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Was this the end?

Bloody red clouds churned and rumbled in an irate ceaseless dance as they blanketed the customary azure sky with the eerie stain.

People's skin seemed sallow and gaunt while their eyes burned with a wild fear. This shouldn't be happening. The V's had come, the world was meant to be saved!

Yet no one ever dared point the finger upwards. They all believed it to be some freak ecological change, no matter how strongly the science experts said it was impossible. They flocked to the churches and prayed. Not to God mind you, they prayed to the V's. The great, heroic saviours of our planet!

It was heartbreaking to think that the human race was too consumed by devotion to see what was slapping them in the face. The V's might actually not be all they appeared. Could they even possibly have caused this devastating crisis?

Oh no, the public would cry, they are too good for that!

People couldn't even turn on the news for an update on the situation because the lightning storm flitting throughout the scarlet mess screwed with electrical devices and disallowed communication with the satellites. The human population was effectively crippled.

So was the earth. The sun had been hidden but the heat still beat down upon the land and it was beginning to feel like a hothouse. The bloody billows above didn't let anything escape.

People were panicking; chaos reigned on the streets. The red was driving people crazy.

Ana didn't need to do anything more. The citizens of earth were wiping themselves out. Her job was done and no blame was laid. It was perfect.

But although her grief stricken reaction was slowly choking the planet to death, a small gathering of resistance fighters were still toughing it out. A Fed, a priest and a crook all unceremoniously slotted together to struggle for a cause that they wished didn't have to exist.

Numbers were dwindling and hope was dashing but their will was still strong. A silent pact was made that when the time came to die, they would die free.

And that was the real kicker, because while they themselves were at their very worst, the greatest ally an enemy to the V's could find had just slipped from her mothers' hand.

Lisa. The true Queen of the Visitors; the Queen with a heart.

She was the one people should worship. She was the great, heroic saviour of the planet.

But only if…

If she stepped out and made herself known to the Fifth Column. If she took charge and lead them to victory. If she was smart enough…

She held the fate of every freedom fighter within her palm. It was a massive responsibility, even stipulating that she was alien; she was still only a young woman.

She had to act fast though. The world was boiling. She had to turn Ana's allies and usurp her mothers' authority all before the world was damaged beyond repair.

Too easy…


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