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Cassie's done this a thousand times before. She parks her car in the staff car park, and grabs the almost-empty Coffee Bucks cup from the cup holder as she swings out of the car. Far too many occasions of running late for 6am starts have taught her the technique of not spilling the coffee as she rushes out the car. It's also taught her the technique of walking across roads while swigging from her coffee cup and not getting hit by cars or ambulances.

The ER's busy, as it normally is. Walking by, Cassie nods hello to the nurse on the phone at the front desk. She heads along the main corridor, intending to visit her other colleagues. But one of them meets her on the way.

Dr Addison watches as Cassie walks down the corridor. His hand is resting on his hip in some diva-esque pose. "Please, dear God, tell me you haven't come in to work just to mock the rest of us because you have the day off," he says. "Because that's just pathetic and, Dr Dorian, we're going to have to mock you forever."

Cassie rolls her eyes at her ever joking fellow resident. "Well, Dr Addison, sorry to disappoint you and the rest of the department. I'm actually in to visit someone. Getting to make fun of you lot for being stuck working in this hell hole is just an added bonus."

Dr Addison walks towards one of the patient cubicles, giving Cassie an exaggerated glare as he goes.

If Cassie's honest with herself, the banter between all the staff is one of the main reasons she loves working here. She spends the next few minutes checking in with the other staff (and calling to cardiology to check the status of a patient she admitted last shift) before she exits the department, heading towards the elevators and up to the fourth floor.

Sammy Dorian is knackered. He hasn't slept in two days.

The ward he's spent those two days in is painted differently from the sterile white-ish grey of the rest of the hospital. The placid yellow is supposed to be more welcoming to families, supposed to elicit joy and happiness in this, the most hopeful of hospital wards.

He walks along the corridor, and it seems that everything is happening at a distance. He's that tired. But he knows exactly where he's going – he's done this route several times since 2am today. There seems to be an eternity between 1.59 and 2.01.

When Sammy arrives at his destination, Cassie's already standing there looking in through the window. He walks up to her slowly, but she doesn't hear him approaching.

"How's it going, Aunt Cassie?"

The sudden voice makes Cassie jump, but her new title makes her laugh. "He's gorgeous," she says, pointing to a crib three rows in. Sleeping in it is a tiny baby with a surprising mass of black fluffy hair and his mother's coffee complexion.

"Yeah," Sammy responds amazingly, looking down at his newborn son.

"How's Izzie?"

"Exhausted. She's sleeping just now." He stifles a yawn. Just the topic of sleep makes Sammy realise how tired he is himself. "I'm going to go home for a couple of hours too. Try to get some sleep while Izzie's sleeping and before he gets home. I need to get some things for Izzie anyway."

"You want a lift?"

"Please," Sammy answers. Another yawn. "Hey, you want to go in and meet your nephew?"

"Are you kidding? Of course I want to meet him," Cassie says. "In fact, if I didn't get to meet him I'd probably cry all the way home. Scratch that. I will cry all the way home. And some more when I get home."

Sammy rolls his eyes at his sister. "Come on then."

The nursery is quiet, save for the faint mumblings of babies.

"You ever wonder if babies have their own secret language that only they understand?" Cassie asks.

Sammy muses, a strange feeling of déjà vu seeping into his consciousness. "Yeah, actually." He leans over the crib and picks up the baby. "Hey," Sammy says to the baby boy, tiny little thing. "You wanna meet your Aunt Cassie? You should. She's pretty awesome." Sammy turns his head towards Cassie. "You want to hold him?"

"Dude, why do you keep asking stupid questions?"

Sammy rolls his eyes as he hands the baby carefully over to his sister.

"Hey, Little Guy," Cassie says in her child-friendly voice. "I'm your Aunt Cassie. You're so cute. Hey, when you want gum or candy or chocolate or something else your parents won't let you have, you come and visit me, okay?"

"Thanks, Cass," Sammy responds exasperatedly.

Cassie flashes a sarcastic grin. "No problem. You know, Little Guy," she says, once again addressing the baby, "your dad hasn't told me if he and your mom have picked out a name for you yet."

"We did," Sammy answers, rocking on his heels just slightly. "It's Jonathan Dorian. JD for short."

Cassie looks up from the baby to her brother. The expression on her face is unreadable, something Sammy hasn't seen before. "You named him after Dad?" She asks quietly, tears beginning to sting her eyes.

"Yeah," Sammy answers. "We decided we were going to months ago, but never told anyone. What do you think?"

"I think Dad would be so proud he'd be passed out in the corner," Cassie quips. Once the initial surprise wears off, Cassie looks back down at the baby. "Hi, Jonathan. Holy moly, Sam, you're a Dad. I can't believe it. Can you?"

Sammy sighs heavily. "No."

The roads are quiet as Cassie drives Sammy back to his and Izzie's house. Well, his, Izzie and Jonathan's house now.

"One question," Cassie says, not averting her eyes from the road ahead. "Now that you're a father and I'm an aunt and we both got married, does that mean we have to be responsible adults now?"

"I think so," Sammy says, amidst a yawn.

"Wow. I miss being an irresponsible adult."

"Tell me about it. You remember when we were kids and we use to sit in Dad's car belting out Don 't Stop Believin'?""Of course," Cassie chuckles.

"Did you ever think then that we'd end up here?"

"No," she answers. "But, to be fair, I was seven. My thoughts then rarely extended past dinner time."

The conversation stops there. Out of the corner of her eye, Cassie can see Sammy drifting off to sleep.

"He looks like Dad," Cassie whispers.

"I know."

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