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Bonus Chapter: Boys on Film

Cici smirked a bit as they piled into their cab after Lelouch and Suzaku got married, stroking Cheese-Kun's head lightly as Kallen snickered as well. The other two were in the back seat, lips locked together and letting out rather naughty noises. "Suzaku's totally going to bang him in the car if this keeps up!" The red-head giggled lightly.

"Hey don't you two think you should wait until we get to the hotel to consummate your marriage?" Cici called calmly, glancing back at the two curiously. Lelouch was pinned to the seat with Suzaku on top, the skirt of the dress pushed up to just barely hide the paler male's underwear from view. The front of the gown had been pushed down to reveal Lelouch's chest, his nipples standing out in the air, and Suzaku's head was resting sideways on the other's shoulder so he could see the green haired woman. "I mean, for one a bed would be more comfortable and two I think the taxi driver would be less than pleased if you got your bodily fluids all over his back seat." She pointed out calmly. The two sat back up a bit and looked at each other with blurry eyes before giggling.

"But, Cici, I thought this is what you wanted?" She whispered in surprise. The other smirked and chuckled lightly, nodding and giving the pup in her lap another pat on the head.

"And that is why I set up a camera in the hotel room so that I could record this glorious moment to show to them later. Once they've both realized just how much they love each other and like being married," She mused happily. Blue eyes widened in surprise before they glinted mischievously.

"You are one amazingly devious woman, Cici,"

The ride in the elevator back to the hotel room was an interesting one, to say the least. Suzaku was carrying Lelouch bridal style but since they were both a little drunk Suzaku was unable to stand still and Lelouch wanted to squirm to try and get more comfortable. They fell quite a few times before the elevator even left the ground. "Do you really want to get in an elevator with these two?" Cici asked an older couple that had darted up before the doors closed. They both fell silent and trotted over to the other one, waiting for it to descend again. She had smirked a bit smugly to herself just as the silver doors shut and they began their trip upward.

"Now then, follow us you two," Kallen said after the elevator stopped on their floor. She was pushing Suzaku along by his shoulders while he continued to carry Lelouch. "Let's just stay away from the wall that lets you look down. Something tells me that could end terribly, what with Suzaku holding Lelouch and being tall enough to lean over the edge with him in his arms." She laughed nervously. Cici, who was leading the group, giggled to herself as she pulled out their room key. She swiped it through the little automatic lock and pushed the door opening, holding it there.

"Kallen and I are going to head down stairs for a little bit and get some drinks at the bar. You two stay up here and enjoy your alone time as newlyweds," She said happily and Suzaku stumbled forward, tripping on his own feet and crashing to the ground on top of Lelouch. The other let out a short yelp before falling into giggles while the two women sweat-dropped at this.

"You're so clumsy, Suzaku!" He yowled eagerly, crawling away on his hands and knees toward the bed. He rested his arms and forehead against the edge of the bed while he continued to giggle over the other's little spill. Suzaku pouted lightly before crawling after him. Once the two were both out of the doorway Cici shut the door quietly and walked away, humming lightly as she led her snickering girlfriend back to the elevators with her.

Suzaku crawled up and rested so that his body was completely behind Lelouch, making the other blink a few times. "You're one to talk. You would have tripped if I hadn't carried you," He mumbled softly, wrapping his arms around the other's waist and beginning to grind in to his rear. The other released a few short, cute mewls of delight at this.

"No… Ngh. No I w-wouldn't have," He whined back, beginning to move against the other. He liked the feel of the other moving in to him like that but he wished for just a little more contact. He heard the other chuckle lightly, warm breath fanning his ear, and he whimpered loudly. "I would not have… Wait, what were we talking about?"

"I don't remember," Suzaku mumbled for a moment, sitting up a little and blinking. They stared at one another for a long moment before Lelouch pushed his hips back and let out another loud whine. "Stop doing that; I'm trying to remember what we were talking about!" Suzaku growled quietly, his member jolting to life.

"I don't care… I want to play," He mumbled impatiently, kissing Suzaku hastily on the lips. He whined and began to hitch up his skirts. "I've never had to wait this much when I wanted it this bad so hurry up!" He grumbled bitterly.

"But won't it… like… hurt or some junk?" Suzaku asked, opening the fly of his pants anyway. Lelouch huffed and snickered, chuckling a little bit as he pushed his black briefs down to his knees and spread his legs a little more.

"It only hurts if you don't do it often. I always take it so it'll be fine," He said happily, waiting again as Suzaku freed himself with a hiss. Lelouch wiggled his rear end a little, humming the song My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas. Suzaku caught his hips in his hands and held him firm.

"Stay still. I need to get it in," He said in a stern tone. He was chuckling slightly, however, so any attempt at authority was lost. He pushed forward into Lelouch and whistled loudly. "Wow! You're really tight!" He said in shock, still pushing forward.

Lelouch was clawing at the bed sheets. "No, you're just big!" He seethed softly before letting out a low moan. One of Suzaku's hands slid up, pushed the dress down in the front, and lightly pinched a nipple.

