Aaaaah, KND. I loved this show. And for some reason, I got this idea to start writing fanfiction for it. I guess it's AU? But nothing much is really different. I'm planning this so it's more of a three-way war among kids, teens and adults. Hopefully expect tenuous alliances and betrayal or whatever. Though that was in the show too...Whatever. Hopefully this will be successful. Too bad I'm no good at acronyms. I guess I could try thinking up what the letters stand for later?

Operation: S.I.S.

Sector Is Scrapped

"Get your hands off me! You brats aren't gonna force me to do anything! I'm older than you! Would you listen?"

"Cree, please don' do this! Just go quietly! Please!"

"Numbuh Thirteen! Get her decommissioned now!"

"Ha! You think one dumb kid's gonna get me in there? You can't force me to do anything, ya hear me? ANY—"

The room full of operatives let out a sigh of relief as the door shut behind former Numbuh Eleven. Everybody kept their eyes on the door. Nobody dared to turn towards the sound of quiet sobbing.

A few minutes passed. Eventually, Numbuh 274 got worried.

"Numbuh Thirteen? What's going on in there?" A crash. The decommissioning room's door was quickly forced open. "Numbuh Thirteen! Numbuh Thirteen, are you alright? Kit! Kit! Everybody out! Medical ops, get in here! Numbuh Five, stay here." Medical operatives surrounded the body of the former decommissioning officer. Abigail Lincoln watched the frantic activity. She saw her sister's message etched on the wall.

Told ya.

"I…I'm sorry about Kit, Mrs. Noire."

"It's okay, sweetie. It…it wasn't your fault. Thank you for bringing her home, Abby." The door shut gently in her face. She had expected accusations. Or yelling. Or slamming. Somehow, hearing Mrs. Noire holding back a mother's tears was much worse.

Abby started towards home but stopped and collapsed on the curb. She wasn't sure if she could face Cree tonight, after what she had done…

The depressed operative slipped off her—Cree's—red hat.

How could she do this? How could one person change so drastically? Wasn't it just yesterday that Numbuh Eleven pledged to fight for kids everywhere?

She felt like throwing this stupid hat away. Like ripping it to shreds. Leave it for someone else to find. But she just stuffed it back on her head once more.

She took out her KND regulation phone. It was supposed to be used for important KND stuff only. Abby found she didn't really care right now.

"Hey, it's Abby." The friendly tones of her rather eccentric father greeted her.

"Now where've you been, young lady? It's your sister's birthday! Wid th' cake an' th' party an'—"

"Yeah, I know. Sorry dad, I'm…staying over at Kit's house for the night." Abby waited out the expected protests. "I know, I know…but Kit wants me here. Sorry, dad. Tell…tell Cree 'happy birthday,' 'kay? Love ya too. Bye."

Numbuh Five headed over to the empty Sector V. At least there she wouldn't have to talk to anybody.