"So, what went wrong with the bank robbery?" Henriksen was asking Dean.

"For the millionth time, we didn't have anything to do with that. You should be out there looking for Sam," Dean said.

"Oh, we're looking for him alright. Taking a fed's brother hostage. I thought he was smarter than that."

"He's a hostage," Dean shouted, getting really irritated with this guy.

"Did he leave you behind as payment for what you did to his girlfriend?" Henriksen asked.

"What are you talking about?" Dean asked.

"I'm pretty sure you're the one who set that fire that Jessica Moore died in," Henriksen said.

"That's not true," Dean said.

Don poked his head in. "Have you got anything?"

"You guys should be out looking for Sam. You know very well we weren't in on this," Dean said to Don.

"I don't know what to think. I just looked at your file and it seems like you guys have been in an awful lot of trouble. Henriksen thinks you're involved. I'm supposed to believe a murderer over a fellow agent?"

"I haven't killed anyone," Dean denied. Well, nobody still living, anyway, he added mentally.

"If anything happens to my brother, and I find out your brother had something to do with it, you're going to wish you were never born," Don said and left the room. Privately, though, he thought Henriksen was way off on this one.


The van pulled up to a cabin in the middle of the woods. "Well, here we are boys," Jake said.

The leader had stopped threatening Sam and Charlie about five minutes earlier and Sam had just managed to get the cuffs off. The leader got out and went around back to open the door. Jake followed and they were both standing at the back when they opened the door. Sam was ready for them and kicked out knocking Jake to the ground. He then took advantage of the leader's distraction and cuffed one of his hands to the back door. "Come on," he yelled to Charlie and dragged him off running to the woods. Both of the robbers had managed to hang onto their guns and Sam knew he couldn't disarm them before he or Charlie, possibly both of them, were shot.

Jake quickly pulled the handcuff key from his pocket and freed his brother and they took off in pursuit. However, Sam and Charlie had a little bit of a lead and they hoped it would be enough.


"Do I get a lawyer or something?" Dean asked. He wasn't sure what good that would do, but maybe if he could convince the lawyer, the lawyer could do something to help Sam. Dean knew that every minute that went by put Sam in more danger of being killed.

"You're going to lawyer up?" Henriksen asked. "I thought you were worried about your brother. Why not tell us where to find him."

"Because I don't know. I've told you that six million times."

"Fine, I'll get you a lawyer," Henriksen said, and left. He wasn't getting anywhere anyway.


Sam and Charlie were making their way through the woods. Charlie was having a hard time keeping up. "You should go on without me," he said to Sam.

"What? No way!" He knew Charlie wouldn't stand a chance if those two caught up to him and he was alone.

"I'm slowing you down. You have better odds if we split up."

"If we're going down, we're going down together," Sam said firmly and started leading the way towards the sound of water.


"Jim, I think they're heading for the river," Jake said to his brother as they were tracking Sam and Charlie through the woods.

"Yeah, that makes sense. Let's cut them off."


"Sam, are we headed towards a river?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah, it's the best way to find our way out of the woods.

"But these guys are smart. Won't they know that, too, and head us off?"

Sam pondered this. "Yeah, you're probably right. Let's head back the way we came from. They won't be expecting that."


Henriksen was leading a handcuffed Don down to the garage. He had gotten the paperwork in order to extradite him to St. Louis. There just wasn't enough evidence to hold him here on the bank robbery.

"I can't leave until you find Sam," Dean protested.

"Not your problem anymore," Henriksen said. "If he is a hostage and gets killed it will be kharmic justice."

Dean nearly lost it. He twisted out of Henriksen's grasp and spun around and kneed him in the groin. Henriksen doubled over and Dean took off, not having any idea of how he was going to get the cuffs off and find Sam.


Sam and Charlie crept towards the edge of the woods and Sam looked around. "I don't see anybody," he whispered. "I think we can make it to the van."

They crept over to the van and got in. Sam hotwired it and they drove off towards L.A.


Dean made it back to their hotel room and wondered how he was going to get in. He heard someone coming around the corner. He looked up to see Sam approaching. "Sammy, thank God. I thought you were dead for sure," Dean said in a relieved voice.

"Yeah, we got away. What's with the cuffs?"

"Got arrested for the bank robbery. "

"OK, we should get out of here, quick," Sam said.

"Is Charlie OK?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, I dropped him off a block away from the FBI building," Sam said as he picked the lock on Dean's cuffs.

"OK, let's grab our stuff and jet," Dean said.


Charlie walked into the FBI building and headed up to Don's team's area.

"Charlie!" Don yelled when he saw him exiting the elevator.

"Hey," Charlie said as Don, David, and Colby circled around him.

"Are you OK?" Don asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Charlie said, "Thanks to Sam."

Just then, Henriksen walked up. "Where's Sam now?"

"I don't know. He dropped me off a block away."

"Which way did he go?" Henriksen asked urgently.

"I don't know," Charlie said again. He did know but he owed Sam his life. Sam had told him he was wanted but he was innocent and Charlie believed him.

"Are you in on this with him," Henriksen bellowed.

"Hey!" Don said. "That's enough. I think your job here is done. The Winchesters aren't wanted in conjunction with this bank robbery, so they're still your fugitives. Go after them."

"I need to question your brother about their whereabouts."

"He doesn't know anything. Get lost," Don said.

Henriksen shrugged and left. He needed to find the Winchesters ASAP. He would just be wasting his time here. Sam had obviously brainwashed Charlie and his brother's team would just believe everything he said anyway. He didn't blame the kid. Lots of people fell victim to the Winchester's charisma, charm, whatever it was, but they could rest assured that when, when not if, they met face to face, he would be immune.


Don, Charlie, David, and Colby sat down to talk in an empty conference room.

"So, what are Sam and Dean wanted for?" Charlie asked.

"Dean killed several people in St. Louis, plus both of them for identity theft, credit card fraud, and grave desecrations."

"I can't believe any of that," Charlie said.

"Charlie, do you know where they are now?" Don asked.

"No, he didn't exactly tell me where he was going. But, Don, he had a chance to leave me behind and he didn't. I was holding him back, but he stuck with me. If he hadn't I'd probably be dead. Doesn't sound like a killer to me."

"Well, I guess his brother is the killer. He just goes along for the ride," Colby said.

"I hate to say it, but I hope these are two fugitives who never get caught," Charlie said.

"Charlie," Don began.

"I swear I don't know where they are, Don. I'm just saying I'm glad I don't know where they are. No crime in that is there?"

"Guess not," Don said, secretly thankful to Sam for helping to save his brother's life.

The End