What if it was a real bank robbery?

Sam and Dean headed into the Los Angeles bank where they thought the shape shifter would strike next. They were wearing one of the stupid costumes Sam insisted on. They were pretending to be with the security company that provided the bank's security. Walking in, they headed to the security guard who was expecting them.

"Hi, so you need to check on our security cameras?" the guard asked.

"Yes, some similar models have been showing some problems and we just want to make sure everything is working properly with these," Sam said.

"Well, better safe than sorry, I guess," the guard said as he led the way to the security console. "We don't expect to get robbed as we have one of the best security measures there is," he continued.

"What's that?" Dean asked, realizing immediately that he shouldn't have since he should already know. Luckily the guard didn't seem to take notice.

"When one of the tellers pushes the alarm button, bullet proof glass comes down from the ceiling to the counter, protecting the tellers and the money. At the same time, the vault closes and can't be opened, except with a code that only you guys have."

"Well, the tellers are protected, but what about the customers?' Sam asked. He didn't know why he was asking about this, it had nothing to do with finding the shapeshifter.

"Well, they're vulnerable, but because any decent bank robber would do their homework and know about the impossibility of getting the money out of the vault, they just won't rob the bank. Here we are," he said as they entered the security room. "Do you need anything else?"

"No, we should be in and out of here before you know it," Dean said.

"Okey-dokey," the guard said and left.

"I like him. He says Okey-dokey," Dean commented.

Sam rolled his eyes. He would never understand Dean's criteria for whether or not to like somebody. Like that time he didn't like that college girl because she said 'I'm on a mission.'


They had been using the cameras to look at eyes for almost an hour. They had hit pretty much everyone. Dean zeroed in on a pretty teller's butt. "Dean we're supposed to be looking at eyes," Sam admonished.

"I'm getting there," Dean said as he raised the camera to the appropriate angle. "She's OK. That seems like everybody."

"Maybe we're off on this, maybe the shifter just isn't here."

"I don't know. Maybe."

The guard walked in. The bank is closing up in five minutes. You'll have to leave.

"OK, I think we're all set here anyway. Your systems seem fine."

"Good to know," the guard said and started to lead the way down to the lobby.


Don and Charlie Eppes were heading into the bank just before closing.

"Good, we made it," Charlie said. "I have to cash this check."

"I know, Charlie. You've been telling me how important it is for the last fifteen minutes. Go hurry up and cash it so we can go pick up Amita and Robin and go out to dinner."

Charlie went up to the tellers and handed over his check. Just then at the same time, the guard, Dean, and Charlie entered the lobby from the hallway and five ski-masked men with guns came in through the front door. One of them shot his gun in the air and yelled "Everybody down."

One of the tellers followed her training and pushed the alarm button. Thick glass came down from the ceiling to the teller counter. Charlie had to jump back quickly to avoid being hit by it. The electronic door through which the Winchesters and the guard came in closed and was locked.

"See, I told you this would happen. Let's get out of here," one of the gunmen yelled.

"And I told you, I saw two of the security company people come in. They'll know all the codes to get us the money," one of them answered.

Dean and Sam exchanged a troubled look. They didn't know any codes. "The cops are going to be here any second. You should get out while the getting's good," Dean said.

"Yeah, that's a good idea," Don agreed.

"No, we're not leaving without our money," the most determined of the gunmen maintained. Sirens could be heard pulling up outside. "Too late now anyway." He nodded to one his partners who went to the door and locked it. The elderly security guard panicked and pulled his gun. One of the men shot him. Sam started to go to him.

"Hold it. Don't move."

Sam froze. He could tell the guard was dead anyway.

"Everybody get over here on the floor in front of the counters. Where did the tellers go anyway?"

"They have a door into the back area where they can get out in case of such a situation," Sam said, remembering seeing it when they went up earlier.

"First of all, everybody give me your wallets. When he get done here, there might be someone worth taking for a ransom."

"Two security guys and two random customers, I doubt it," one of the other gunmen said under his breath.

"Are you questioning my authority?" the lead guy yelled.

"Yeah, this was stupid. Now we're all going to go to jail for nothing."

The lead gunmen lifted his gun and shot that man. "Now, does anybody else have a problem with the plan?"

The rest of the gunmen shook their heads no.

"Good. Now, give me your wallets," he said addressing the four hostages. Sam, Dean, and Charlie immediately handed over their wallets. Don hesitated. He didn't want them knowing he was an FBI agent. On the other hand if he lied about not having a wallet, they would probably search him and then he would be in even bigger trouble. He pulled out his wallet and added it to the collection.

"See what we have," the head guy said handing the wallets to one of the others.

"The security guys are Dean Mogahoff and Sam Mogahoff," the gunman said before his boss cut him off.

"Same last name. That's interesting. Are you brothers?"

Sam and Dean didn't answer, just stared at him.

"Rule number 1, when I ask a question, you answer." He took his gun and jammed it up into Sam's chin. "Are you brothers?" he asked again.

"Yes, OK, leave him alone," Dean said.

The gunman smiled. "What about the two customers?"

The other guy opened up the first wallet and said, "Charles Eppes, he has a CalSci I.D. saying he's a professor there."

"Teacher, that's useless. Nobody will pay for that. Last guy?"

The gunman opened the wallet and though nobody could see it blanched underneath his mask.



"FBI. Donald Eppes."

"Interesting. And that's the same last name as the professor here," he said moving over to Charlie and grabbing his hair. He yanked his head back.

"Leave him alone," Don said in a firm, low voice.

Don could see the lead gunman smile an evil smile underneath his mask. "Search him for weapons," he instructed one of his men.

He went over to Don and started frisking him. Don had no choice to put up his arms and submit to it with the leader covering Charlie. "He has a gun and a set off cuffs."

"OK, here's the deal," he said as he led Charlie and Sam over to pipe running along the wall. "You two will help us get the money and get out of here," he said addressing Dean and Don, "or these two will be pay for your failure." He cuffed Charlie and ran the other cuff behind the pipe and attached it to Sam's wrist, effectively keeping them pinned to that spot against the wall.