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Chapter One: Bachelor Party (Part One)

"Now, what I have in mind is we ditch the leopard print table clothes and go for something a little more classy. I understand you're aiming for a jungle theme with your reception but I think there's a way we can combined your theme and an air of elegance without getting tacky," A thoughtful voice explained, fiddling with some silky fabric beneath his fingers. Was the material soft and work well as a tablecloth? Yes. Was it tasteless and tacky? That was yes with a capital Y-E-S! "Now, I can tell by how you're glaring at me you don't like what I'm telling you but listen to me, Felicia, you'll be much happier once I bring your vision together in a way that your guests will be gushing about for years to come."

The woman he addressed sighed and twirled one of her lng brown locks around her finger and looked at him sadly. "I guess you're right. I need to have faith in your ability to bring my fantasy to life I just really liked this cloth, Lelouch. Is there anyway we could fit it in somewhere else?" She asked curiously.

"I'm sure I can find some way to do that for you. Now, Shirley, do me a favor and set some appointments in my palm pilot. We need to go to the bridal store in two days with Felicia and her bridesmaids to ick out their gowns around noon. After that we need to go to the tuxedo store with Dan and his groomsmen to get them fitted for their tuxs. We also need to call Rivalz's bakery and see if he and his crew can make a special request cake. The next day we need to chat with the hotel about what we'll need to do to the room before the reception starts and we need to call our usual set up crew and make sure they aren't busy with anything else. I need their undivided attention." He instructed, glancing over at his assitant. She jolted up in surprise, her amber eyes widening a bit, before she hurriedly nodded and pulled out his electronic planner and began filling the information he'd listed. His cell phone buzzed loudly in his pocket suddenly, causing him to start and dig it out of his pocket.

"Lelouch, it's me! Euphy and Suzaku just showed up and Euphy was not looking too pleased! You need to high tail it back here as soon as possible!" His office secretary, Kaguya Sumeragi, gushed frantically. Kaguya was the younger cousin of his best friend, Suzaku Kururugi, and he had hired the girl over the summer since she needed a job. She was wuite splendid at her job; whether her motivation was the decent paycheck or the facts she had a rather obvious crush on Lelouch was up for debate. "I'll try to keep her from going bonkers but I really need you to get back here!"

"Calm down, Kaguya," Lelouch said smoothly, snapping his fingers at Shirley. She nodded and handed a small card over to the now confused young bride before them. Lelouch turned and headed toward the door, his perky assistant chasing after him with her heels clicking loudly on the tile. "Offer them some coffee or tea and those little cakes we order to give the guests. Try chatting Euphemia up about what flavor they're leaning toward for the cake or ask Suzaku how things have been going for him at work. Just get one of them talking; they never interrupt each other's conversations with their own problems." He explained as he walked. He indicated a man holding the hotel door open for them to Shirley, who promply pulled a few bills from her purse and placed them in his hand, bowing and muttering a quick thanks. "I'll be there in a few minutes, Kaguya. Just be the wonderful, charming girl I know you are and you'll keep them in line." He cut off her fangirl-like squeal by snapping his phone shut and flagging down a cab. He held the door open and waited until his assitant was seated in the back before slipping in himself. "Downtown, please. Chech Mate Wedding Coordinators, please." He said while loosening up his tie. The taxi slid into motion after his order was given.

Lelouch glanced as Shirley, who was now fidgitting like a nervous mouse cornered by a devious cat. "Shirley, Euphemia said she'd be stopping by at one o'clock, did she not? She's a good hour early, isn't she?" He mused aloud, watching how the girl flinched and tightened her hands grasp on her pencil skirt. Euphemia was normally not so high maintence but considering her wedding was in two weeks and she had a very limited window of time to talk to Lelouch about what they wanted, given she and Suzaku's hectic and uncoordinated work schedules. Her being so clearly haywire at his office for apparently no reason made very little sense to him. "And the for her to be insulted that I'm not in? I told her I have other appointments."

"I'm so sorry Lulu! I forgot the consultation with Felicia was scheduled for eleven thirty and scheduled Euphy in for twelve rather than one! I lied because I didn't want you to get mad at me!" The young woman confessed suddenly, eyes welling up with tears. Lelouch sighed, reached over, and gently stroked her orange haired head with one pale hand.

