*Authors Note*

This story will be very sad. It's going to be the saddest thing I've ever written. Keep tissues at hand. It will not end on the happiest note, just fair deal. I hope you enjoy it though, hope you continue to stick with me on this journey. It will be short, 20 chapters max. The pictures of Edward and Bella are up on my profile.

Ch. 1

Forgive Me I'm Trying to Find My Calling, I'm Calling at Night

Cold to the touch. Weak. Unhappy. These are ways to describe the way Bella Swan feels every day she wakes up and gets out of bed. Each morning could be her last. Every second, of every minute, of every hour of every day. She cannot take any of it for granted. She has to be thankful even when she knows any moment is her last on this earth. She has to be thankful because God has blessed her to live this long. She wasn't mean to live as long as she has. It was supposed to be under control until one day it spread like a wild fire, affecting her terminally, her death sentence had been given to her at the tender age of just twenty. She has leukemia. Terminal leukemia, months to live. She made a bucket list when she was diagnosed.

1. Go sky diving Check.
2. Travel the world. Check.
3. Fall in love. Unchecked.

Bella is simply waiting for that to happen. She's always wanted to experience love before. With a partner. With a boyfriend. She cannot leave this earth without at least knowing what it feels like to be tenderly cared for. To have a guy smile at her and give her butterflies. To have a guy kiss her gently and whisper sweet nothings against her skin. To have a guy simply hold her, tell her everything will be alright when he knows for a fact it won't. But she also realizes how unfair it would be to fall in love with someone and to have someone fall in love with her when she knows she's going to die.

She knows it. It's going to happen, nothing can stop it now. It spread too quick and damaged her too soon. Bella can't even imagine meeting the guy of her dream for fear of breaking him when she's taken away from a life she never really got to live. This is the life of Bella Swan. A twenty year old who has yet experienced lifeā€¦and will never get the chance to.