula was angry to hear what Max said.

Ursula: (Yelling very angry) Who do you call old? I'm not so old!.

Zander and Ed tried to calm her down.

Max: I had too much problems for now, what do you want from me?.

Zander: We need your help to stop Dr. Z's pachycephalosaurus and therizinosaurus.

Max was surprised to hear that.

Max: What? Two secret dinosaurs? I thought they will be fine.

Ed: Well, it looks Dr. Z took them to his bedroom but accidentaly they were unleashed and now they escaped.

Max: Well, why didn't you use your dinosaurs to stop them?.

Ursula: We tried, but Terry, Spiny and Tank were defeated (Then it imagined Alpha gang's dinosaurs were defeated by the secret dinosaurs), and now we need your dinosaurs to stop them.

In that moment; Terry, Spiny and Tank; the tyranosaurus, the spinosaurus and the saichania respectivily; were hurt in the time ship while they were cared by Helga.

Max: This is great, we must go to the D-lab, i need to have my dinotector to use Chomp.

The Alpha gang nodded and with Max they went to the D-lab.

At the D-lab; Max and the Alpha gang arrived. In there, Reese and also Rod and Laura, they realized they were there.

Max: Reese, the pachycephalosaurus and the therizinosaurus are out, i need my dinotector.

Reese: Yeah Max, i know, Dr. Ancient told me what happened.

Max took his dinotector but then he realized that Dr. Owen was here too.

Dr. Owen: Hi Max, how are you?.

Max: (Surprised) Dr. Owen, when did you come here?.

Dr. Owen: Well, i heard about the two secret dinosaurs and i decided to come.

Patrick, Dr. Owen's assistent approached to him.

Patrick: I think that is not the unique reason.

Then, Dr. Owen set at Ursula, he fell in love with her again and run to her.

Dr. Owen: (Very happy) Ursula, my love!, i'm glad to see you again, please accept to marry me!.

Ursula screamed in panic and run out very fast.

Ursula: (Yelling nervous while she run out to escape from Dr. Owen who tried to catched her) Aaaahhh! Stay away from me! Grandpa!.

Dr. Owen: Ursula, don't avoid me! Wait for me!.

Patrick: (Trying to cacth Dr. Owen) Dr. Owen, there's more important things than that!.

The others were very confused about what they saw.

Max: (Taking his dinotector) Well, Reese i'm going to stop those dinosaurs by myself.

Reese: Hey stop Max, shouldn't you ask Rex and Zoe to help you with that?.

Max was angry to hear that.

Max: (In his condition) No! I don't want their help! Understood?.

Reese was surprised to hear his voice, also Zander, Ed, Rod and Laura.

Zander: My god! That kid scares me.

Ed: I think so.

Laura: (A little upset) Hey! What's your problem Max?.

Rod: (A little upset) Yeah, Reese just was talking, that's not the reason to raise your voice to her!.

Max: (Angry) That's not your problem, i have a duty now, stop those dinosaurs by myself, let's move Chomp!.

Then he left them. The others are a little worried for him.

Rod: What's wrong with him?.

Laura: I don't know, maybe he fell from his bed.

Later, Max was riding his bike while he was checking his dinotector looking for the dinosaurs.

Max: (Riding to another place) They must be close, this way! .

After riding too much; Max realized that the pachycephalosaurus and the therizinosaurus were destroying at an abandoned factory with their special attacks.

Max: There they are, it seems they are out of control.

The pachycephalosaurus and the therizinosaurus realized that Max and Chomp were there and went attempting to attack them. Max and Chomp dodged them just time.

Max: (A little upset) Well Chomp, it's time to prove everybody we can handdle them alone, let's go!.

He was ready to use his dinotector. Max is comfronting a big danger. Can he and Chomp win?

The first part is done, what will happen next? find out reading the next part, thanks and comment.