"When this kind of stuff happens just be upfront and tell me what happened, okay? I promise I won't get mad if you make a few mistakes every now and again," He stated in a gentle tone. Lelouch had known Shirley Fenette since they were in high school and had even dated the girl for about a year. Things between them, however, ending up not turning out well when Lelouch realized he wasn't really attracted to women and his affection for the girl had merely been platonic. They agreed to stay friends and she remained one of his closest friends. "We may be boss and assistant but we're also friends, Shirley." He stated again, still stroking her hair like she was a weeping child and he was her mother.

"You're such a forgiving guy, Lelouch," She sniffled softly, wiping at her eyes with one hand. Her mascara was running and her eyeliner was smudged. Lelouch sighed, took her purse, and began rummaging through it. He knew she carried make-up in her bag to do little touch-ups between appointments. He handed her a handkerchief he'd hand folded into the breast pocket of his coat and indicated his eyes with one finger. She blushed, realizing what the sign meant, and set to work removing the ruined appearance.

"Close your eyes and tilt your head up," Lelouch said as he pulled out the eyeliner and eyeshadow she'd gone with for the day. She followed his instruction and he repaired the damage her crocodile tears had done, being gentle but also putting her together flawlessly. Being a perfectionist, he was always the best at making sure a girl or guy was put together properly and stylishly. That keen eye for detail was probably why Lelouch was one of the most renowned wedding planners in all of Japan.

The taxi pulled up to the small building Lelouch operated from. He usually preferred flashy, theatrical places but he also knew that a wedding planners building didn't need to be excessively big because it would lead to an excessively large amount of money to keep up. Lelouch walked into his small business confidently, a less than self-assured Shirley clicking after him. Kaguya sat behind her desk, clacking away at her desk computer. She jolted up and stood, her bright jade eyes large with concern. "I tried to go in and perk them up but Euphy wasn't having it. She said to leave them alone in your office until your arrival," She whispered softly, looking down in shame. Lelouch gently patted her head, much like he had with Shirley.

"I assume Suzaku's sitting there in nothing but his boxers, right?" He asked with a small teasing grin. Kaguya giggled, covering her mouth with her hands to try and muffle the sound. If not for the fact they were such great friends Lelouch wouldn't commonly tease the grooms dealing with bridezillas. But considering it was his half-sister and his best friend he was taking care of he figured, as long as they didn't hear him, joking with the staff was okay. "Shirley, you coordinate those times and appointments we made today with kaguya so she can put them in the office computer. I'm going to go try to slay a dragon in my office." He said calmly, shrugging off his black coat adn hanging it on the nearby rack. Both girls nodded, trying not to drool at the sight of their employer standing there in a long sleeved white top with his tie hanging lazily over his chest, and watched him disappear behind the nearby wooden door.

Lelouch wasn't surprised to see the mop of curly bown hair or the long tendrils of bubble gum pink locks sitting in the guest chairs across from his desk, which would seperate them from one another. "Sorry I'm a little late. We had a little bit of a problem with one of my other girls that we had to see to and I lost track of time," He stated calmly. He wasn't going to tell them the truth, about Shirley's mistake, because he didn't want to throw the poor girl under the bus. He knew she was feeling guilty over the whole thing and that was enough of him.

"You should really learn to manage your time better, Lelouch," The other male in the room chuckled good naturedly. Suzaku Kururugi was an attractive specimen of the male sex. He had curly brown locks that looked soft to the touch with bangs that could curl into his eyes, giving those dark emerald orbs a keen glint in accordance to whatever emotion he was feeling at the moment. Under his brown turtle neck sweater was a plane of rippling tan muscles that would make any girl, or male with a taste for other male flesh, swoon easily. His skin was a golden tan and was completely natural from his many hours doing outside activities.

"Well I guess you're right about that," Lelouch confessed calmly, glancing at his older sister cautiously. Euphemia was a very pretty girl, always had been and he was certain she always would be. She was given the pale complexion that seemed to run in the Lamperogue family with pink hair that tumbled down her back like a wave forever frosen in it's rise. Her eyes were a lilac color similiar to Lelouch's, if only a few tones lighter than his. She watched him with a keen glint inher eyes, analyzing him and seeing if he was lying. "Sorry I'm so undone. I was just tired; that woman really has no taste."

