This is how I picture Peter and Neal's first 'chat' went. I do not own anything. Jeff Eastin does and that is 100% ok by me since he is an awesome man. Please R&R.

Neal sat there with a calm look about him. Inside was a totally different story. His crimes have finally caught up to him… That and Agent Peter Burke. Burke was truly the only one that got even close to making him nervous, and now he was sitting in the interrogation room watching for the agent to come in. He looked up to the window, then down to his hands that were handcuffed to the table. Neal gave a little smirk knowing that all the agents were very nervous that he would pull off another miracle escape that he was known for doing.

Just then Peter walked in. He had his 'FBI'/father disappointed in his kid face, and that made Caffrey lose his smirk.

"Neal Caffrey." Placed the file he had down on the table, turned his chair backwards and sat.

"Peter Burke," Neal smiled to hide his ever growing fear. "I would say nice to meet you, but I wouldn't want to lie." Peter gave him a glare and opened the file. They sat in silence for a couple of minutes. Peter was reading, and Neal knew better than to say anything, for in fact he knew nothing of what he was arrested on. The price he paid for pulling so many scams.

The agent finally looked up and asked, "Do you know what you were arrested for?"

Knowing it was a trap, Neal quickly responds, "I swear I was going to pay those parking tickets." Another Peter glare. This time it was because they both know Caffrey doesn't drive/own a car. Another moment of silence and Burke sighed and mumble something.

Neal looked up from his hands and said, "What?"

"You heard me, Caffrey. You're an idiot." Peter almost smirked as he saw the quick look of surprise on the young cons face. He knew this was the first time anyone has called Neal an idiot. The law enforcement, newspapers, wanted posters and even Peter had called him 'intelligence, smart and a genius' one point or another during Caffrey's three plus years on the run, but never an idiot.

Neal still tried to remain a composed look, but failed at it. He went back looking at the handcuffs and waited for Peter to speak.

R&R please :D Thinking about continuing it/having different POVs but I figured if people didn't like this part there was no use in writing more.