"Oh hush now, you little whiner," Suzaku tutted lightly in his ear as he began to move, thrusting hard and fast. Lelouch released even more little cries of delight, biting on to the blanket to try and silence himself a little. "You're just tight and it's very nice, so it's a good thing. Hmm… And you're warm too…"

"Hn… Myah~!" Lelouch purred in response as he began to move as well, shifting to help him angle better. He then let out a loud, shrill noise when his prostate was struck at the right angle. "Right there! Oh, God, yes Suzaku! Right there!" He groaned loudly, meeting the other's thrusts eagerly. He cried out more, his walls tightening, and Suzaku leaned forward, nipping and kissing the other's neck lightly as they both moved forward eagerly. Suzaku held Lelouch in place as they both released. Lelouch's filled his undergarments, dripping over the side a bit, while Suzaku filled the other up.

Suzaku slowly pulled out and leaned back before he smirked and stood. Lelouch looked at him innocently over his shoulder, panting and gasping, features still flushed in the afterglow. "I think it's time for round two, don't you?" He sang happily before removing his shoes and socks. Lelouch's eyes widened a bit and he pulled himself on to the bed with a bit of a struggle. His feet caught in the dress which resulted in him merely kicking it off of him. "What are you doing?" Suzaku asked calmly, removing his tuxedo jacket and watching the practically naked male roll about like a fish out of water on the bed.

"You're kidding about round two, right? I've never gone for two rounds in a row before!" He yelped with a blush on his cheeks. Suzaku blinked a bit then giggled lightly, stepping out of his pants and boxers. He then sat on the bed as he began to unbutton his shirt, hovering over Lelouch calmly.

"But it'll be fun; I promise," He purred lightly, leaning in and smacking a little kiss on the other's lips. Lelouch let out a cute little noise in response. He grinned lightly, tossing his shirt off to the side somewhere, and shifting Lelouch a little bit. "Now just lie back and spread your legs." He hummed lightly. He grinned even more when the paler male did as he instructed with only a second of hesitation.

He pushed in and groaned at the warmth enveloping him again. Lelouch shifted a little bit, feeling a little of the release from before leaking out a little and trickling down. "It feels weird," He mumbled when Suzaku looked at him curiously. The other giggled lightly, kissed him again, and then began slow, shallow thrusts.

The rest of the night was spent experimenting with new positions until Lelouch's stamina was completely gone and a mix of the alcohol and exhaustion knocked him out.

Lelouch and Suzaku stared with wide eyes and bright faces at the television screen just as Cici and Kallen walked in to the hotel. The green haired witch smirked lightly at the camera. "This is our congratulations gift on your wedding, by the way. Hope you both enjoy it when you finally get it," She giggled before blowing a kiss and turning it off. Cici, sitting in the room with them, turned the television off with the remote control after the screen blurred out in blur.

"You… You actually recorded this?" Lelouch snapped while sending her a murderous glare. She merely waved the remote control in a circle in the air with a small smirk on her lips.

"I thought you would appreciate the gesture. It was for you two I did this, anyway," She mused in an innocent tone of voice. Cheese-Kun sat by her feet, leaning on her calf for support, while watching the three people in the room with acute interest. His ears perked up and his tongue lolled out of the side of his mouth as he panted quietly.

"This was completely intrusive and inappropriate and none of your business!" He snapped again, standing and glaring at her. His fists were clenched at his sides, his eyes were narrowed into angry slits and his entire face was a deep crimson.

"It was your business, though, so I merely recorded it for you two. This way, if things ever get dicey in your relationship, you can look back at this video and see how things started," She said gently. Her tone was almost the smooth, gentle type of tone a councilor would use when talking to their patient about their abandonment issues. "This is the type of exercise that a therapist would use on any normal struggling married couple."

"Except you aren't a registered therapist and the only reason that happened was because you drugged us in Las Vegas!" He growled, eye beginning to twitch. He shifted his gaze toward Suzaku, who was blinking a few times. "Suzaku, do you have anything to add? Like maybe help back me up over here?"

Slowly the other raised his head and looked at Lelouch as if seriously disturbed. "You were on the bottom in every sexual encounter you had?" He asked bluntly. Lelouch's face drained of color and his entire body was free of tension.

"What did you just ask me?" He asked slowly, certain he'd misheard the other. Oh, yes, this had to be a terrible misunderstanding on his part. The rage must have temporarily deafened him.

"On the tape," Suzaku said slowly, "you said you were always on the bottom. Is that true?" Lelouch twitched as a pink mist slowly crept back on to his cheeks.

"I hardly see how that needs to be dis-"

"Why don't you answer him, Lelouch? He's asking you a simple enough question, after all," Cici sneered lightly. He glared at her scornfully.

"Goddamnit, witch, keep your nose out of this!"

"Lelouch, stop avoiding my question! Is it true or not?" Suzaku snapped sternly. Lelouch groaned and smacked his forehead, mumbling bitterly to himself in French. "Is that's true… Oh my God, that Rolo kid over-powered you? You let that stupid, loli-looking pretty boy Rolo be your seme?" He erupted in a mix of horror and rage. Lelouch flinched at this, eyes widening a little bit, before he turned and began to walk away.

"I am not having this conversation with you in front of that contemptible witch and after having to watch that fucking tape!" Lelouch snapped while marching off to their room. Suzaku was right on his heels, however.

"So it is true? Dear God, Lelouch, how the hell did you let him top you?" He declared frantically. Their voices became muffled once their bedroom door slammed shut. Cici stretched out on her chair, turning so that her feet dangled off the side, and let out a contented sigh. She then leaned over, picked Cheese-kun up, set him on her stomach, and resituated herself in her chair.

"And that is why Suzaku needs to remember that no one eats the last piece of pizza in my pizza box, isn't that right, Cheese-Kun?" She hummed happily to her little pet, poking his nose lightly.


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