"It's a good thing she has you to fall back on but don't forget your family," Euphy huffed lightly, leaning back in her seat and straightening out her long blue skirt. Euphemia was a librarian at a public school and, because classes were always coming and going, had to do her best to find time to escape during the work day to fret over the wedding. Her words were her form of accepting his words and deciding to believe him which helped Lelouch relax a little more.

"Now, have you two decided on a theme yet? Or any specific colors?" He asked calmly, pulling out a notepad and a pen. He clicked the end, popping out the little tip. "You two have been coordinating and discussing when you can, right?" He asked, glancing up. The two looekd between one another nervously before looking anywhere around the room except Lelouch. "You mean you two haven't been discussing it? Suzaku, I've been telling you to tend to this every day!" Lelouch stated harshly, glaring at the two. He and Suzaku currently lived in an apartment with two of their females friends, who were dating, and saw each other quite often.

Euphemia sighed and looked down. "I'm sorry, Lelouch. It's just been hard to get together and talk. I mean, Father and Mother have been bombarding with phones calls and when I finally have a chance to call Suzaku's usually on his work phone with one of the parents he deals with. That or Cici hangs up on me," She stated gently. Cici, one of their roommates, was what she called a stay at home mother. She and Kallen had adopted a golden retriever pup, which they then named Cheese-Kun, and since Cici was unemployed it became her job to train the little pooch. She was also far from a fan of Euphemia. She found Euphy to be too high maintence and superficial for her tastes, which she vocalized to Suzaku every chance she got.

"Well, considering Suzaku works with an adoption agency that's understandable and I'll have a stern talk with Cici. The only thing keeping her around is the fact Kallen's coveraging both their bills," He stated flatly before looking at the couple before him again. "Well, since I have you hear for about thirty minutes we can do a little bit of this right now. So... Colors? What would you two like to see?" He asked gently, looking back down at the pad of paper.

"Well, I kind of like the idea of incorporating gold and white in the wedding somehow," Suzaku piped in cautiously. Euphemia perked up and looked at him, stunned. He hadn't mentioned a word of this to her. "I think they'd look good. Plus you mentioned wanting purple and pink flowers in your bouquet. The four colors would look good together, right?" Suzaku asked, graspng at straws and looking over at Suzaku hopefully.

"He's got a point there. Plus the white and gold are colors that could be seen as masculine and feminine at the same time. It'll give it a good contrast and let Suzaku's family feel he did participate in the decesion making for the wedding," Lelouch stated calmly, scribbling it down. He then glanced back up and nodded a bit, check that off his list of things to do. "Now have you discussed what flavor cake you want and how many tiers you'll need in order to feed all your guests?"


Lelouch groaned as he and Suzaku walked into their large apartment. The second the door closed little Cheese-Kun came sharging virtually out of nowhere anad began sniffing the two men eagerly, his tail erect. After a moment he seemed to recognize them and settled for hopping on their legs. The ebony haired male brushed him off while the other leaned down and fondled over him. "Don't be so mean, Lelouch!" He laughed happily.

"I need a nice long bath. You and Euphemia are just too much. I've never dealt with a couple so unprepared for their own wedding before," He groaned as he opened his door. he stopped when he saw his large black suitcase resting on his bed, some of his clothes folded neatly in it along with all his bathroom supplies. "And what would this happen to be all about? Planning to kick me out, ladies?" He called down the hall, indicating his packed bag. Suzaku perked up, picking Cheese-Kun up and cuddling him lightly, before the door next to Lelouch's swung open.

"I was feeling nice. We're going to Vegas, remember?" A dull, bored female voice asked as the owner walked out. A woman in a plush white bath robe with long lime green hair waledk out, her wolfish gold eyes gleaming as she looked between the boys. She patted her leg lightly and the pup in Suzaku's arms squirmed, landed on the ground and darted over to her eagerly. "I packed you two some clothes. We'll only be gone for two days but I thought you'd want all you things. Especially considering how OCD you get, Lelouch." She said briskly while picking the little hound up. Now I'm going to finish getting ready and then Cheese-Kun and I are going to watch Deal or No Deal until Kallen gets here so we can go." She then disappeared back behind the door just as abruptly as she'd arrived.

