Title- Ends With Family

Author- D M Evans

Disclaimer – Arakawa owns all

Rating FRT

Characters – Ed

Warning– Spoilers for the end of the manga

Timeline – Set a few years after the Promised Day, based on a picture at the end of FMA 108 so definite spoilers

Summary– His extended family makes him feel so lucky

Author's Note– written for the token challenge and because I see no end of post-series fic coming from me

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" – Anthony Brandt

Edward wasn't sure which token of friendship and well wishes surprised him more. Ling had sent baby rattles, one in the shape of a dragon, the other a phoenix that Ed had promptly claimed too fine – they were silver after all – for baby hands. Truth was, they were just too cool and he was keeping them in his office. Winry had given him the evil eye, but Ed was used to that.

Hearing his young son fussing in the crib, Ed went to check on him before Phillip could wake Winry out of a much needed nap. Ed pulled back the Ishbalan baby blanket and picked his son up. Yes, the blanket had to have been the most unexpected of gifts sent by Meddur, the name Scar was using now. The letter attached to it mentioned the man's respect for Edward and his regrets for what he had done to Winry. The blue, white and gold blanket bore an Ishbalan design of flowers.

Ed grabbed a stuffed cat and headed downstairs and out onto the porch. Cradling his son, he let the baby examine the stuffed toy with Phillip's usual curiosity. Ed couldn't remember if it was from Al or the bastard. Apparently Roy felt the need to do his part and Maes's. Between Uncle Al and Uncle Roy, there were so many toys in the house, Ed felt like he was living in a toy store. Who knew a baby could make people act like idiots? Wouldn't catch him acting like that.

Gazing down into his son's bright gold eyes, Ed grinned then leaned over and blew a raspberry on the boy's belly until Phillip was giggling and flailing. Nothing silly about that, right? Phillip was a lucky baby to have such an extended family; they all were lucky.

Author's Note #2 – I've used Moroccan culture and art as a basis for the Ishbalan's. To that end, Meddur is a Moroccan Berber name meaning 'alive.' Seemed to fit a man who died twice. Phillip's name is a nod to Phillippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim otherwise known as the alchemist Paracelsus, who I have no doubt Arakawa used for Hohenheim (hers was much better looking, just saying)