"Great! I forgot about that so now I have to have Shirley and Kaguya change all those times and plans!" Lelouch cursed with a groan, pulling out his cell phone. This, he knew was going to be a long next few weeks. If only he'd remembered they were having Suzaku's bachelor party way early due to their only real time for wedding planning and such being the few days before the actual ceremony. Why Suzaku and Euphemia didn't just decide to postpone the wedding until the two of them had more time for planning and such was beyond him. He just knew that their inability to think long term was seriously putting a dent in his own life.


The plane ride to Las Begas, where Kallen's brother was awaiting them, had been one Lelouch could have lived without. Cici and Suzaku had fought most of the ride. Suzaku had snapped over how Cici treated Euphemia which lad them to fight about trivial things as well, like how it had taken Cici ten minutes to be done wishing Cheese-Kun good luck in the pet compartment of the plane. He said that if "you can be so humane to a stupid ball of fluff why can't you be at least civil with my fiancee?" It had ended when Cici chose to turn around and cry on Kallen, who then threatened to rip Suzaku's testicles and end the Kururugi clan with him is he was going to bully her girlfriend. Rather than try to fight back against the both of them he settled for snagging one of the many books Lelouch, who was sitting next to him, had brought and remainined shut in to the book the rest of the time.

"You know that Cici won't listen to you so why do you feel the need to pick a fight with her?" Lelouch asked as he adn Suzaku went to get the luggage. Cici went to get Cheese-Kun while Kallen called her brother to tell him they were ready to be taken to the hotel. Her brother was a manager for New York, New York and had gotten them rooms at a pretty nice discount.

"Well I thought trying to be civil with her would actually get me somewhere for once. I'm starting to get sick of how she treats Euphemia! I might just uninvite her from the wedding!" He snapped angrily, yanking his bag off the rolling machine as it came by. Lelouch followed, which he took off with a little more care and consideration. "If you think you can get her to stop you try talking to her. I'm going to go wait out front for our ride." Suzaku seethed before stomping off. Lelouch sighed and set to work gathering the other bags.

Kallen snapped her phone shut just as Cici walked back over, Cheese-Kun's leash in one hand and his kennel in the other. "Hello little prince! Mommy missed you so much while you were gone! Yes she did!" Kallen gushed eagerly, scooping the fluffy puppy up and kissing him as he licked at her feverishly. Cici, however, was watching Lelouch and Suzaku's exchange and how then the brunette stomped away.

"Hey," She said suddenly, causing Kallen to look away from the pup she was now holding like a baby and look at her, "you hate Euphy too, right? She's not good enough for Suzaku. And he doesn't really love her, even though he hasn't realized it yet. You agree with me about that, right?" She pressed as she set the little kennel down. Kallen sighed and handed Cheese-Kun over, letting Cici nuzzle him lightly.

"What are you planning now, huh? Something deviously evil?" She asked calmly, hands on her hips. Cici glanced at her then looked back over at Lelouch. The red head followed her gaze and pale blue eyes snapped open. Now, Kallen was not the sharpest tool in the shed. Did she believe that men were pigs and that only her precious Cici and gay men could understand her? Yes. Did she usually use her fists to solve her problems? Most of the time that was how she stopped problems from remaining verbal. But even she knew what her girlfriend was planning. "No, Cici, no! We absolutely cannot!" She said sternly.

"You know they'd be perfect for each other, right?" Cici pressed further, clearly not taking her love's warning seriously. Cheese-Kun looked between his mothers' and his tail wagged happily. Somehow he knew something interesting was going on and wanted to know.

"W-Well...Yeah, I guess you're right, but Suzaku's engaged and we can't-" One finger to her lips silenced Kallen with the greatest of ease. An enchanting yet wicked grin turned up on the lips of the other woman who had requested the silence.

"I never said we were going to do it all; we're just going to make sure they see it. Even if it means drugging their drinks," And with that Cici began walking off, carrying her pup with great pride at her devious plan. Kallen watched for a moment before picking up the pet carrier and chasing after the other female.

'God I love how damn evil that woman can be!'


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